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Worship Team

Policies & Procedures
To become a member of the ICON Worship Team you will need to:

 Know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life and live a life centered in Him.  Be a faithful, regular attending, tithing member of Overcomer Covenant Church.  Complete and return the Worship Application to ICON Worship Directors.  Complete interview/audition with ICON Worship Team Directors.  Be at least 12 years of age.  Attend all rehearsals and services to which you are assigned.  Be a Spirit-driven worshipper of God.  Attend ICON Wednesday services regularly.  Help create an environment filled with faith and free of strife.

made by Him | in His image | for His purpose

Privilege and Responsibility
It is a privilege and responsibility to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by using your gifts and talents in worship and arts. It is our responsibility to discipline ourselves in customs that bring excellence and order to the demonstration of these gifts and talents. At ICON, the Worship Team plays an integral part in our services and/or special gatherings. These services and gatherings cannot be entered into lightly. We must diligently prepare ourselves and continuously maintain Christian discipline to sustain the privilege and responsibility of this calling. The information to follow represents the standard of excellence for the ICON Worship Team. Interview/Audition 1. Interviews are scheduled upon applicant availability, and conducted by the ICON Worship Directors. We take this time to meet you face to face and get to know you better. 2. Auditions are scheduled upon availability, and conducted by the ICON Worship Directors (or pastors, if necessary). During your audition we do ask you to perform, whether with your voice or instrument. 3. Prior to participating in the service you MUST attend at least 2 weeks of consecutive rehearsals (this is at the discretion of the worship directors). This is a policy to allow you time to adjust your life demands and make sure that you are able to agree to all the requirements. Also, it allows you time to become familiar with much of the music before we require your participation. We realize that being a part of the Worship Team is a huge commitment. Rehearsal Schedule 1. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday from 5:30pm until 7:30pm and Wednesday from 5:30pm until 6:30pm at Creekside. There will be weeks we will not rehearse. This will not happen often, but a leader from the Worship Team will communicate with you and inform you if practices are cancelled. During rehearsals and sound check please give your full attention to the leader.


Attendance 1. Rehearsal is mandatory. In the event you miss a rehearsal you will not participate in that week’s service. 2. Call the ICON Worship admin, Mallorie Ballard , or send her an email if you can give her at least 48 hours notice when you are unable to attend a rehearsal or service. We prefer that you call prior to a rehearsal or service, but if you are unable, we still ask that you call or email to let us know why you were absent so we can give you an excused absence. Mallorie’s info: 972.977.9491 and 3. Punctuality is expected. Five minutes after starting is considered late. 4. Failure to attend rehearsals/performances or to be consistently late will justify the following steps: a. Call/letter of concern b. Consultation meeting c. Action taken for dismissal Conduct 1. Worship, praise, or perform unto God with all your heart, soul and body. Give Jesus glory through your actions. 2. Maintain a teachable spirit. Try to find the excellence of God in your leaders and others. Let us learn what we can from each other. 3. Your countenance speaks volumes concerning your spirit. Consider checking the mirror. How will you be perceived? Ultimately God looks at your heart, but you are also teaching other believers how to enter into the joy of the Lord through worship and the arts. Do you look like you love what you are doing? You are now in a leadership position, which requires more self-awareness than when you sat in the congregation. Please remember that we regularly review worship services/performances to improve our presentation. 4. If you become aware of a negative situation: a. First, determine who owns the problem. If it is a personal problem (not yours, but someone else’s) commit to pray with the individual. b. Second, determine if you are contributing to the problem (examine yourself). If it is within your power to fix it, then do so! 5. If there is some type of unresolved conflict or chronic complaining please make one of your leaders aware of it so that it can be resolved. 6. Be sensitive to each other, encourage and prefer your brothers and sisters in the Lord. 7. Please extend yourself to new members and new youth attendees, love them, welcome them and handle with care. Please open your circle of friends to include new members and new youth attendees. 8. Give due respect and cooperation to leaders who have been given authority on a project. Remember your time to be a leader may be sooner than you know. The quality of your response now will be in proportion to the esteem you will receive later.


9. Any behavior or activity deemed as disrespectful towards leadership should be avoided at all costs as it could result in immediate Worship Team dismissal. If you need to discuss problems or conflicts, please do so at times other than Worship Team gatherings. The Worship Team Directors and Pastors Clint and Amárillys are always available to minister to you. 10. As a member of the Worship Team you are a reflection of the Church and should conduct yourself with godly character in your personal life. You will be held accountable in upholding a consistent pattern of behavior. Such behavior includes: the manner in which you speak to those in authority, other leaders/volunteers, and members of ICON Youth. This also includes all other manners of communication such as chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, emails and any other community forums. Due to the popularity of online social networks you will be required to submit to occasional monitoring. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, etc. you will need to add the ICON Worship Team Directors & Pastors Clint and Amárillys as a “friend” – they will periodically monitor your content and keep in touch with you.  11. All worship ministry team members are to work together to set up and break down before and after services and/or special events.

Dress Code 1. Please wear appropriate godly attire for all services in which we minister. 2. Guys – Modest at all times. Shirts with logos must be appropriate – NO crude logos, NO curse words, NO demonic/witchcraft themes, etc. Pants/jeans must be worn high enough at the waist to cover all underclothing and skin. Use your God-given discretion. 3. Ladies – Modest at all times. Low-cut tops are prohibited and must NOT show any of the midriff area. Pants/jeans must be worn high enough at the waist to cover all underclothing and skin. Skirts and shorts must be at the most 5 inches from the knee. Use your God-given discretion. 4. The guidelines herein are necessary and designed to prevent distraction and criticism. Our role is to lead others into a climate of worship, not draw attention to ourselves. Maintain a physical appearance, personal attitude and humble spirit that lead others to Him, not to a discussion regarding appearance or conduct. Inappropriate conduct and appearance may result in revocation/suspension of Worship Team membership and privileges.


Following are more helpful keys to allow you to enjoy your experience as an ICON Worship Team Member.

Be committed to pray for the leaders of Overcomer Covenant Church, the ICON Worship Team, one another, our ICON Youth congregation and community Celebrate the gifts of others Worship exuberantly as others are singing or performing Demonstrate unity of purpose and vision at all times Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude at all times

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Anyone serving in the ICON Worship Team must be a contributing member of ICON. Contributing member is defined as a person who willingly and joyfully contributes their time, talents, testimony, and treasure to the ministry.

Time = attendance of regularly scheduled services, rehearsals and performances, as well as other events of ICON. Talents = giving your talent within the structure and organization of the Worship Team. Developing talent into the best instrument of worship possible within the structure. Testimony = sharing the good news of Jesus and what He is doing in your life personally, through the Worship Team, through ICON, and through the local church body. Personal evangelism. Treasure = tithing & offering. Offering support for the Worship Team.


Members of the Worship Team must understand the importance of accountability and commitment to their ministry and to one another.

Each member of the Worship Team will be required to participate in a Life Team (small group). Understand that communication between members and leaders is essential to development and accountability. Understand that individual attendance and participation affect personal growth, growth of others and growth of the larger group. Demonstrate maturity by meeting the expectations set by ministry leaders. Demonstrate maturity by understanding the need for admonishment by ministry leaders and/or pastoral staff if expectations are not met.

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Members of the Worship Team understand the impact their behavior has on them and those around them

Lack of attendance and commitment ultimately affects the morale of fellow team members Negligence in preparation results in poor performance and does not display excellence, which can potentially can have negative impact on the worship experience and become a distraction to fellow worshippers When one participant in a group is inattentive, the whole group is deficient and potentially ineffective in leading the worship encounter Understand that submission to something larger than myself is essential to the success of this ministry Under normal circumstances, NEVER leave the platform during worship, or cause distraction to others. Get permission before just walking off.


Overcomer Covenant Church’s Vision and Mission The vision and mission of Overcomer Covenant Church is to transform lives as we love God, love people and live devoted.

Overcomer Covenant Church’s Core Values 1. Diversity – We effectively minister to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 2. Excellence – We strive to demonstrate a “spirit of excellence” in all that we do. 3. Generosity – We are consistently generous in the giving of our time, talent, and treasure. 4. Relationships – We value relationship with Christ, our families, each other, and our community. 5. Growth & Development – We continuously grow and develop, both individually and corporately.


Worship Team
Policies & Procedures

I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to abide by each Policy and Procedure in the Worship Ministry guidelines.

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