Nathalie Dagmang 2010-24702 BFA Sculpture Greek Influences on Modern living The foundations and influences of Greek

culture, art and architecture are still evident at present. There were notable Greek philosophers and mathematicians who had given a great contribution on the progress of societal and technological developments today. Greek literature like Aesop’s fables, writings on Greek mythology, and epic poems (including the Iliad and Odyssey) are still being read and studied by institutions and individuals. Ancient Olympic games are still practiced today, and now involves different countries around the globe. Even the depiction of power in athletic games is still somehow seen in the present society, with institutions sponsoring athletes to represent them in international games. Greek aesthetics, particularly in the field of architecture, is also still used today. There are structures built today that show Greek influences, especially the colonnade or the row of columns usually to support a roof. Certain aspects of the Greek gymnasiums and ampitheatres like its acoustics are still used as a guide for modern public structures. The Greek theatre is also a remarkable achievement for its role in the development of the art of comedies and tragedies that were often portrayed in the time of classical Greece. Tragedies then usually dealt with moral and social issues and depicted human sufferings that were of a main concern among Greeks. The most important in these, in my opinion, is the contribution of the classical Greeks to modern architecture. Most of the structures made by the ancient Greeks are still standing today and the design of theatres which aids in the amplifying of sounds and the view of the audience from their seats are still being followed by architects at present. These structures are fundamental in communal activities that help in the development of a community through sports, theater, etc.