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Stenter, dryer, heatsetting: Icomatex sets new standards

At the India-ITME 2008, ICOMATEX of Spain will present the latest developments: 123Stenter Relax Coating IC10 Dryer Unit IC8 series ICORELAX IC801AC

4- Tubular Heatsetting - ICOFIX

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developments in the stenter: The ICPROD and the Free Electronic Maintenance. Icomatex consolidated Management Control Software. ICPROD computerising system runs with a 15" colour touch screen installed on the front panel with access to all the main controls of the stenter.

By introducing the type of fabric, ICPROD sets the stenter automatically. Every order and the operator are saved, the customer, the date and the time; Therefore all the orders can be checked at any time, as well as all the other parameters. It is possible also to check per customer to know-how much did we deliver through the stenter in a period of time.

An extra auxiliary touch screen unit is located at the exit of the machine to allow operation of all the main commands (temperature, working width, speed, overfeed, take out cylinder, burners, etc). This extra screen avoids also stops of the line due to computer casualties. ICPROD offers the choice to incorporate IC-REMOTE. This system allows the technical assistance through the telephone line or internet without need of travelling. This computerising configuration can be connected to all ICPROD stenters.




Free of trouble ICOMATEX stenter has been developed during 2006. The electronic conception of the machine gives under request the possibility to the customer to avoid the use of a non-standard electronic card. This avoids to the minimum the problems due to electronic faults with difficult solutions. Thanks to its design the customer can have a total knowledge of the machine and ensure a quick post-sales service where the majority of the elements can be found in any local shop of the country where the stenter is working.

On the whole, ICOMATEX stenters, for finishing fabrics treatment, help: To obtain physical improved fabric properties, better and bigger yield control and management of the output and the efficiency, and making easy and practicable the life around the machine.

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The newly developed Icomatex ICORELAX Dryer achieves the maximum quality for all kinds of fabrics. Uses: Knitted, wovens,




The nozzles play one of the most important roles in the Dryers: The ICORELAX uses special nozzles with a controlled Wave according to the specific needs of each type of fabric. All nozzles have a Click-cleaning system to split the nozzles and do the cleaning without using any tools. The high power fans have an airflow regulation and a very compact design in order to save the energy as much as possible.

Coating screen coating unit (ICOSCREEN).



The IC801AC is the new coating unit on air and on cylinder with doctor blade, which optionally can be installed together with an




Nowadays, the heatsetting process of the knitted fabrics is complicated and expensive for the following and main reasons: Inappropriate shrinkage after the dyeing process & crease marks on elastane and other fibres that are quite difficult and sometimes impossible to take away after dyeing. The ICOFIX is an important choice to have in mind for heatsetting before dyeing process for fabrics that the manufacturer has to hand or to deliver in open width or tubular with the correct width, because the new process can achieve the following strong points: Calendar step can be avoided and owing to this fact the marks on both sides of fabrics can be forgotten. Moreover the use of calendar doesnt guarantee any dimensional stability neither wide nor length of the fabric. ICOFIX does!!. No sewing process of the fabric.

The ICOFIX gives a solution for a big deal of common problems for the dyeing and finishing plants. This machine is supposed to put upside down the way to process tubular knits. The ICOFIX process reaches several savings in terms of space, fabrics, investment, people needs, process & maintenance. The heatsetting chamber has a gas or thermal oil heating system that can allow the manufacturer to reach more than 200C of temperature and also can allow the heatsetting of the synthetic fabrics.