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A slaughter house, approved by the MCF, is functioning without fulfilling the requirements of Supreme Court's order on slaughter houses. The slaughter house is in abject condition.
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) (Establishment and Regulation of Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Rules, 2001
Animals not to be slaughtered except in recognised or licensed houses. No animal which is pregnant, or has an offspring less than three months old, or is under the age of three months or has not been certified by a veterinary doctor that it is in a fit condition is to be slaughtered. The municipal or other local authority specified by the Central Government for this purpose shall, having regard to the capacity of the slaughter house and the requirement of the local population of the area in which a slaughter house is situated, determine the maximum number of animals that may be slaughtered in a day. The slaughter house shall have a reception area of adequate size sufficient for livestock subject to veterinary inspection and the veterinary doctor shall examine thoroughly not more than 12 animals in an hour and not more than 96 animals in a day. Separate isolation pens shall be provided in slaughter house with watering and feeding arrangements for animals suspected to be suffering from contagious and infectious diseases, and fractious animals, in order to segregate them from the remaining animals. Adequate holding area shall be provided in slaughter house according to the class of animals to be slaughtered and the said holding area shall have water and feeding facilities. No animal shall be slaughtered in sight of other animals. Materials used in construction of slaughter house building should be impervious, easily cleansable, and resistant to wear and corrosion. The Animal Welfare Board of India or any person or Animal Welfare Organisation authorised by it may inspect any slaughter house without notice to its owner or the person in charge of it at any time during the working hours to ensure that the provisions of these rules are being complied with.


DECEMBER 29, 2012 - JANUARY 4, 2013


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Traffic snarl-up at the Badarpur flyover has become an order of the day.


ABYSMAL: Slaughter House does not follow any norms by the Supreme Court

MCF, which is running its approved slaughter house in the middle of NIT is violating the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter Houses) Rules, 2001. Located in Sector 22, the slaughter house is in pathetic condition as there is no proper sanitation and water arrangement in the house. As per one of the rulings by the Apex Court, no person shall slaughter any animal within a municipal area except in a slaughter house. No animals shall be slaughtered in a slaughter house in sight of other animals. However, this norm is hardly followed and people slaughter animals as per their own wish and anywhere. Sunil Kumar, who lives near Sector 22 said, "Whole area has become dirty and unhygienic. One cannot stand or pass through this stretch as foul smell emanates from this place. Stray dogs have also become a menace as they eat leftovers and often attack people also." The location of this house is also illegal and a mosque and a temple are also in the vicinity. The building is also in a shambles. The animals are also slaughtered in the presence of other animals, which is another violation of the norm. To comply with the Supreme Court directions, a State and District Committee for Slaughter Houses was constituted by the Haryana government.

Naresh Kadyan, member of the state committee for slaughter houses, founder and chairman People For Animals (PFA), Haryana and representative of the United Nations affiliated OIPA in India said, "All the rules and directions are being violated by the MCF. I have seen animals are badly being abused during their transportation to the slaughter house which is again a violation of the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001. Besides this, there is no incinerator or ETP for water. After our committee was formed we took lot of initiatives and complained. Recently, we inspected the slaughter house and it was shocking to see nearly 180 animals being slaughtered. After the inspection, MCF verbally instructed to close the house but the situation is back to square one. We even found around 60 live sick animals with 15 slaughter animals' carcasses." Complaints regarding the same have been done to the commissioner, MCF and the concerned SHO of the area. When contacted Dr Ashwini Kumar, Medical Officer, Health, MCF said, "We have received complaints regarding this a meeting will be held with the MCF commissioner Decision will be taken soon after the meeting." Meanwhile, Gajendra Kumar, SHO, Mujesar said, "MCF will seal the slaughter house and after the commissioner's directions we will take proper action. As slaughter house is approved by MCF, the ultimate authority is MCF commissioner only."

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