By Ryan

The exercises here are what I like to call my “go to” workouts.) 10. you should consider finding a sport you really enjoy if you don't already have one.The Exercises: 1. These are the ten exercises I keep in my arsenal at all times. and lean.) 9. Getting active in a sport is a great way to burn cals and enjoy getting fit. I normally do reps of 25. Just because it is good to stick to a consistent routine.) 8. balanced.) 2.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 4. alternating sides with a 25 second break in between. let's get movin! .) Mountain Climbers Bicycle Crunches Scissor Jumps Leg Lifts T . I do all of the workouts every day. You can get them done pretty quick. Some of these exercises are more for interval training so its good to have some kinda timer.) 3. But anyway. I use them on a regular basis to keep my body limber.Push Ups High Knees Side Plank Lift Snowboarder Squats Zig Zag Hops Burpees Before you get started I would just like to say.

Start with one leg forward and one leg back. Now hop forward with your back leg while at the same time moving your front leg back. essentially alternating positions. Start slow and than build up some speed with your leg switching. . This should turn into a quick moving workout.Get into a peaked push up position with your hands flat on the ground and your glutes pointing straight up in the air.

*NOTE Do not try to yank your head forward with your hands. Put your hands behind your head and.Ok. Bring one leg up into your chest attempting to contact the elbow on the opposite side of your body with that knee. Just move loose and quick. Don't try to strain your abs to hard. Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent at a 45 degree angle. so not many people like crunches. It's ok though. Your feet should feel as though they are pedaling a bike. Alternate this motion between your legs and elbows slowly and gain speed as you go. Focus more on a fluid elliptical motion. rest your head and shoulders a few inches off of the ground. This exercise is focused more around cardio. Your down leg should be rather straight in this position. . Fully touching your elbow to your knee is not what is important.

. For this you will need to start in a full lunge position. From here you are going to jump straight into the air and switch foot positions. The focus of the Scissor Jump is to get deep extension on your lunges while also moving and transitioning relatively quick. You want to make this transition quick and smooth.This is another super cardio workout. You should feel a good burn in your quads after this one.

Try to keep your back up-right and maintain balance. you should focus your downward momentum into stretching out your lunge. So that when you land. you come down with your other foot forward for your next lunge. When you are in mid-air. The more depth and extension you can get in your lunge (without straining yourself) the better. You shouldn't be moving forward or backward when you jump up. Upon landing. you have to alternate the position of your feet. .

you gotta move super quick in the air in order to get that double change-up. But if you really wanna get down and dirty with this one. try jumping up and alternating leg positions twice. This is the Double Scissor You effectively land in the same lunge position as when you started but. move forward while you do this just to give that extra bit of effort to the workout. Anytime your on the ground you should be in lunge position. . You can if you want.Throughout this exercise your feet should never land directly parallel with each other.

you can speed it up and focus on maintaining proper balance while moving quicker.This is a simple yet effect exercise. . Either way. It may seem really easy but trust me if you do it for long enough. It helps you practice good balance and. The Leg Lift has a couple different purposes. it also stretches your inner thighs really well. You can do this slow and get a full long stretch or. your legs will feel a good burn. you should make it a goal to be able to lift your leg at a 90 degree angle.

You should be turning your torso directly perpendicular to the ground.T . Start out at the bottom of a push up. The trick here is not to fall over backward or have to shuffle your feet around to much just to maintain balance. .Push Ups are a variation of the normal push up that forces you to focus a little more on extension and balance. lift one hand off the ground and straight above your body. When you come up.

if you do it for 5 seconds. Sounds easy right? Well yah. . This is one of those interval training exercises. Try to pump out High Knees as quick as you can for one minute straight. This is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. meaning you should have some kind of timer. You are gonna be running in place and kicking your knees up as high as you can while you do.High Knees are just like they sound.

Rest your feet next to each other on the ground with your leg on top positioned in front of your bottom leg. This will give you some stability as you lift up. From here you will lift your hips straight into the air and use your abdominal muscles to maintain balance. You want to actually create a tall arch with your body when you go ahead and lift up in the next step.This is an excellent abdominal exercise and actually works to stretch the muscles around your torso. . Start with one hand directly under your shoulder and flat to the ground so that your arm is making a 90 degree angle with floor. Keep your hand planted where it is and focus on balancing your body while stretching your side.

You can also do this on your elbow if it helps you balance better. Either way this exercise requires you to maintain balance.Move your hips up and down while tightening your abs. Don't forget to alternate sides. .

It is called the Snowboarder Squat because you are bent down like a boarder. . For this exercise you are going to start in a squat position with your front hand touching the floor. Consider your front hand to be the hand that leads when you take a stance on a board.This is more of an endurance exercise.

You should be in the same stance just faced the opposite way. .From this position you are going to jump up and spin a 180. When you land you should reach to the floor with your other hand now effectively touching the same location on the ground.

Hop over your target side-by-side focusing on keeping your chest kinda stationary. I like to use a raised structure of sorts because it just gives me something to work with.The Zig Zag Hop is a good clean cardio exercise. Essentially what you are gonna do with this one is hop over something like a box or even just a line painted on the ground. So. . keep your feet together and jump with both of them at the same time. You can also move forward while hopping side-by-side if you would like to cover some distance.

. the good ole' Burpee. it's a good one.Last but not least. You will get the hang of it. For this. These get your heart pumpin quick and really force you to move your whole body. you are gonna start in a standing position and prepare yourself to drop to the floor and hit a push up. Don't fall flat to the floor! Try to take this step in stride and just catch yourself clean as you get to the ground. It's an old school workout but.

From there. it is just a rinse and repeat. You should now be in squat position. Make sure you get your feet planted firmly underneath you. use your arms and your legs to lift yourself into the air and kick your feet underneath you.When you get to the floor hit your push up and on the way back up. From this squat position you are literally going to jump straight up off the ground and land in the standing position. .

Its time to put these workouts to use. Get up and get active. For more clean workouts and diet tips visit: FixYourFigure. Plus. no excuses.NET Copyright © 2012 FixYourFigure. you will carve away your gut in no time. So. Your body is top priority and staying fit and healthy is a must.Now.NET . you can do all of these at home.. If you use just these ten simple exercises as your only source of cardio every day.