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Date: 09/09/2011 BETWEEN THE SELLER: Thai Nguyen Co, Ltd Add: 10, Hoang Van Thu Street, Quang Trung District, Thai Nguyen, Viet Nam Tel: 84.280. 63567821 Fax: 4839200 Mail: Represented by Mr. Tran Le Thang, Deputy General Manager AND THE BUYER: BAICO GALLUCK LIMITED Add: 98 Henderson Road, Singapore 159543 Tel: 65. 3.8845298 Fax: 6547685 Mail: Represented by Mrs. Elena Dion, Director It has been muturally agreed between The Seller and The Buyer to this contract on the following terms and condition. ARTICLE 1. COMMODITY QUANTITY UNIT PRICE -

Product: TAN CUONG TEA BUD Origin: Viet Nam (This point not be shown on B/L) Quantity: 1,000 Metric tons (5% more or less at Seller option) Unit Price: 1,290.00 USD/MT CIF Singapore Port, INCORTERM 2000 Total amount: USD 1,290,000.00 (Say: United State Dollars One millon two hundred and ninety thousand)


AMOUNT (USD) (+/- 2.5%) 1,290,000.00 1,290,000.00


Moisture: 7% max Foreign matter: no Well dry. Not mouldy.

100% natural, pure, 30% tamin, 16% lipit, 5% cafein, mineral matters; no toxic chemicals. Crop: 2010 2011

ARTICLE 3. PACKING AND MARKING Bud tea to be packed in single jute new bags of 20kgs net each, about 20.5 kgs gross weight each, hand-sewn at mouth with jute twine thread suitable for handling and sea transportation.

ARTICLE 4. SHIPMENT - SHIPMENT DATE: Lastest on 31 October 2011, subject to our receipt of origin L/C for whole value of contract. In case delay opening L/C happens, the Seller has the right to delay or cancel shipment accordingly.

PORT OF SHIPMENT: Any port in Vietnam through any shipping line. DISCHARGING PORT: Singapore Port, Singapore. TRANSSHIPMENT: Allowed


Notice of shipment: Within 2 day after the sailing date of carrying vessel to Singapore, the Seller shall notified to the Buyer the following informations: + L/C number + Name and Nationality of the vessel + Port of loading + Port of discharging + Estimation (Expected) time of arrival at discharging port ARTICLE 4. PAYMENT

Currency: Dollars Singapore

100% contract value (equivalent USD 1,920,000) will be paid by an Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight. + Beneficiary: THAI NGUYEN CO, LTD 10, Hoang Van Thu Street, Quang Trung District, Thai Nguyen + Advising bank: VIETCOMBANK THAI NGUYEN 4 Tran Binh Trong Street, Thai Nguyen + Swift code: SATB VNSH + Account no: 073.1000.553.770 + Date of issue : Within 15 working days after signing contract. ARTICLE 5. INSURANCE

Clause A for 110% of Invoice value, covered by the seller

- Insurance certificate showing claim payable in VietNam by the Vietnam insurance Company ARTICLE 6. DOCUMENT Commercial invoice in triplicate. Packing list in triplicate.

- Certificate of origin (Form D) issued by Thai Nguyen Co, Ltd in 01 original and 01 triplicate.

Certificate of Quality and Quantity ssued by the manufacturer. Certificate of Analysis issued by the manufactuer. Insurance Policy Certificate in duplicate, covering All risk. 2/3 sets of clean on board B/L, marked FREIGHT PREPAID.

ARTICLE 7. PENALTY In case of delay shipment, the seller has to pay to the buyer the penalty charge at 0.25% of delay goods value.

In case of inadequate cargo as stipulation in contract, this cargo must be reexported returning to the seller.

If buyer or seller wanted to cancel the contract, 5% of total contract value would be charged as penalty to that party.

If the seller has implemented the articles of the contract exactly, the buyer does not pay to the seller within 15 days after shipment date, The Buyer has to compensate for the seller 3% of the total contract value.

ARTICLE 8. FORCE MAJEURE The Seller shall not be responsible for non-deliver or delay resulting from causes beyond its control such as wars, embargoes, fire, floods, civil commotion, insurrection, riots, strikes, earthquakes, tempests and goverment's restriction. In the event of such an occurrence. The Seller should inform to The Buyer by telex or fax within 5 days after The Seller is informed of this occurrence. If The Seller dont notice the fail to The Buyer within this period, force majeure circumstance will not be considered. ARTICLE 9. ARBITRATION All disputes arising in connection with the execution of this contract will be settled by the two sides in the spirit of amicable agreement. If it is impossible to solve the dispute, the claim may be decided by the Arbitration Committee of Viet Nam . The result are given by the arbitrator(s) which shall be final and binding upon both parties concerned. ARTICLE 10. OTHERS This contract is made in English in 04 copies, two of which shall be kept by each party as original.

This contract comes into effect from the day of signing.

- All previous correspondence connected shall become null and void from the date of signing first original contract. Any amendment and/or additional clauses to this contract shall be valid if only made in writing and duly confirmed by both contacting parties. - The issuing banks name, Sales contract number, B/L number and date will not be shown on C/O which is form D. - 01 invoice, 01 packing list and 1/3 set of orginal B/L shall be sent by air counter to The Buyer within 07 working day after shipment date. -

Period of doc. Presentation: Within 21 days after B/L date. Electronic signature is acceptable.

FOR THE SELLER (Name and signature)

FOR THE BUYER (Name and signature)