Dead & Buried

213 Euphemisms for Death and Dying
Why would somebody do this? Why would I do this? Some people say that I have a morbid fascination with death, or that I am a sick person. They are probably right. Whenever I see a photo of a corpse (I love forensics) I always want to know how the person died, what happened to them... How does someone go from being a beautiful living creature to a twisted hunk of cold meat? A certain compassion is stirred within me... I compiled this list of euphemisms as part of a course on the sociology of dying and death. I know there are tons more out there... If you have one that you think is interesting, please send it to me, and I'll add it to the list and give credit where credit is due.

a-b (go to/be in)Abraham's bosom an awfully big adventure - J.M Barrie, Peter Pan (Ceiridwen's favourite!) at the end of one's rope answer the last call awake to life immortal basting the formaldehyde turkey - chefs' euphemism (the) big jump - cowboy slang (was) beamed up - Star Trek reference (the) big sleep bite it bite the big one bite the biscuit bite the dust bless the world with one's heels - hanging reference (the) bosom of the Father and his God - Thomas Gray bought a pine condo bought the disk farm - computer geek euphemism bought his lunch buy the box - coffin breathe one's last buy the farm c-d cached in his chips - computer geek euphemism cashed in cash in your chips - another reference to viewing life as a loan checked out cash out climb the Golden Stair

Byron e-f (the) empty vessel end of the line (the) eternal yawn exported to a flat file geek euphemism face-planting the meringue (???) ..Horace (the) dread abode . it tolls for thee. Bernard get your halo .Edward Young curtains .." .martian suicide.chefs' euphemism flatline formatted with black borders .therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls.coiled up his ropes collapsed his/her outline . in Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" donating the liver paté .hanging deanimate debt we all must pay .chefs' euphemism croaked crossing the bar .specific to technical writers for whom the bell tolls .Euripides deleted from the BOM .Short Circuit (late 80's movie) disincorporate .A reference to a prose work by John Donne (1573-1631) entitled 'Meditation 17' ".terminally ill cooking for the Kennedys .St.returning to nature (that) fell sergeant .personification of Death by Shakespeare fettucine al dead-o ..specific to technical writers condition non-conducive to life .chefs' euphemism filleting the soul .chefs' euphemism fade away feed the fishes .chefs' euphemism done like dinner (the) downward path .hanging dangle in the sheriff's picture frame .theatre reference dance on air .Thomas Gray (that) dreamless sleep .specific to technical writers disassemble .Tennyson crossing the river cross on the Stygian ferry cross the Great Divide (the) crown of life .Thanks Julie! freeing the spirit g-h (be) gathered to one's fathers gate of life .

chefs' euphemism Hell's grim tyrant .computer geek euphemism inspired a new warning message . you leave giblets.personification of Death by Pope his number's up i-j immortally challenged (the/th') inevitable hour .computer geek euphemism go the way of all earth .computer geek euphemism (the) Hamlet sleep .military join one's ancestors join the angels join the majority .specific to technical writers in the sweet hereafter it's Taps .cowboy expression go west . Egyptian).personification of Death by Shakespeare (the) great leveller had his/her 80-column card punched .Oddly enough.cowboy expression has reservations at the Chateau Eternity .Thomas Gray information superhighway roadkill . or "gibs" for short.hanging go to a necktie social . (the) journey's end .Dying in an explosive manner in video games like Quake..hanging go to meet one's maker go to one's just reward go to one's last home go to one's last account go to one's rest go to the happy hunting ground go to the last roundup ..military.Biblical go the way of all flesh go to a necktie party . there are more people living now than have ever lived..The sun setting in the west was tied to death in some cultures (esp. during WW2 goin' to a dance pawty wit' Gawd! going into the fertilizer business gone to the big glass house in the sky . laying around give an obolus to Charon give up the ghost go for a burton .. Also a pioneer expression. (that) grim ferryman .gibbed . esp.Shakespeare Just Add Maggots .chefs' euphemism .British go home feet first go home in a box .Thomas Gray hand in one's chips hang up your tack . this isn't accurate anymore.

G.Biblical (a) little sleep (a) little slumber living-challenged living-impaired lost in translation .specific to technical writers negative patient care outcome .so very PC never-ending trip (the) Notorious D.many cultures see life as a loan pay the piper peasant under grass .cribbage reference . Browning pass over Jordan .Biblical launched into eternity left the building "a little folding of the hands to sleep" .gangster speak (the) latter end .specific to technical writers m-n mailed in his/her warranty card .hanging kick the can .k-l kick the bit bucket .Samuel Johnson (the) king of terrors .dying on the Hell Express/express elevator to Hell on the road to nowhere (the) pale priest of the mute people .I.O.'s death o-p off the record on one's last legs .hanging kicked the oxygen habit kind Nature's signal of retreat .specific to technical writers marinating in soil and worms .refers to a violent death pay one's debt to nature .computer geek euphemism kick the bucket .became a joke after the Notorious B.Biblical passed on (get) pasted .personification of Death by R. .chefs' euphemism meat meet one's maker meet the reaper moved into upper management .A.Biblical personification of death kiss the dust kneel at the big gates .chefs' euphemism peg out .Catholic reference to the gates of Heaven (get) knocked off .

Horace Stern sleeping with the quiches .Kind of an onomatopoeia.chefs' euphemism put on immortality r-s remaindered .specific to technical writers sun one's moccasins t-u-v-w take a dirt nap take an earth bath taken out of production .specific to technical writers promoted to Subterranean Truffle Inspector .computer geek euphemism retroactive abortion ride the lightning . Spork! step onto one's last bus street pizza .specific to technical writers reformatted by God .euthanasia pushing up daisies pushin' up parsley .Shakespeare .chefs' euphemism pull the plug .chefs' euphemism slip one's cable slowly cooling to room temperature .Greek reference to the resting place of heroes (get) sporked off .Shakespeare singing with the angels six feet under sleep with the fishes .Robinson Jeffers sampling the French Onion Soup with a salmonella spoon (???) .refers to a violent death snuff it sowing the Elysian Fields .computer geek euphemism take the last count ".computer geek euphemism shed the mortal coil shit the bed shuffle off this mortal coil .chefs' euphemism (get) smeared .Get executed in the electric chair rung down the curtain and joined the Choir Invisible! (the) seamouth of mortality .somewhat irreverent allusion to the Crucifixion and denailing/taking down of Jesus Christ's body after his death printed white on white .gangster speak (the) sleeping partner of life .specific to technical writerspermasleep picking up your harp pop off the hooks .chefs' euphemism sent to the dirt archives accident victims struck out by the Big Blue Pencil ..permanently out of print .chefs' euphemism put in the crisper .that fell arrest which summons the all without bail" .

gangster execution method wearing concrete galoshes . wearing cement overshoes .An old reference to car accidents.gangster speak widowed and orphaned . tribute due unto nature . wearing a columbian necktie . Reference to marbles. in which the victim's head would go through the windshield.Australian.Laurence Stern turning up daisies turn one's face to the wall . Yum."Do not go gentle into that good night". Sir Dylan Thomas (get) toasted toes up .The final gesture of acceptance.gangster execution method went on-line .Hamlet visiting Davy Jones' locker walked the plank wear a glass necklace .specific to technical writers (get) whacked .gangster execution method wearing concrete shoes .specific to technical writers worm food . kind of like a two-armed Nazi salute toss in one's alley .there's a visual that goes with it. you have to put your arms out stiffly at a 45 degree angle.Get your throat cut & tongue pulled through.that good night ." 2 Kings 22:2 turn up one's toes (the) undiscovered country . "He turned his face to the wall / And prayed unto the Lord.

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