Savage Babylon 5: The Orion 7 Campaign Referee’s Briefing

This ‘Plot Point’ Campaign Book has been devised for use with Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Explorer Edition of the Savage Worlds RPG system. It is based on the classic TV series, and has been Adapted from Markus Finster’s ( Savage Babylon 5 RPG, and Wireframe Production’s ‘The Babylon Project’ RPG. This conversion is not for profit and is not meant to infringe on any copyrights.

Shooting. and provides the ability to feel. For all intents and purposes.GM Appendix: One Arcane Background (Telekinesis and Clairvoyance) a Kinetic can lift is equal to 20 kg (10 lbs) times his Spirit die type. A raise increases the penalty to -4. Pyrokinisis (Ignite) Rank: Novice. Trappings: Push the air in the direction of the attack. but with experience and training. and is the ability to affect the physical world with the mind. the victim is unaffected. It requires the Arcane Background (Psionics) and the Arcane Skill Telekinesis. The weight Clairvoyance Clairvoyance covers sensory related powers. however. Range: 6/12/24. This also acts as armour against area effect weapons. Trappings: Concentration. Duration: 3 (1/round). Clairvoyant psions refer to themselves as ‘Claries’. Telekinesis Rank: Seasoned. Range: Smarts. If the roll is greater than the character’s Telekinesis skill total. Deflection is a telekinetic barrier which misdirects incoming melee and missile attacks. Combustible targets automatically catch fire and suffer 1d10 fire damage on the round the spell is cast. see. Duration: 3 (1/round). The bolts may be spread among targets as the character chooses. or other attack rolls directed at the user. If the Force Use roll is successful. Each Power Point invested allows the character to view his current surroundings as they were one hour ago. Duration: Instant. or 100 kg (50 lbs) times his Spirit with a raise. Range: Smarts x 2. Range: Self. Trappings: Concentration and a wave of hand. With a standard success. Telekinesis is the ability to move a single object or creature (including oneself) at will. Additional Damage: The character may also increase the damage to 3d6 by doubling the Power Point cost per bolt. Lifting Creatures: Living targets may resist with an opposed Spirit roll (P-Rating applies). you grab something in your mind. post-cognition lets him see the past. The damage of the bolt is 2d6. Additional Bolts: The character may cast up to 3 bolts by spending a like amount of Power Points. albeit with restrictions. To select the following powers. This may be combined with the additional bolts. This must be decided before the power is cast. Rank: Novice. Whereas precognition allows a character to see a glimpse of the future. Trappings: Subtle. It requires the Arcane Background (Psionics) and the Arcane Skill Clairvoyance. All Psions start as telepaths. Power Points: 1. Duration: Instant. You push the air. some show aptitude in Telekinesis and Clairvoyance. Power Points: 5. Telekinetic psions refer to themselves as ‘Teeks’. Telekinetic Bolts are sudden concentrations of telekinetic energy that can be directed towards a target. the weapon is grabbed from the opponent’s hand and may be moved up to the character Smarts in inches. Telekinesis Telekinesis covers those powers which allow a psion to move something. so firing 3 bolts of 3d6 damage would cost 6 Power Points. Each round thereafter the referee checks to see if the fire spreads as normal. Power Points: 2. attackers must subtract 2 from any Fighting. it is lifted as usual. a telepath must first purchase the appropriate Arcane Skill. or hear things outside normal perception. with no maximum. the character views the scene as if . Disarm: Characters may attempt to pull weapons out of enemies’ hands. Telekinetic Bolt (Bolt). If the creature loses. Power Points: 2. Telekinetic Powers: Deflection Rank: Novice. and does not get another opportunity to break free. Targets may resist with an opposed Strength roll versus the Telekinesis roll (P-Rating applies). Clairvoyant Powers: Post-cognition Rank: Veteran Power Points: 1+ Range: Self Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Concentration.

raised. and he or she may be asked to perform tasks to the detriment of himself. . Arcane Background (Technomancy) Arcane Skills: Technomancy (Smarts). they are able to establish connections with their ships. Technomages are therefore ‘Outsiders’ and have a -2 charisma (-1). Mysterious and Secretive – Technomages are naturally secretive. Edges (such as Quick) take effect after the cards are moved. Starting Powers: 3. and other compatible technology. he sees the scene from a different angle. Power Points: 5. Technomages use a variation of the Arcane Background (Weird Science). So. While this gives them a certain level of freedom. Duration: 3 (1/round). They are a rare sight these days. as they are distinctly different from normal human beings. The character has a limited ability to glance into the future. Precognition Rank: Veteran. By using remote viewing the psychic can see a location as if he were standing there. the caster must make a successful arcane skill roll and close his eyes for the duration of its use. where it has been. staffs. and through their distinctive suits. if the character turns. starting with the most recent and working backward. and live within the rules of their Order. the caster may rearrange any two Action Cards (four with a raise) for any combination of allies or foes (including himself) as he sees fit each round for the duration of the spell starting the round after the spell is cast. and they are known to follow their own secret agendas. and taught how harness the power of the universe from childhood. Power Points: 3. The process of installing implants and adjusting them is extremely painful (+1). the location for this power to work. Each success and raise allows the character to see previous owners of the object. Technomages should be created using the following race template. inanimate object. trance Object reading is the ability to see the past of a specific. having almost passed into the realm of legend and fairy tale. This is called Associating and Disassociating. and be commanded by their superiors. The difficulty of the viewing depends on the distance to the target. Knowledgeable – Technomages start with a d6 in Smarts (+2). Trappings: Concentration. The penalty to the arcane skill roll is -1 for every 100 miles to the viewing location. Cards must be moved before anyone acts in each round. places of power. Psychometry (Object Reading) Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 2 Range: Touch Duration: Instant Trappings: Concentration. Duration: 3 (1/round). Remote Viewing Rank: Novice. and such like. These rules and commands may well come back to haunt the character from time to time. Starting Power Points: 10. This works as the minor version of the Vow Hindrance (-1). or have ever been to. Obligated to the Order – Technomages are born.he were actually there in the past. Trappings: Closing of eyes and concentration Remote viewing is the ability to acquire detailed knowledge of present events and locations across vast distances by projecting the psychic’s own inner eye away from himself to another location. or to his or her allies. They tend to instil feelings of both wonder and fear. To use this power. Range: Variable. Racial Abilities: Arcane Background (Technomancy) – All Technomages are fitted with bio-technological cybernetic implants. but he only has visual knowledge of the environment and no other senses. they must however follow certain rules. Range: Special. Due to their bio-technological cybernetic implants. and are conditioned to maintain an aura of mystery concerning their order. GM Appendix: Two Technomages Technomages first appeared over a thousand years ago and have always been considered mysterious and secretive. The vision is always very clear. The psychic need not have a line of sight to. discovering who held it. The character sees an image. otherwise he must activate the power again. but does not know the person’s name or current whereabouts. If the casting is successful.

With further abilities. Armour creates a field of protection around a character or an actual shell of some sort. it does both. the blast deviates as a launched projectile. staves. and other equipment. and as a result. and hurled at the target. Unlike other attacks. New Powers: Each time a Technomage takes the New Power Edge. Normal ranged attack modifiers apply. The weight a Kinetic can lift is equal to 20 kg (10 lbs) times his Spirit die type. With a raise. Range: Smarts. maintaining the power becomes 1 Power Point per 2 hours. (Limited) Telekinesis Rank: Seasoned. The area of effect is a Medium Burst Template. . This is due to Technomancy’s reliance on cybernetic implants to ‘power’ and focus their devices. he or she receives a new device. the Technomage’s ‘powers’ are not strictly spells. Sharing Powers: A Technomage is unable to give. in a zero-G vacuum. A success is needed to accomplish the power. there is also a 25% chance that a random device will malfunction. then makes the appropriate skill roll. Duration: 3 (1/round). etc. raises on the attack roll do not add to damage to area effect attacks. regardless of the wild die result. or lend a device to another person. Complete protection is offered only for background hazards. Please refer to the core rules for the Arcane Background (Weird Science). Malfunction: A device always malfunctions if a Technomage rolls a ‘1’ on his or her arcane skill die. Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: The Technomage’s cloak Telekinesis is the ability to move a single object or creature (including oneself) at will. or 100 kg (50 lbs) times his Spirit with a raise. On a critical failure. These devices are imbedded in their robes. Armour Rank: Novice. and move at his normal Pace while underwater. Fireball (Blast) Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 2 – 6 Range: 24/48/96 Duration: Instant Trappings: Ball of fire is conjured in the hand. If the Technomage takes a wound. A device that has malfunctioned cannot be used again until repaired. which requires a Repair Roll and 2d6 hours worth of work. and so on. The caster first picks where he wants to centre the blast. or contain atmosphere in hostile environments. Duration: 1 hour (1/hour) This power allows the target to breathe. Technomage Powers: The following powers (with trappings and the equipment the power is usually imbedded in) are commonly available to Technomages. are all provided for the character. Targets within the blast suffer 2d6 damage. air. speak. Environmental Protection Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Self. but are in fact the effects of high tech ‘gizmos’. Power Points: 5. causing a second wound. For triple the points. Platform (Telekinesis and Fly) The Technomage can generate an invisible platform that can suspend items above the ground.Unlike other forms of Arcane Background. Pressure. mages can move and even ride on these platforms. but with the following notes and changes: Power Points: Unlike Weird Science. A fire attack still causes normal damage even with environmental protection. and channelled and powered through their cybernetic implants. Shield (Armour & Environmental Protection) A Technomage can cast a shield around his or her body to absorb damage. Range: Self. If the roll fails. the Technomage becomes shaken. atmosphere. for example. Power Points are recharged at a rate of 1 power point per hour. Blast is an area effect power that can put down many opponents at once. or upgrade. and are activated using the Arcane Skill: Technomancy. which are channelled through cybernetic implants to power their devices and ‘gizmos’. Additional Effects: For double the Power Points. the blast does 3d6 damage or the size is increased to a Large Burst Template. Trappings: The Technomage’s robes. in arctic conditions. Power Points: 2. effectively giving the target Armour. Technomages have a pool of power points. Success either grants the recipient 2 points of Armour (4 points with a raise). the device causes an electric shock.

and should be pre-designed by the caster. With a raise. dog). like Alwynn's famous red-eyed. Electron Incantation Rank: Novice. Primal Powers Unknown at the time of the first three seasons of Babylon 5. dragon). 5. rhino). two Seasoned-Rankallowed allies. and by spending another two power points. Range: Self. On a success. the Technomage will also know the targets immediate concerns at the time. The penalty to Notice or hit him is –6. The cost in Power Points depends on the type of ally the character wishes to summon. Technomages can generate holograms. a Veteran caster could spend 5 Power Points to summon one Veteran-Rank-allowed ally. A character may detect the invisible presence if he has a reason to look and makes a Notice roll at –4. will be able to access deeper thoughts and memories. and the ‘Summon Ally Table’ below as a guideline. Allies summoned by a single casting must all be of the same type. A summoned ally acts on the initiative card of the caster and gets an immediate action as soon as it is summoned. This involves cutting up the brain. 3. Trappings: Technomages are capable of downloading information from dead brains.g. Duration: Instant. Hologram (Summon Ally) Rank: Novice Power Points: 3+ Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: The Technomage’s staff. sights and sounds before his or her death. Two of these abilities are: Cloak (Invisibility): Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 5 Range: Self Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: The Technomage’s robes. On a raise. Duration: 10 minutes (1/10 minutes). 4. Galen and Isabelle discovered several primal abilities that underline conventional Technomage powers. he gains one additional ally. which can actually interact physically with their environment. the character is completely invisible. Range: Touch.Fly Rank: Veteran Power Points: 3/6 Range: Self Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: The Technomage’s cloak Fly allows a character to fly at his basic Pace with a Climb rate of half that number. Ally Types. Plasma Beam (Bolt) Rank: Novice Power Points: 1 – 6 Range: 12/24/48 Duration: Instant Trappings: The Technomage’s staff. Large insubstantial illusion (e. . the ally is placed at any point within the range of the power. and relate to their connection to The Shadows. Human sized insubstantial illusion (e. the speakers’ consciousness is manifest within a sort of dreamscape in which time moves quickly enough for the participants to have whole conversations in the span of seconds. which may pulsate for some moments after the procedure. A Technomage can establish real-time communication with another Technomage regardless of distance. While under the effect of this ability. On a success. This power allows the character to summon an Extra completely loyal to the caster. With a success.g. Heroic. Seasoned. or more complex holo-demons. Novice Extra. Legendary. but a vague outline is visible. golden dragon. the character is transparent. Veteran Extra. For example. Rank of caster.g. Power Points: 3. the ally is more durable and gains the Hardy ability. A character may learn this spell while of Novice Rank. Seasoned Extra.g. human). but he cannot summon more powerful allies until he attains the appropriate Rank. 6. Power Points: 1. Veteran. Through this technique. Basic Extra (no edges. Through the course of their studies. starship). using the normal character creation rules. Once detected. or three Novice-Rank-allowed allies. Huge insubstantial illusion (e. or abilities). hindrances. he may attack the foe at –4 as well. the Technomages were originally created as weapons one thousand years ago by The Shadows. the Technomage will be able to access the target’s last thoughts. He may double his Pace by spending twice the number of Power Points. For each decrease in Rank.g. Novice. A caster of sufficient Rank to summon more powerful allies may instead choose to summon additional lower Rank allies instead at the same cost. Cost. 7. On a raise. Download from the Dead Rank: Seasoned. Heroic Extra. Small insubstantial illusion (e. Trappings: The Technomage’s Robes. Gigantic insubstantial illusion (e.

Notes: Atmospheric. Weapons:  Front Arc o o o    Port Arc o Twin-Linked Particle Array Starboard Arc o Twin-Linked Particle Array Twin-Linked Particle Array Aft Arc o Craft:  6 Frazi Twin-Linked Heavy Laser Cannon Energy Mine Launcher 2x Twin-Linked Particle Array GM Appendix: Three Starships Avioki. Size: Huge. Cargo Spaces: 15. Targeting Computer. Gravitic Engine. Toughness: 60 (35). Climb: —.The damage of the bolt is 2d6. Additional Bolts: The character may cast up to 3 bolts by spending a like amount of Power Points. Notes: Spacecraft. Toughness: 61 (36). Handling: -2. Jump Engine. Spacecraft. Handling: -3. Crew: 110. Port Arc o Graviton Beam Graviton Beam Twin-Linked Graviton Pulsar Starboard Arc o Aft Arc o Twin-Linked Graviton Beam Twin-Linked Graviton Pulsar Hyperion Heavy Cruiser. Brakiri Syndicate The cornerstone of the Brakiri fleet. This must be decided before the power is cast. Spacecraft. Cargo Spaces: 20 Weapons:  Front Arc o o    Craft:  2 light Shuttles. Notes: Atmospheric. The bolts may be spread among targets as the character chooses. Crew: 114. Targeting Computer +2. Size: Huge. Starboard Arc o o  Aft Arc . Cargo Spaces: 15. Firing the additional bolts does not incur any attack penalties. Targeting Computer. Acc/Top Speed: 75/FTL. This may be combined with the additional bolts. Weapons:  Front Arc o o o Twin-Linked Heavy Laser Cannon Twin-Linked Medium Plasma Cannon Medium Pulse Cannon Tri-Linked Particle Beams Mk I Interceptor Medium Pulse Cannon Mk I Interceptor Medium Pulse Cannon Mk I Interceptor G'Quan Heavy Cruiser. Handling: -2. Jump Engine. Climb: —. Jump Engine. Size: Huge. Climb: —. Additional Damage: The character may also increase the damage to 3d6 by doubling the Power Point cost per bolt. Toughness: 53 (28). Narn Regime o o  Port Arc o o  This is perhaps the best-known ship of the Narn Regime. Acc/Top Speed: 60/FTL. Crew: 50. Earth Alliance A standard space fighter designed to protect capital ships or fly short-range patrols. this is the single most common vessel the Brakiri field. Acc/Top Speed: 80/FTL. so firing 3 bolts of 3d6 damage costs 6 Power Points.

Spacecraft. Cargo Spaces: 36 Weapons:  Front Arc o o  Port Arc o o  5x Laser/Pulse Array Mk I Interceptor 5x Laser/Pulse Array Mk I Interceptor Laser/Pulse Array Mk I Interceptor Laser/Pulse Array Mk I Interceptor Craft:    Starboard Arc o o Aft Arc o o 2 light Shuttles 24 Starfuries Shadow Cruiser Starboard Arc o o  Aft Arc o o Fearless and unstoppable. Spacecraft.Gargantuan Once viewed as the ultimate weapon in Earthforce’s arsenal. Shadow Jump. Adaptive Armour. . Spacecraft. Size: Gargantuan. Crew: 392. Climb: —. Handling: -2. the Nova ensured victory in the Dilgar War. Acc/Top Speed: 30/FTL. Acc/Top Speed: 45/FTL. Targeting Computer +4 Cargo Spaces: 40 Weapons:  Craft:  6 Shadow fighters Molecular Slicer Beam (Turret) Craft:   2 light Shuttles 24 Starfuries Omega Heavy Destroyer. Notes: Atmospheric. Size: Gargantuan. there is no ship among the Younger races that stand a chance against a Shadow vessel in open combat.o o Craft:   Twin-Linked Heavy Laser Cannon Mk I Interceptor Weapons:  Front Arc o Twin-Linked Heavy Laser Cannon Twin-Linked Heavy Pulse Cannon 2x Mk II Interceptor 6x Particle Beam Mk II Interceptor 6x Particle Beam Mk II Interceptor Twin-Linked Heavy Laser Cannon 2x Mk II Interceptor 2 light Shuttles 6 Starfuries  o o Port Arc o o  Nova Dreadnought. Crew: 287. Toughness: 79 (49). Earth Alliance Shadow Fighter The Omega is the pride of the Earth Alliance. designed to stand against the Minbari in the event of another war. Size: Gargantuan. Climb: —. Self-Repairing. Acc/Top Speed: 60/FTL. Cargo Spaces: 30 These vessels are as deadly to other fighters as the bigger cruisers are to capital ships. Notes: Atmospheric. Toughness: 72 (42). Earth Alliance . Handling: -4. Handling: +3. Toughness: 84 (54). Targeting Computer +1. Jump Engine. Climb: —. Jump Engine. Crew: 1. Notes: Atmospheric. Targeting Computer +3.

Cargo Spaces: 1. Handling: -1. Size: Large. Abbai Matriarchy The standard attack vessel of the Matriarchy. Climb: —.Acc/Top Speed: 200/1200. Handling: +4. Gravity Engine. Minbari Jamming Suite. Climb: —. Spacecraft. Targeting Computer +2. Crew: 1. Handling: +1. Size: Huge.Gargantuan This is the primary front line spacecraft of the Minbari Federation Acc/Top Speed: 70/FTL. Toughness: 42 (22). Notes: Spacecraft. Crew: 476. Minbari Flight Computer. Crew: 38. Cargo Spaces: 6. Targeting Computer +2. Weapons:  Front Arc o o Particle Clutter 2x Twin-Linked Particle Blasters Tiraca. Crew: 39+512. Toughness: 72 (42). Shadow Jump. Notes: Spacecraft. Toughness: 55 (30). Targeting Computer +5. Cargo Spaces: 10. Targeting Computer +3. Weapons:  Polarity Cannon Weapons:     Craft:  4 Shuttles Front Arc o Port Arc o Particle Beam Particle Beam Particle Beam Starboard Arc o Aft Arc o Particle Beam Sharlin Warcruiser. Toughness: 44 (24). Notes: Spacecraft. Cargo Spaces: 10. Handling: -4. Adaptive Armour. Size: Small. Acc/Top Speed: 70/FTL. Handling: -1. Drazi Freehold Possible the most common military ship of the Drazi Freehold. Acc/Top Speed: 100/FTL. the Sunhawk is capable of going toe-to-toe with other races’ capital ships when deployed in squadrons. Notes: Spacecraft. . Toughness: 22 (12). Climb: —. Jump Engine. Minbari Federation . Earth Alliance A standard space fighter designed to protect capital ships or fly short-range patrols. Size: Large. Targeting Computer +1. Climb: —. Crew: 24. Weapons:  Front Arc     Port Arc  Quad-Linked Particle Array Quad-Linked Particle Array Starboard Arc  Combat Laser Quad-Linked Particle Array Space Liner. Self-Repairing. Climb: 50. Cargo Spaces: 54 Weapons:  Front Arc o o o    Port Arc o 2x Twin-Linked Fusion Cannon 2x Twin-Linked Fusion Cannon Starboard Arc o Aft Arc o o Craft:   4 Flyers · 24 Nials Twin-Linked Neutron Laser Cannon 2x Twin-Linked Fusion Cannon Twin-Linked Neutron Laser Cannon 2x Twin-Linked Fusion Cannon Electro-Pulse Gun Sunhawk Battlecruiser. Size: Gargantuan. Notes: Atmospheric. Acc/Top Speed: 120/FTL.

Climb: 40. Acc/Top Speed: 65/FTL. Spacecraft. Targeting Computer +5. Size: Gargantuan. brutally effective. Handling: -4. Notes: Atmospheric. Acc/Top Speed: 25/FTL. however. Gravitic Engine. Spacecraft. Climb: —. Handling: +3. The Vorchan is the backbone of the still-mighty Centauri Republic. Minbari Flight Computer. Jump Engine. Biological Engine. Adaptive Armour. It is still. Gravitic Engine. Crew: 194+300. EM Shield. Targeting Computer +3. Centauri Republic . Notes: Atmospheric. SelfRepairing. Cargo Spaces: 10. Climb: —. especially as bridgehead for invasions. Living Ship. Narn Regime 2 Shuttles Vorlon Transport This is an old ship among the Narn Fleet. Notes: Spacecraft. Spacecraft. Jump Engine. Craft:  2 Nials Weapons:  Front Arc o o Improved Neutron Laser Cannon 4x Molecular Pulsar 2x Light Pulse Cannon Light Pulse Cannon Light Pulse Cannon Starboard Arc 2x Twin-Linked Heavy Plasma Cannon 2x Light Pulse Cannon The Vorlons are the most technological advanced race yet encountered and even their transports are wonders to behold. Size: Large. Crew: 50. Cargo Spaces: 14. SelfRepairing. Cargo Spaces: 70. Handling: -1. Crew: 24. Jump Engine. Interstellar Alliance Vorchan Warship. Targeting Computer +2. Toughness: 42 (22). Acc/Top Speed: 130/FTL. Handling: +2. Cargo Spaces: 20. Jump Engine. Toughness: 59 (34). Notes: Atmospheric. Toughness: 64 (34). Size: Huge. some date back to their first exploration of space. Size: Large. Weapons:  Turret Discharge Gun White Star. Acc/Top Speed: 100/FTL. Crew: 0-1. Weapons: Front Arc   Port Arc   Aft Arc  Craft:   4 Shuttles 12 Frazi These ships are based on Vorlon and Minbari technology and after being introduced soon become the fleet of the Rangers. Toughness: 46 (26). Climb: —. Craft:  Turret Weapons  Particle Impeder Weapons:  Front Arc o Plasma Accelerator 2x Particle Array 2 light Shuttles Craft:  o T'Loth Assault Cruiser. Targeting Computers +5.

Notable events. a new aide for G'Kar.The Earthforce ship Prometheus encounters a Minbari cruiser (carrying the Grey Council) with its gun ports open. Talia Winters. The Great Machine on Epsilon 3 is discovered. as does Vir Cotto. Delenn stages the first nafak'cha ceremony on Babylon 5. Delenn has the deciding vote over whether to retreat or pursue the humans . The Prometheus opens fire first. July 2258 – Mr Morden makes his first appearance on Babylon 5. Babylon 5's new resident telepath. Delenn. Delenn discovers that Dukhat had been associating with Vorlons. Londo Mollari's attaché. Babylon 5 is completed and goes online.Construction of Babylon 5 commences.Sinclair is interrogated by two rogue "Knights" regarding the missing 24 hours of his life during the Battle of the Line. which is supported by many of the other races and the League of NonAligned Worlds. assuming it to be hostile. completed and made operational. November 2245 . Construction of the first Babylon station begins. on the galactic rim. 2245 . it vanishes without trace.Rioting increases on Mars. Sheridan. ensuring that it does indeed make its journey through time safely. Lyta Alexander is resident telepath.Babylon 4 reappears in Sector 14. The Narn invade Ragesh 3.Food riots on Mars are brutally quashed by Earthforce. and replaced by Susan Ivanova. March 2257 . arrives on the station.Lyta Alexander and Dr Benjamin Kyle are recalled to Earth from Babylon 5 after having close contact with the Vorlon.Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) unearths a Shadow vessel from the surface of Mars. Early 2250's . Jeffrey Sinclair meets John Sheridan. Head of Mars Security. Upon arriving. and Laurel Takashima. who discover Minbari souls have been emerging in humans. they discover the Shadows are re-awakening. February 2258 . arrives on Babylon 5. The Vorlons send Kosh as a delegate to Babylon 5. Late March 2258 . 2246 . and Ambassador Londo Mollari is sent by the Centauri.Dukhat tries to encourage the Grey Council to acknowledge that the Shadows may indeed be returning. and comes to the realization that they have made a terrible mistake going to War with the humans. Lennier. January 2257 . representing the Shadows. The ship is destroyed and all crew are assumed lost.The Earth Alliance President Elizabeth Levy proposes the "Babylon Project".Three Babylon stations are constructed and all three are sabotaged.Luis Santiago re-elected President of Earth. which may impact on Orion 7.Babylon 4 constructed. He chooses Garibaldi to be Chief of Security. After an association with Sinclair. Human determinism drives them to keep trying.Delenn's attaché. as does Na'Toth. January 2258 . killing Dukhat. April 2258 .Steven Franklin arrives on Babylon 5. without explanation. Late 2257 . 2251 . and Laurel Takashima as Second-in-Command. recovering alcoholic Michael Garibaldi is gainfully employed in security division of Mars colony. Delenn refuses leadership of the Grey Council.she elects in a moment of rashness to eliminate them. Anna Sheridan and Morden are recruited by the Shadows. The Minbari surrender to Earth. Early 2248 . to replace Ko'Dath.IPX discovers ancient ruins on Alpha Omega 3 and considers mounting an expedition. Alfred Bester makes his first visit to Babylon 5. Anna Sheridan and Mr Morden are chosen to join the crew of the Icarus to investigate the planet. August 2258 . 2253 . but still does not inform them of the presence of the Vorlons. Squadron leader Jeffrey Sinclair is captured by the Minbari. 2255 . They choose to make their alliance with the Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari. and destroyed prior to completion. September 2258 . IPX have a probe planted on the ship which tracks it to Alpha Omega 3 (otherwise known as Z'ha'dum). 24 hours after coming online. .GM Appendix: Four Chronology of Babylon 5 (2245 to 2260) Notable individuals are highlighted in blue. who was killed in a mysterious airlock accident. are highlighted in red. Sinclair and Garibaldi investigate and manage to evacuate the station before it disappears again. and he is attacked upon arrival by an assassin. resulting in humanity's last stand at the Battle of the Line. Sinclair. Ambassador G'Kar represents the Narn.Jeffrey Sinclair chosen by Minbari and Earth to command Babylon 5 and Delenn is appointed Minbari Ambassador to keep watch over him.The Minbari fleet moves in on Earth. 2256 . 2254 . who do not consider the position a particularly important one.John Sheridan destroys the Minbari cruiser Black Star. Ivanova and Marcus Cole (who have travelled back from 2260) protect the temporally-fluctuating station from attack by Shadow agents. becoming the only human to successfully destroy a Minbari ship during the War. 2249 .Laurel Takashima is recalled to Earth. to assume position of Chief Medical Officer. The Earth-Minbari War begins. which is soon after retrieved by another Shadow vessel. Sinclair's memory of his 24 hours in captivity is wiped and he is ejected back into space.

opposed to President Clark's policies. April 2259 . explodes near the jump point on Io. Imprisoned after his attack on Londo. Marcus Cole joins the Rangers on Minbar. Jul 2259. The Centauri Emperor dies before they have a chance to carry them out. The Narn outpost in Quadrant 37 is destroyed by Shadows. November 2259 . June 2259 . April 2260 . Use of Dust. Earth President Luis Santiago is killed when his ship. February 2260 . A Shadow vessel is unearthed on Ganymede. She and Marcus travel to Sigma 957 and meet the "Walkers". March 2260 . Delenn emerges from her chrysalis. On Minbar. The Centauri are discovered to be smuggling weapons of mass destruction through the station.The Centauri attack the Narn homeworld with illegal mass-drivers. Lyta Alexander arrives on Babylon 5 to uncover a "sleeper" agent placed there by a top-secret government agency. G'Kar has a deep psychological experience with it when he mentally violates Londo Mollari. A delegation of Techno-mages arrives on Babylon 5. February 2259 . Warren Keffer is killed tracking a Shadow vessel in hyperspace. Bester arrives to investigate. where he and his fellow Narn assist Captain Sheridan in ridding Babylon 5 of Clark's strong-arm force.Sheridan takes the White Star to battle the Shadow awakened on Ganymede. She uncovers information regarding President Clark's assassination of President Santiago. January 2260 . Cartagia succeeds Turhan as Emperor of the Centauri. but a recording buoy is discovered and the images broadcast. Delenn is removed from the Grey Council and replaced by Neroon. Lady Morella provides Londo Mollari . EarthForce One.The Centauri Emperor arrives on Babylon 5 to attempt peace with the Narn.William Morgan Clark is appointed President of the Earth Alliance. may indeed be returning. General Hague travels to Babylon 5 seeking Sheridan's support. and each one tries to eliminate the other. a telepathy-inducing drug.A virulent plague known as the "Drafa" wipes out the Markab race. President Clark declares Martial Law on Earth and its colonies. Londo Mollari and Refa have other plans. The Centauri begin stretching their influence to include the Drazi and Pak'ma'ra territories. Its aim is to weed out traitors and sedition amongst Earth colonies.The Underground Railroad helps Lyta Alexander escape from Psi Corps. Uncovering Shadow activity (including the excavation of a Shadow vessel) on Thenothk 4. which is transporting telepaths away from Psi Corps influence. ending the war.After losing his brother in a Shadow attack on the Arisia Mining Colony. Galen discovers the truth about Techno-mage technology. as part of their journey out of known space. December 2259 . Mars refuses to implement Clark's order of Martial Law. stranded when his ship the Cerberus is destroyed by a secret Earth ship built with Shadow technology. a division of President Clark's Ministry of Peace. Dr Everett Jacobs.G'Kar is released from imprisonment. The Drazi ritual fighting period begins: in long-held tradition (instigated by the Shadows). increases on Babylon 5. Delenn enters a chrysalis to begin her transformation into a half-human. It is revealed to be Talia Winters. the Drazi randomly split into two factions. Galen intercepts Matthew Gideon. The Narn surrender.Bester uncovers an underground railroad on Babylon 5 (being operated by Dr Franklin). Londo Mollari begins his association with Lord Refa. to determine if they are up to fighting the Shadows in the coming conflict. September 2259 – ‘36 Hours on Babylon 5’ is compiled and transmitted by ISN. An underground movement begins on Earth. G'Kar discovers that the ancient enemy. a member of the Warrior Caste. of the Anla'Shok. Nightwatch.President Clark's physician. including various other alien missionaries hearing of Kosh's appearance. January 2259 . Sinclair is recalled to Earth. March 2259 . The Order of Techno-mages attends convocation on the planet Soom. Sinclair is accused of an assassination attempt on the Grey Council leader. Nightwatch. Na'Toth leaves Babylon 5 to join the Narn resistance. Earth sends a delegation to Babylon 5 to establish a nonaggression pact with the Centauri. and returns to Babylon 5 with this information. the Shadows. The Vorlons send an Inquisitor to interrogate Delenn and Sheridan. Heralding the new glory days of the Centauri Republic. Jeffrey Sinclair is appointed Entil'zha (Ranger One). where he is witnessed as a deity of each races' religions. As the mages leave known space. Mollari arranges another attack on the Narn. Lyta Alexander finds a transport to take her to Vorlon space.There are increased sightings of Shadow vessels in hyperspace. Investigating the mysterious attacks on the Narn. Captain John Sheridan is assigned command of Babylon 5. and elects to flee the galaxy to avoid the oncoming Shadow War. arrives on Babylon 5 with sensitive information regarding Clark's part in the assassination of President Santiago.Ivanova uses the Great Machine to attempt to contact the remaining First Ones to help fight the Shadows. War is officially declared between the Centauri and the Narn. however. Kosh reveals himself to onlookers on Babylon 5.Marcus Cole arrives on Babylon 5. She joins with the Mars Resistance. Sheridan discovers from Kosh and Delenn what happened to the Icarus expedition. begins recruiting. Garibaldi is shot when he uncovers the plot. G'Kar requests sanctuary on Babylon 5. August 2259 . The Narn assume control of Security on Babylon 5. Brother Theo and his monks also arrive.November 2258 . G'Kar begins to write a journal of his experiences and philosophy. the Purple and the Green. where she remains waiting for three days before being taken to the Vorlon homeworld. and learns about the Shadows and the Great War.Dr Franklin discovers an alien healing device on Babylon 5.

The Shadows continue attacking randomly. They do. with Bester's help. . The White Star fleet is unveiled to Sheridan. ISN is taken off the air. and then with Sheridan. GM Appendix: Five The History of Orion 7 Orion VII is the seventh planet in the Orion System and the location of an Earth Alliance colony on the border to Centauri space. Just after the announcement the EAS Churchill also left Orion VII for B5 after intercepting transmissions relayed to the EAS Agrippa and EAS Roanoke to seize B5 and arrest the command staff. The Shadows begin to attack other races more openly. Sheridan's contact with the underground anti-Clark movement. ISN received word of Orion and Proxima's secessions but was ordered by Earthgov not to report it. Major Ryan was forced opened up with aft batteries. but Kosh is attacked and killed by Morden and the Shadows.Delenn tries to re-stage the nafak'cha ceremony on Babylon 5. After retrieving their fighters.The Shadows attack Brakiri space. and jumps into the abyss. Conflict arises with EarthForce ranks regarding President Clark's authority. Orion VII quickly became one of the key trade centres between the Alliance and the Centauri Republic.Delenn becomes the new Entil'zha of the Rangers. Lord Refa. During this time. The new Vorlon Ambassador arrives on Babylon 5. destroying the Clarkstown completely. Londo plots the demise of his co-conspirator. Dr Franklin returns to MedLab. Jeffrey Sinclair and Delenn receive handwritten messages from Valen. When the Clarkstown persisted. The Alexander was hit amidships by the EAS Clarkstown. October 2260 . as a tool of propaganda for the Clark administration. In protest. resorting to interceptors and a fighter screen only. Delenn. July 2260 . Sinclair travels to Babylon 5. The Alexander attempted to flee without returning fire with the main batteries. May 2260 . When some of the reporters attempted to breach the gag order armed troops moved in on the ISN Broadcast Centre in Geneva. Nov 2260 . loyalist forces ambushed the EAS Alexander on its way back from a meeting of Resistance leaders at Orion VII. A major battle against the Shadows takes place in Sector 83.Sheridan begins to recruit telepaths for the war against the Shadows. Ivanova. Dec 2260 . Babylon 5 soon follows. Founded in 2178. Sheridan becomes "unstuck in time" and experiences flash-forwards to 2278. August 2260 . Sheridan confronts Kosh about the Vorlons getting involved with the war. History In 2260. they travel to Sector 14 to find Babylon 4 so that Sinclair can prepare for his destiny. Marcus and Zathras. By the end of the day Babylon 5 had also declared its independence. Orion 7 and Proxima 3 declare independence from the Earth Alliance. where he uses the White Star to destroy a Shadow base. forcing the station off the air.with a prediction of his Emperor-hood. General Hague. under order from EA President Clark. Anna Sheridan arrives on Babylon 5. the Alexander jumped out of the system bound for Babylon 5. setting themselves up as independent states until such time as Clark is impeached. Sheridan travels with her to Z'ha'dum.ISN resumes broadcasting. A shipment of telepaths bound for the Shadows is intercepted by Sheridan. Shortly afterwards. Orion VII along with Proxima III declared independence from the Earth Alliance. Earthforce began bombing civilian targets on the Mars colony in retaliation to Mars Provisional Government head Xavier Montoya's refusal to enact Clark's Martial Law Decree. killing Resistance leader General William Hague. inflicting damage that threatened to cripple the ship. Dr Franklin resigns from his position due to a stim addiction. is killed in battle. Garibaldi is abducted aboard his starfury by a Shadow vessel outside Babylon 5. at the onset of the Earth Alliance Civil War.

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