Summqrized Instruclions
1. Moke up Z nuid oz. (200 cc.l eoch or developiis bdih ofd fixer (viz p. q. Ihef bring boih solurionr, dnd ihe ionk ibalf, to & 6€o F 03-2t. c.). 2. open ihe ionk by removiis ihe lid, ond hons rhe nlm reisiod bofd ovsr tha tap edse or rhe tonk out oftha wdy. 3. Cdr ofi rhe ionsue of the n m 0hi! i5 ioi necasory wirh Korot .o$ere5l ond pull ort dbour %' {2 cm.) liLm rrom ihe co$ete. ,1. lood the film coseiia ido rhe iofk. (Sea paseg.) s. Open rhe lilm c ip otr the eid of ihe tensiof bond, ond ploc it i" ihe rece* dt the top of rhe portiriod iiiide rhe ionk. Pldce rhe end of rhe filh beNeei rhe idM ol the clip oid d6e ihe lonen rokins eddi' thorihe meiolresth perforote rhen n, {see pdqe 12.) 6. 3y iurnins rhe wifdins knob of ihe spno drun, pul oboer 2 iid'er {5 cm.) of liln rrom the co*ette Gee pose I lor specio ln*ruc iion5 wirh Kdrdt film) ifio rhe fi m suide. The co.neu oi the leodifg edse of rhe nlm:hourd be b



Dqylisht developins ldnk for oll 35-nm. minicture fln3

7. lf fece$ory, open the co$efie contoinins ths lilm, {see


By ruriin! rhe windins kiob or iha spndl drum, drow off ihe lLn dtrd wind it on the Then use ihe film knif€ to cur ofi the film


9. coreiully pour rhe developins ro

dioi inro rhe hole provided in ihe iork top, ond simu toneouny turn ihe windins knob of the drum qui.* did iefky odion abour hd f d iurn rouid every tua wiih d 5ecoidr, Coitinue iohins the d'um in rhir moin€r until the time of deve opmetrr l5-12 min., 3ee i.ble or pose 23) hdr eLopsed.
rin5€ for obour od€ minurs in cleor wohr.

r0. Pour our ihe developer,


rurfins rhe windins knob, ond


s. Scol€ indi.oiiis lensrh
of filn on rpndi drun. 7. Guidins 5lorfor.utrins ktrire.
1s. Beorlns pessofihefirn suide.


Fix th3 film by pourins in 7 nuid oz- (200.c.) of fixins $lution, cnd iufn the wifdins knob ds before for iei minura. 12. when nxins; compreie, remove rhe firm frod rhe ronk ond wdh it rhoroush y for 20 to 30 nlnuies. (See pose ld.) Fi',olly hons up ihe wo3hed r,lh ro dry. 13. Toke the rodk io piecB ond wo5h it rhoroushly, tokins .dre rhor no *oief ssB ido sither ihe conri.lse donb3r of ihe dor in whici rhe fi h kdira hove5. Dr/ the fln s0ide oid iensioi bond corefully, oid finolly reo$emble ihc tonk. 2


Co$erre locoiiig pes.

Detoiled lnstruciions {or Using ihe Agto Konotndx JJ u tdnK
The Rondinox 35 U deveopins


moy be 6e.] for doylishr develop

i/pes of


m c.$ene. os indicore.l on posei 9-12.

ta .h4 or tonk enp9i prefqqbtv wnh q i'ip af

b'l.u ..rtttu!, Md


fi6t rsna

ftn th* x .nhq al na thi3 k done, rhe ''dl 'rd tatsed. 4 ba f'n)ti, p*h t na'ut tuh t at ftln k ftt .].teta4d.

Prepdrins thoSolulion3
Belor€ loddirs rhe f m inio ihe r.nk, ler reody the folow,dsi l. / nuid oz. (200 cc.) of.leve oper, read/ fof u5e, oid or o iemperoiure of 64. F. 1r3' c.). ls* fda otr p. '0.) 2. / nuid.z.1200 cc.)ol deor woier for rinsiis. 3. 7flutd oz.1200cc.)of fxins boih-preferobry ropid nxins borh oio o F. lrso 20c c ). ,l A deveopins di5h, o thermomerer, ofd film (i5sou. 5. A sofi ddd .eon wlidow ledrher. 6 Two rrn clips or.priig dorhenpeqs.

Sifce rhe iemperoiure feeded for coiied developne n between 6{q ond 70'F. {13' ond 2l'C.l ii is c aof ihoi borh ihe devslopiis solutioi
ronse beforc the

6in is looded inio


roik oid



by voryins the rine ol developnent ore vsry lidble to leo.l ro imperfe.t r6ulr5, ond 5holld not b3 node.

ins!rfcie ly


Ihe temperdrure of rhe empty iofk wlrh lt lid dosed ir showtr by ihe buili in rhermomeier r/ {ns. r), ond ir G deslroble ro keep rhe ionk, rhen ior in use, ii . wormed room, since if rhe toik ibelf hos b3€i of-soy-soo F. (r0! c.) ir wil hove ro nond in o wodn rcon ror oboul lya houc before ir hor wornsd up io

L rid.

2. Serokd


13. Lockis

Cutiins ofi rhe Film longue
rewouid inro rhe cd$ehe, Th€ and of rhe ionsus enoush ro oirow rhe fitm ro be p!|ed our uiri ihs whoe tefsih of
prcves I'drd ro pull od rhe rrn rongue jf rhb woyr me cdsefle moy be ddmased, oid in ihir cose iher€ h o risk rhdi toad corcdt/, The caseie shoutd be eioFined, ofd ihe fi h r€wound in rhe dorkroom f ddmdqe hds occured-n ro ihe core of o sood cd$efle. The fewound Frn shoutd ihei tood coredty inro ihe ,dnk, Firns to be developed in the Rondindi 35 U shoutd


be comp erey

It n

Fie- 1

I D" aropis. onb..' cr o ns 30' ro, . I ns". 3. ooonq . orb... o Co,.4 d lo dr rs o ho o s ft**ts. r2. T"rsion bord. 11.Eir9ude. 3 to,.hetrcb.
Openi4 the Tonk Ho d 10 .Fs d fis. 3, o) ,
Ad Fis.5 showhq rh€ fflm ionsue cd ofi ond rhe edqe of rhe

rom*. o .

.e.,o ed s,,p. 2

boo.. A

of ihe sprins

f,q Jl r.. (ho e td .on,dqobt- iD,, . iP whidr hod ihe hik


bsye ted.

out .h" b"drinq i. p Puli oui ihe ie'sion bo,d 12 ond ho,s ii rour over rhe edse of rhe rdnk, ThG G hode eo5i€r by rororins the sptol druh by rhs windinq [nob l9 slishtly while ]he bo^d is pulled. h is impo{dnr io mdke cedoLn ihoi ihe co$eiie chomber 3, rhe film slide rl ond the tsnsion bdfd t2 ore a | .onplebly dry before ihe nlm is ioaded. lr rher€ is dny doubi of $n, rhey !hourd be corefuIy dried w:ih o cloih.

rnob o 6s. 4 d

.r r\- t. \ 'q (noo 3 I r'n. ,sodi /.

shovn in fg.s, ond ii hust be obse.ved ihoi rhe cur doe! nor pos rh,ousn rhe psforciions of rhe film. {This operorion h nor necesory wirh the Kofar coseha, 5ince ihn 6 m ho5 no rofsua.) Aner.unin! ofi ihe ionsue, rhe leodin! edge of rhe titm i3 beve ed ofi by clnrns owoy o smdLl trlonsle on rid6 or shown in iha ffsur€. The hevered edses a.e rheo ishny beni under.


cu' on




Looding the Film itto lhe Tqnk
ThG operorioi moy be

cored out in ddylsht bli di io occoud
ol co3$lr. ido rhe rcnt, rhe 6rorns
ro rhe morr "1" dnd pulled


Belore loodinc onr ryDo


pes 9 nusl3imildrly be !ulled.urwurd

4 nBr inr 6. iumsd





h ir imroddni to debrmine whoi tpe oI co$etre is invoved, ond ro oodlns operdriotr thor ore dBcribed in deroi


af Cassette


1. LIflire$dl Film Cassettes (Cdf*idses) or Ddvlisht
Cnssettes (Cdttridses) 1nd Madel
(Leit z- Asf a C as s et t es)
The co$ere

D Lei.4


is owtred veiilcoly iiio irs .homben rhe 3 ir or the n su de. o d r'' rpool I ob ro rq l0 q' I An o h"d e/ 1o Ls. 4. rla inwcrdr to hold rhe co$etie ii pos ioi.


film end i! then dtdched to the .l p, ond fudher optrorions dre dr ds&ribed lrom pose 12 onwdrdr'


Kotat Cassettes (.Cattridses)

Thii rvoe of co$ede n loadsd into ihe .homber ii bui the peo 9 did the kev l0 mun rh. ";i"--l hbe d8cribed I on T" r ! he oro'd o he lp behl 'n rne Du led.o n Do. 'bove, o. oauibs.;r " d qLoool n ool d'' very c"diouily jlrn;d while rhe eodiis edse of the liln n led inro

h. r .

: rher reolaced oid ihe fi m {ou^d on i. ihe splrcl drum os d6.ribed below si;.e rhe lilm is not oddched to o .ore of onv kind, ihe film knifs ieed not bs used. Al fuiher detdik dre sivei on pose l2

" ";


o .\ o

roqo' s

r-ro -?'. d- d'ohn o r



KDob of


co$etre. 9. Co$ete locor ns peg. t0. Robrins key holdjiq 14. Firm su de. 12. Deyile fof openins co*ere.

Fi m

suide. 19. Roroiiis knob.

3. 9tafld d

Leitz Metal Cdssettes (Model B)

rho co$ene is lowercd

plshed ifwords, ofre whkh rhe

rhk cln be Boih ihe pes 9 ond rhe rordrind key l0 ore
oson pdse12.Thcionk sctosedwirh

sprins fociis downwords, ir m!* be ptocod so rhor whei !he roroi ns key r0 (fi!.3) k p6hed inwords rhe oroe cdoui s*itan bstde,c or rhe key 3 ides over ihe operor iq koob "K" of rhe coserie. rr moy be .ecesory io rld dish y enher the cd*erh of rhe rcroiins key betore


inro iha

chdmbe irh rhe


4. CD4tar . f




wirh rhi5 rype of co$erie, rhe Etrion botrd s ptoced so rhdr rhe firn clip ll ies opefed ii rhe rhe porrition of rhe toir lsee fis!re 6). Hordine rhe coniox co$efte in rhe hoid, the fi m i3
inches 15 cm.) and ib leddins edse ploced ihe oped io{5 of rhe nrn crip. rhe crip is ihen ctosed oid it5 lo*5 pre$od hord toserher so rhdt the ieeth perforote rhe filn.


firh oi to rf

rhe spndl drum,

ir lid,rhe roiorns keyt0 isrurned ihe co$ene. Funher innrudions (wind elc) se pose t,

m moy be droched I




Ihefiin n iowcd!riouslywound towdrd5 rhe spnol drum

' i bo.r rra

y o podron of rhe litm is io be developed Gee pose l3l


el. i. docd

1fie 9) unrii when ihe co$ene is owered inro irs chombe he operdrins kiob "s" (fis.9) is sladr, opposite rhe proiediotr mdrled 'C' and ihe rorotins tey 10. rhe pes I is thei presed knob

by the



5 exadrr oppo5ire rhe

krie. "c". t1

Th. tonk lid i. now pur oi, cnd rheroioilns key l0 pr.$sd hod iiwd.ds dsoinn iho.dsere ond rorcbd ro ihe poiirion "ll-. The cd$efle k

lf oRly d podioi of ihe film n io be develop8d 15€e pose 13) iurn bd.k rhe key roword po5ition ishiiishi befo4 cuflins ofi the fi m. Ihe Coftox co$eie mo/
be removed lorer on dnd lockad by hond.
The funher operoiions

vith ihe c


Robot Cdssetres
ore loaded

I t
I tpei of .o$tter

iui in the some woy os uiiveiidl Filn coserrer, .o$efe hos beei lowered inro ib chomber. cedoin other rpe.iol .dseh6 rp$ le. s. Phorovir oid Dkdi) die redbd ii ihe sme voy


os hdi olreody beei lndicored, o oo.led, Ore neoted by rhe ro lo

Attd.hing the Filfr Clip
clip ll (ls. d) oioched to the aid of the knsioi bdnd ir fini opeied oid thei plo.ed :i rhe 23 rhor n fourd lf the ceniie or rhe podiiion .t rhe tonk. About %" (2 cm.) of flF i5 codiouny puled oui rrom the cosetle (2" or 5 ch. with coddx .ose'i8l, dtrd ihe leod ins edse of ihe nlm placed centoly in the open lo*' ot rhe fi m . ip. The clip i rhen ct6ed, ond ih idws pre$ed he flm dnd ensage lrmly in ii
The fi m



- ld rdrolns


2r. adt6iins (rews.



w nd s



B/ tunino tho *iodids kiob in the d rcction or & oiraw, rhe film wil iow be wo!nd inro the groovs ol the splrol drum. Whils the *hdiis

Film on the Spirol Drln Except with Ko.oi (pos6 9) ond codrdi (pdse rl) cdseres, rhe windins knob 19 lfis. l0) of the spkol druh k dow cddioudy rurned s ishtly h rhe dne.riof of ihe orow dorked od l, lntil obori 2' {s .m.) or f m proieds rrom rhe .s5etre. rhk lensth oI nlm is dmpe io eDsure thd drun. ihe film suide is eddins the fi m conectly iiio rhe

winding the



which hove been wouid
the film ho5 been

od of ihe cd$ete .id

inro rhe tonk.


lr ir inpo.rcni rhoi rhe baveled edse5 of ihe 6lm ore llshr y beni down. wordr before ihey ors wound inro the nlm slide, if rhis n not,roie dlfiiculiies mdy be experiefced in windins thsfilm on to the sp rcldrum.
rhe rdi[ lid k now replaced, ond pre$ed dowi ved]cally od tonk top ro rocl ii in posirioi.

wo!id oi io rhe spnoldrum {ihe poinrerl6 will uiudlly indicoia '36' ot thG ]ose) i!nh€r wiidiDg wlll be ret cdseffe ccre, rhe lever 20 whid lpwords os sho*i ii lis 10, uniil it reoches o hor.l $op. lf oD y o podoi of ihe 6lm - e. s. 21 expo5ures - n b ba developed, the windins knob is i!rned unt I rhe poinrer l6 lies le 5, ofd rhe fflm kn fe 20 red to .ur of ihe nlm dr ihor poinr. Ths spidl drun virl thei hova




on ir iha 24 expasurcs, plus obou' 2 inds (5 cn I or exnd u m. Leico did Contox ol-merdl cdsetes have to be do'ed 6cfd,



fluld oz. {200 c..l al d*e oper ore iow poured iiio rhe redo'gu or rece$ formed by rhe nep in rha lld, ds ii fis, f, ond rhe spno drum

n comidnry
oi o i me



rhe diredion oI ihe diiowl whire rhe sotdio' i5 krky rchrion of ,re 5pirol drum b/ rhe windtig mur be coniiiu€d rhroushour ihe who e of dsye opmed, obod srourd be runed lo.wqd obod ho f
(o woy5


ii o sfie5 of ie*s of obod hor d revddioi

rhe rhehom+ef on rhe iotrk side shauld 5e wokhed





rwo m nde5 of developneii,

Rin5ing dfier Development
wheD ihe devaopmefi rine hos eropsed, rh€ ionk s i bd (hodiiq ir os showi if ns r2)did rh'devslopsr poured ourofrhe tiporne.orner

The operoiiois of devs opmenr de5crlbed be ow




mst be done, oid ii is oko e$edlol ro hove reod ond disened ihe nformo,ior or deve opmenr
cdvonce ro kiow iu$ whci n poses 20





urioi did tonk is.oned by meons of rhermoneiec. They should borh in ihe ronse 6,1'33' F. (13' 20' c.-se p. sl, ond the iime or de

ins mur ba ocored


Ihe flow or developef ito rhe rdnk is morc sinple if rhe therho. netef eid of ihe t.nk n roise.l s shrly, 03 :hown ir fis. !1,

ofi the

50 ui



e rlrnlis ihe wlidiis krob.


Ihe o nob mut be rurned ronriiuoudv o" ns 'hn ope'oriolhould b' ulad o .e or t ) ,r' .^'ndi ""i;i. G ommended r'dr de/elopcr o Arso.t ,--;"er"e-,o,,unou or h.!'..7nudoL tob 1700_c Lo ru'l'd .l€o, wo "r o? poJ'ed r f's ) ond he ':nd ns "o - r ,he1 poi r"d o

/ Aha 'r-! ,;;i .; ;;.;,". ,s* s.

i.r Du.s ins. h" * 1d * s".-r*., r., the f ' wo m ides orso' or'erwhid il i".^.i "-**rty, q". r", u" r - rti'* odJ ' 6i- F ir".. a * r" 'd i "mo_"d rrr/ nr "t 'hid i d !oF3 ,r dn of "m'ieo,l*, !"tr", *. a.". i" rumed ro ihoi this poii'n of rha r'lm "rn,.i i, ii'",*J r" *. n't"s *r"troi rhe tonk is rhen cro*d osoii, did


fldher rwo


ndes siven to .o

ins bo



n d' b" u 'o


ra Lo.kiis kiob

AFr 6\ ia, I

eo 1 roor r'i 'd * ioa ole' o - o'd F. ' ;;; 'h 'h' ";irii"" "* I ,.-";vi-,aio " " rae$nohoI'ooi"n'nI'n"d -, o l'"" on) oi' b'bble ,."do oo a 'o, si i-r".a. rt'".** ""tt* p"*.d oFafd rresh pui in, ihewindjis knob oein; o,ed d b"ro'' 'o oh t LJi." r .u rs,ns. 3, , ;,o",. ,F" "nd'e l or 'h. dqdded .a r;i a:". ,r,,t"a hta rorFn o.' o L dnd "1 r, i--.-r,. d,".-i -s.rr o d wo, so tr ,unn q ,. i'a.'.p .." "ri,-:j wdrer under ihe iop tor obour 30 m nurer' b'\ ir o"'eo lhe f' n ro, b" .oapq"t -o1h"d n' orL L"ep rhs d he rur' n * "t"r ... rloi , '41'ed ro 'tJ,i. "a onoIe" d q \ 'ob I I "o o! d'!rib"d dbo e ro rcro ' ri-."d ;, ;;'. ;,;"; ." . '"," , " *",., R po 'd o. ono 'eord'cd thi3 proce$ beiis repaored fiv€ or rix iid6

F Llm

..."-,i" ".ar" , ;."drhrre rhe J' oid h. or. q .ob 3od "i 'dnsr

looB ed

r'' eiroi

bond u



rhen opeied

q"' l'

Fs 3 rh' r( s 'iob ! ou


shr '


o rooro{{ ;';,i"i.";;-.

c d. "looeo _ qioIo'


i r'



he6 -oyhdol€^hd a . oo " r si oq n ou'! r o e'





lins on ih8 c ip or rhe free end of rh6 firm 10 noke l our, ond rh€n f rhe filn wiih d credn, moisr lnd very we I worhed window eoth6r. Tha wiping mu* be exesdingly senu., ond ihe pullon ihe owerend ofthefi m noisufiici€niro deiod, irfroo 15 upper clip. Old


barh ironr ond hock, mu$ be Emoved.


is done by


5hou d noi be drled ln Iu I iunlisht

or neor rddioroE of ony kiid.

Du* i3 ths sreora{ enenr of o I minioture nesouv€s, for €wry du5t srdln ii enlorsed with rhe imose ofd becom* urpledrdftly troticedble n th6 enlorsemani. lt i5 thu5 e5'eitiol to dry th€ l m in o pioce thot

Cloonins dnd Reo3lembling Icnk
Afrer use, the ionk mu* be rhorolsh y wo3hed in woier, bd i i3 very impotunrro b..edoin rhoi neiih€r dev.lopef,liE, norro.hins roEl inro eirher rhe lo.diis d,dnbe! 3 (lis. ra) .r rhe dor T ii *hidl rhe filn knit. mo{.!. Woier oi enh.r ol }his poinh will (ure houble.

lf by accidefi a ro ur on or *oter folk slot 7, ii G e$entio to derodr the film diomher uiir rron rhe deveopins .hdhber by rdkins od ihe rhree nxins rcrews 2l- This mut be dore coretully of,he 5.rew rh.eod5 in the
bod/ of

do-osed. Th" r r I- fa i 10* .,. po5ed ro view, did hoy reodily be dried oid replo.€d id ik toi.ll fecesory rhe ipriis holdiis i down mut be re o d.he.l.


ronl s

I b"



slor or fflm ln'le. 3. oodr q d,o 1b- .3 9pr'o d' " !o_ irs !no! lo wno'!g -rcbi 2 r'i o r_'r

Cleonins ihe rank k sihplified by blins ii io pieces. lsee iockins knob l3 is unscre*en ond token oui wlih the vindins knob 19, cher whkh rhe firh suide l,t dnd indly rhe 3pndl drum l3 dre removed. The sroov€s of rhe lpndl drum should be exomined, ond if nec€$or/ c eoned frce from selorine shreds ond sinildr mdreridlwirh o ofibru5h.

when o$emb ins the tdnk dfler w$hins oid dryjas, ihe ip;ar drum 6

Afier prolonse.l uF wih hod woier, dolky deposib mot .ppedr in the ronk, ond 5hould b3 reFoved by keoiheir wi$ very diluie aceric ocid soldioi, Arier rhn iolurioi hos been !:edi rh3 jonk mu5r be patt&lary @.ll wo5hed.

Fui plt boc[ fihe squore ho e i hole in ihe side of ihe ionk) ld repldcitr! ihe windins knob 19 did its lo&in! knob l3 th€ rubber .ins 24 ofd the spocine r ns 25 n*t nor be rifo 21 soe5 ne* io the wiidin oniried: ihs 'ubher ipd.iis .i',s 25 over ii. Ihe lo.ri^q knob h rishien€.1 l6t afii.ieiily tomoke ths ioik worerrishr,yei ollow ihe drum io iurn reodilvhonrhe w ndliq knob. Fino Ly, ihe f n suide 14 is reP oced. Ln P!ffins it bdck,

'h. b"o 1no pes,15 run

rh r!.lloE6 orlhohninliq




n speciol cncunnodce5

cdi be reodirv

th3 hble on pdoe 23 of ihir booklet we sive d€valopmenr tlmes whkh hdve been Jouid by prdciicdl exp€ri3nG ro ba suiiob s for corodl/ exposed Astd 35 mm. nlm whei usifq Aqro Develope6, ond rhee 5holld 5ene os o su de io ihe u5er.

lldqed ln

Ar wlLl be seen from the tobLe, hlsher iemperotures g0)F

propo{ion ii ihe iob e will be in ' io the volues siven. once o aiiob e rime or developmenr ho3 been round, it 'hould be noted oid *ri.ry moinroinsd in fur!rci sin.e ii ir only in rhis woy rhoi optih"h






shorier c.). rimas tor

lyins betueetr ihe vol!B sivei

oid dllow

ilutioi. li

As o ru


is rhur.le5tobe io moke

wdre. from rhe cold top is toocold to use


be kept in weIcorl€d brown slo$ borles, oid ioi in unheobd 6cm3 durins rhe winier nodhs d. Fi m suide bedriiq. /. sror of n m k. t€ t4. Fitn su de. rs. Bedfins peq5 ofrhe nrm suide. t3 ro.tiis kiob. l9.wirdi,s [nob.


to come to roo

!p rock soldio's in sood

ddevaoPar tlme

dLlowed ro *ond

Fiting Both.
ro 6x only oie Fln, ly? oz. {10 sm.) or Asro Fixiis solr ore di$oved ii / fluid oz. 1200 cc) oJ wdrer. A noc[ solution i3 mod€ by dissolvins lth a.. \vrn sn.) or nxins soLr in 35 nlid oz. (l LiteJ or worer. Ihe so ution coo5 nronq y di the 3oli d $ove5,50 thoi fixidq both5 mrr ba mode up if ddvonce ond olosed io wdrm up io 616€" F. 113'20'cl

Developer. Type of Fllm - Ienperolu

re -

Developnent Time

Ihe developer so dan hu* be .orefuly mode !p d.cordtns ro ihe inrrudiois or forrlto provided. tf severot fitms orc ro 5e deve oped one ofref oiorhef, ir j5 preferob e ro ndke !p o slirob a ii.reosed vo lme of deyeloper, ond to uie rh. 5oldion on.e oity.
The deve opmeni

in rrr€m sho!


provided wih ihe n m should olwdys be The .leveropmeir rihes ond iem n poritcu or, be fcltowed oc.!rcret/.


when rhe tdnk n connonily used uidef +dndod



of ihe vorious i/pes of fi mi very 5oon be.ome c eor, ond rhe rpecinc


Devclopnent Record for

Iine qd Temp.roturo

Agfo Filn.
Devolopmsnt tim.s


Agfo Deyeloper.


mperoiurA of

F.03. c.) oid /0o





: I €



9 7




12 10


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