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Behind your personal membership are the resources and facilities of this international organi-

zation. Here at Rosicrucian Park are centered some of the many sources of sert:ice to you. Thousands of members have visited Rosicrucian Park on one occasion or another. However, its museum, Library, laboratories, and other edifices can serve you in a unique way no matter where you live. How this is accomplished will be explained to you as your membership progresses. Remember, your membership is not the pursuit of just the personal opinions of some self-appointed individual, one who is expounding only his own ideas. This organization has been in existence for centuries and it is worldwide in extent. Therefore, the knowledge to be imparted to you has been and is contributed by many qualified and learned persons whose ideas have long been subject to tests and trials by thousands of

Rosicrucian Park reflects in its tranquility and aesthetic settings the traditional ideals of


Troditionally the World's Oldest Fraternity

The Egyptian Museum. The largest collection of rare Egyptian and Babylonian antiquities in the western United States is exhibited in this museum. Its design is that of an ancient Egyptian temple. It is one of several cultural achievements of the Rosicrucian Order, that have won wide public

The Supreme Temple. Its design depicts the

traditional origin of the Order. Here are held Rosicrucian lodge ceremonies and

Administrative Buildings. This building and adjoining a{ministrative facilities

house consultation offices, correspondence

and recording departments, ttre computer, and numerous other related activities. O

Rosicrucian Research Library. Here are contained thousands of volumes on mysticism, philosophy, history, the arts and sciences. The information they contain, as an added feature of membership, is made available to members everywhere by
special arrangement.@

The Akhnaton Shrine. This attractive

edifice commemorates a special ceremony throughout the world participate. In it are monuments to dignitaries of the Order who have passed through transition-silent reminders of their past service. G)

held in Egypt in which


Rose-Croix University. for Rosicrucians.O

In this


edifice are housed classrooms and laboratories. Personal classes are held here annually

Reflection of the Past. A reproduction of an obelisk from the land of the Nile. This is one of many art objects in beautiful Rosicrucian Park. They all capture and convey the spirit of this age-old Order. They instill pride in one's membership. ()

The Planetarium. Within this edifice is the Theatre of the Sky. In it, astronomical phenomena are dramatically demonstrated by modern scientific apparatus to members and to the public.@

You Are Part of

Worldwide Organization

The Rosicrucian Order, its Cirand Lodges, and subordinate bodies and members are found on every continent and in nearly every nation in the world. Below arelisted some of these far-flung places:

Algeria, Argentina, Australi;r, Braz1l, Canada, Ceylon, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, I-ebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Rhodesia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden. Tahiti, Venezuela.


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A Partial View of Attractive Rosicrucian Park. The park is consecrated to Rosicrucians everywhere. The fountain and the mural located in the center of the grounds are shown here.





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