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Oct 08, 2012 • PAGE i

COM Oct 08. Crawford David M. (Ron) Sargent Thomas Narkiewicz Zach Minteer Elizabeth Romaine Trina Allen Bert Balliet Marie Farinella Matt McGrath Melissa Timmons Dana Zuppo Joe Barbieri Todd Behrens Walt Harkins Gerard Mainardi 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 15 15 15 15 15 15 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.Table of Contents Company Overview Key Information Key Financials Key People Company Description Industry Information People People Board Members Biographies David Schlessinger Thomas G. Rosadino Jeffrey D. Collins Andrew W. Bull Eugene F. (Tom) Vellios Kenneth R. Mussafer Howard D. 2012 • PAGE i . (Tom) Ryan Ronald L. Ross Thomas M. Moore Lisa Surella Steven J.

Ginnie Makous Linda Moser Alan Sausner Historical Events IPO Information Company Financials Financial Summary Financial Market Data Historical Financials Competition Competitors List Competitive Landscape 16 16 17 17 18 18 18 20 21 22 22 23 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. 2012 • PAGE ii .COM Oct 08.

PA 19103 United States Phone : 215-546-7909 Fax : 215-546-8099 866-935-8852 http://www.00% 110 2002 2005:Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores 53310000:Variety stores 452990:All Other General Merchandise Stores 39. novelty t-shirts. which targets teenage and pre-teen girls and boys. Key Information DUNS Number Location Type Subsidiary Status Manufacturer Company Type Plant/Facility Size (sq.) Owns/Rents Foreign Trade Accountant Total Employees 1-Year Employee Growth Employees At This Location Year of Founding or Change in Control Primary Industry Primary SIC Code Primary NAICS Code Latitude/Longitude 095446659 Headquarters No No Public 5. Ste. operates more than 190 stores in shopping centers located across the northeastern US. Five Below sells a broad range of products all priced under five dollars. Five Below was founded in 2002 by CEO Thomas Vellios and David Schlessinger.COM Oct 08. 2012 • PAGE 2 . The retailer went public in mid-2012.53M $ Five Below might sell really cool merchandise to teenagers.11M 50.Company Overview 1818 Market St.93% $134.67M Low Risk 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. casual footwear.17036 Key Financials Fiscal Year-End Sales ($ M) 1-Year Sales Growth Net Income 1-Year Net Income Growth Total Assets Market Value Advertising Prescreen Score January $297.953209 / -75. decor and crafts.986. such as jewelry and accessories.970 0. The retailer. 1900 Philadelphia. sports gear. Operating a chain of specialty retail stores.fivebelow.17M $9.00 Rents Imports KPMG LLP 2.231. Core merchandise includes fun but inexpensive items that entice teens. and mobile phone accessories. ft.08M 128. but its appeal might hold a more monetary value.67% $16.

CEO. Secretary. Jeffrey D.Key People Name Mr. Collins Mr. David M. Bull Mr.COM Oct 08. Moore Ms. Thomas G. Howard D. and Treasurer SVP Supply Chain General Merchandise Manager 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. Rosadino Mr. Crawford Mr. 2012 • PAGE 3 . Ross Director Title Executive Chairman President. Lisa Surella Mr. (Tom) Vellios Mr. Kenneth R. Steven J. and Director CFO. Andrew W. Mussafer Mr. Eugene F. David Schlessinger Mr.

Five Below was majority-owned by investment firm Advent International. Ultimately.000 stores in coming years. Prior to filing its IPO. 2012 • PAGE 4 . including expanding its Delaware-based distribution center and updating its technologies to better support its growing retail chain. It may use some proceeds for capital improvements and other working capital. a trajectory that reflected the company's establishment of 50 new stores that year and the subsequent boost in sales. Five Below is looking to open 50 new stores in the eastern US by the end of 2012. 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. Aligned with its flourishing retail chain is the company's finances. which will continue as the controlling shareholder after the offering closes. it kept $72 million as net proceeds. it hopes to grow the chain to some 2. The company has already invested in some capital improvements. In 2011 the retailer's revenue was up 51% over 2010 figures.COM Oct 08. As part of its ongoing strategy. which have been on the upswing in recent years.Company Description Five Below intends to use the proceeds it raises in its IPO to repay debt and for general corporate purposes. The company initially sought $150 million but managed to raise $163 million. Its net income was up by 128%.

Industry Information Hoover's Industries > Retail Sector > Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores ( primary ) Primary SIC Code 53310000 : Variety stores Primary NAICS Code 452990 : All Other General Merchandise Stores Denotes In-depth Industry Insight by Hoover's Editorial Staff 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.COM Oct 08. 2012 • PAGE 5 .

Crawford Mr.000.00 $68. Lisa Surella Mr.000. Bull Mr.COM Oct 08. Point Of Sale Associate Training Store Manager Executive Vice President Real Estate Divisional Merchandise Manager Name Mr. Collins Mr. and Director CFO. Thomas M. (Tom) Ryan Mr. Jeffrey D. Secretary. Rosadino Mr. Eugene F.00 -------------------------Bonus $3.00 $262. David Schlessinger Mr.000. Mussafer Mr.750. (Ron) Sargent Thomas Narkiewicz Zach Minteer Elizabeth Romaine Trina Allen Bert Balliet Marie Farinella Matt McGrath Melissa Timmons Dana Zuppo Joe Barbieri Todd Behrens Walt Harkins Mr Gerard Mainardi Ginnie Makous Linda Moser Alan Sausner Age 56 57 49 52 45 49 43 33 48 60 59 56 Salary $600.00 $700.People Employees Title Executive Chairman President. Applications Development Manager Marketing Manager Senior Buyer Buyer-electronics Associate Buyer-bath And Body Senior Buyer-multimedia Buyer-candy Marketing Coordinator Transportaion Manager Pos Analyst Vp Design & Construction Point Of Sale Analyst. Ross Mr. Andrew W. Steven J. David M. and Treasurer SVP Supply Chain General Merchandise Manager General Merchandise Manager Director Director Director Director Director Director Director.000.00 -------------------------- 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.956. Ronald L.000. Howard D. (Tom) Vellios Mr. CEO. Thomas G.00 $3. Moore Ms. 2012 • PAGE 6 . Kenneth R.000.

(Ron) Sargent Age 56 57 43 33 48 60 59 56 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. CEO. David M. Ronald L. David Schlessinger Mr. Collins Mr. Thomas G. (Tom) Ryan Mr. 2012 • PAGE 7 .COM Oct 08. Ross Mr.Board Members Title Executive Chairman President. Andrew W. Steven J. Mussafer Mr. and Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Name Mr. Thomas M. (Tom) Vellios Mr. Crawford Mr. Howard D.

(Tom) Vellios. Schlessinger founded Zany Brainy.COM Oct 08.Biographies David Schlessinger.2005 : President and Director Current Company Compensation History Salary Bonus 2011 : $600. Schlessinger previously served as our President from 2002 to 2005. operations and finance of a retail business as well as his knowledge of our company as a founder has led to the conclusion that he should serve as a director of Five Below.2005 : Director Current Company Compensation History Salary Bonus 2011 : $700. Source : S-1.00 Total $3.000.00 Past Company Affiliations Director.000. Mr. Zany Brainy.00 $3. Inc. Destination Maternity Corporation Biography Mr. Schlessingers extensive experience in the management. 2012 Thomas G. Age 57 Title held since 2005 : President. and Director. Age 56 Title held since 2005 : Executive Chairman Current Company Titles 2005 . 2012 • PAGE 8 . Inc.000. Mr.00 $3. Hot Topic. CEO.000.00 Other Company Affiliations Director. CEO. Inc. and Director Current Company Titles 2005 .554. CEO. a retail childrens educational products company. Mr. Mr.00 Total $3. Schlessinger is the co-founder of Five Below and has served as our Executive Chairman since February 2005. and Director 2002 . a retail bookstore chain. in 1991 and served as Zany Brainys Chief Executive Officer until 1996 and as its Chairman until 1998..648.000. Past Company Affiliations President. Schlessinger has been a director of Five Below since our incorporation in 2002. in 1973 and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until 1986. April 18. Previously.Present : President.062. Mr.Present : Executive Chairman 2002 .747. Biography 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.000. He also founded Encore Books. Schlessinger previously served as a director of Destination Maternity Corporation.

Present : SVP Supply Chain Biography Mr.00 Total $453..COM Oct 08. Supply Chain. Mr.2005 : SVP Finance Current Company Compensation History Salary Bonus 2011 : $262. a wholesaler and retailer of womens and childrens better apparel from 1991 to 1999. Finance in 2005 and was later appointed as our Secretary and Treasurer. his experience with the management. from 1999 to 2003. Bull was the Finance Director and Treasurer for Urban Outfitters. Inc. Rosadino joined Five Below in 2008 as Senior Vice President. Finance and Controller for Asian American Partners d/b/a Eagles Eye. Previously.2012 : SVP Finance. Secretary. he was Vice President. and Treasurer 2005 .Mr. Rosadino. Age 52 Title held since 2008 : SVP Supply Chain Current Company Titles 2008 . a specialty lifestyle merchandising retailer.00 $68. Mr. Inc. Chief Executive Officer and a director of Zany Brainy.00 Past Company Affiliations Treasurer. operations and finance of a retail business. Prior to joining Zany Brainy. Previously. Source : S-1. and Treasurer Current Company Titles 2012 . a card and gift retail store.956. Mr. he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Source : S-1. Vellios extensive experience in the retail industry. Bull joined Five Below as Senior Vice President. 2012 • PAGE 9 .750. April 18. Supply Chain with Blue Tulip. Vellios currently serves as a director of Hot Topic.Present : CFO. Vellios is the co-founder of Five Below and has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since 2005. Biography Mr. Prior to joining Five Below. 2012 Kenneth R. In 2012.718. Age 49 Title held since 2012 : CFO. and the Vice President. Bull. 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. Inc. April 18. and his knowledge of our company as a founder has led to the conclusion that he should serve as a director of Five Below. Secretary. 2012 Eugene F. Urban Outfitters.. Vellios served as Senior Vice President. Secretary. Inc. and Treasurer 2005 . Inc. Mr. Vellios served as President. a regional discount chain and a division of the May Company. Vellios has been a director of Five Below since our incorporation in 2002. Mr. General Merchandise Manager at Caldor.

a bridal retailer. she was Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager at Lord & Taylor. and Executive Vice President of inventory management with Zany Brainy. The Bon-Ton Stores. an inventory management consulting firm. April 18. Prior to Davids Bridal. Mr. Source : S-1..Present : General Merchandise Manager Past Company Affiliations SVP General Merchandise Manager. Moore was Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager with Davids Bridal. April 18. he was Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager at The Bon-Ton Department Stores. from 2009 to 2012. a retail store chain. Source : S-1. Lord & Taylor LLC Biography Ms. Age 45 Title held since 2007 : General Merchandise Manager Current Company Titles 2007 . Surella joined Five Below in 2012 as General Merchandise Manager. Prior to Wal-Mart.COM Oct 08. from 2002 to 2007. a discount retailer. Moore. 2012 Lisa Surella. Prior to joining Five Below. a specialty-retail department store chain. from 1998 to 2002. 2012 Jeffrey D. Rosadino held the roles of Chief Operating Officer with 4R Systems. Sportswear. Ladies Apparel with Wal-Mart Stores. she was the Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager. Age 43 Title held since 2008 : Director Current Company Titles 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.Present : General Merchandise Manager Past Company Affiliations SVP. from 1999 to 2009. Inc. April 18. 2012 Steven J. Source : S-1. Moore joined Five Below in 2007 as General Merchandise Manager. Age 49 Title held since 2012 : General Merchandise Manager Current Company Titles 2012 . Biography Mr. Inc. Mr. 2012 • PAGE 10 . Collins. General Merchandising Manager. Inc. Prior to joining Five Below. Prior to joining Blue Tulip.from 2005 to 2008.

Crawfords experience in private equity fund management. Biography Steven J. led to the conclusion that he should serve as a director of our Company. Party City Holdings Inc. April 18. Inc. is currently a member of the board of directors of Kirklands. 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. which he joined in 1995. Amscan Holdings. Five Below. including Charlotte Russe Holding. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an M. June 3. Past Company Affiliations Director.Present : Managing Partner. Source : S-1. which he joined in 2003 as an associate and rejoined as a Principal in 2008. whose Class B common stock holdings entitle it to elect up to three directors. lululemon athletica inc. following business school. Boston. Inc. Age 48 Current Company Titles Unknown .2008 . Mr. 2012 David M. and several privately held businesses. a Managing Director of Advent International. Mr. Collins has been a member of our Board since August 2008. Collins received a B. Mussafer. his financial expertise and his affiliation with Advent International. from the Harvard Business School. Director. Source : S-1. Mr. Collins. led to the conclusion that he should serve as a director of Five Below. 2012 • PAGE 11 . Inc.Present : Director Other Company Affiliations Director. Crawford is a Principal with Advent International. Inc. Inc.B. Crawford. and previously served on the board of directors of lululemon athletica inc. Mr. Age 33 Title held since 2010 : Director Current Company Titles 2010 . Mr. Kirkland's. Mr. 2011 Andrew W.Present : Director Biography Mr.A. Boston Other Company Affiliations Director. Collins experience serving as a director of public and private companies and his affiliation with Advent International.COM Oct 08. Crawford has served as a director since 2010. Advent International Corporation Director. Crawford currently serves as a director of privately held businesses.S. Managing Director.

he worked at Chemical Bank and Adler & Shaykin in New York. Ross has served as a director since 2005. He joined Advent in 1990 and has 19 years of buyout and private equity experience. which manages private equity funds. Qualifications David holds a BSM. Inc..Director. healthcare services and specialty retail transactions. Mr. Source : S-1. Five Below. Inc. Source : Company Web Site. his financial expertise and roles on several boards of directors led to the conclusion that he should serve as a director of Five Below. Age 59 Title held since 2002 : Director 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. eResearchTechnology. Verticalnet. Ross background in accounting and private equity fund management. Inc. a co-founder of LLR Partners Inc. Ross was a partner in Arthur Andersen LLP.COM Oct 08. April 18. David has been involved in more than 30 buyout deals at Advent and personally led more than a dozen buyout and growth equity investments across a range of industries.Present : Director Past Company Affiliations Director. SEI Investments Company Director. from Tulane University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Inc. Biography avid Mussafer is responsible for Advent International's North American deal group and is a member of the firm's Executive Committee. Ross. His specific investment experience has focused on business and financial services. an accounting firm. Prior to the formation of LLR Partners in 1999. Biography Mr. Mr. Director. Kirkland's. 2012 • PAGE 12 . Director. Previously. Director. Mr. Inc. Patni Life Sciences Director. Age 60 Title held since 2005 : Director Current Company Titles 2005 . 2009 Howard D. Ross. cum laude. lululemon athletica inc. Past Company Affiliations Director. Amscan Holdings. Iron Mountain Incorporated Director. currently serves as a director of several privately held businesses. (Tom) Ryan. 2012 Thomas M.

00 $30. a pharmacy healthcare provider. CVS Caremark Corporation Director.000.894.759.00 ------$1.795. The Kroger Co. Ryan has been Chairman of the Board of CVS Caremark Corporation ("CVS"). Inc. (Ron) Sargent.035. Director. Inc. 2012 • PAGE 13 .Present : Director Other Company Affiliations Director.500.00 $1.Current Company Titles 2002 .00 $1. Mr.00 Total $8.354. Mattel.000.666.Present : Chairman and CEO 2002 .505. Director.174.COM Oct 08.00 $1.00 $1.000.734.00 $1. since April 1999. 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.00 $ : CEO Current Company Compensation History Salary Bonus 2011 : 2010 : 2009 : 2008 : 2007 : 2006 : 2005 : 2004 : 2003 : 2002 : 2001 : $1.711. 04/08/2011 Ronald L.667. Age 56 Title held since 2005 : Chairman and CEO Current Company Titles 2005 . Reebok International Ltd.775.108. Source : Proxy.00 $1.00 $714. Ryan was a director of Reebok International Ltd from 1998 to 2005 and Bank of America Corporation from 2004 to 2010.636. Director.00 $1.00 $1.000.00 $10.165. FleetBoston Financial Corporation Biography Thomas M.00 $852. He was Chief Executive Officer of CVS from May 1998 to February 2011 and also served as President from May 1998 to May 2010.033. Inc.00 $1.400.00 $13.193.00 $134.481.000.145. Five Below.734.00 ------ Other Company Affiliations Director.797. $12. Bank of America Corporation Director.00 $1. Past Company Affiliations Chairman.00 $15. The Home Depot.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America Past Company Affiliations Chairman and CEO.Present : Manager Elizabeth Romaine Current Company Titles Unknown . including President from November 1998 to March 2005. Biography Chief Executive Officer of Staples since February 2002 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Staples since March 2005. The Yankee Candle Company. and President-Staples Contract & Commercial from June 1994 to October 1997.. Inc. Inc. Mr. and Mattel. Chief Operating Officer from November 1998 to February 2002. Prior to that. Inc.Present : Marketing Manager Trina Allen Current Company Titles Unknown . Applications Development Zach Minteer Current Company Titles Unknown . Five Below.Director. 2012 Thomas Narkiewicz Current Company Titles Unknown . Source : Company Web Site. he served in various capacities since joining Staples in March 1989.COM Oct 08.Present : Buyer-electronics Marie Farinella 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. Board Member. President-North American Operations from October 1997 to November 1998. Sargent is a Director of The Kroger Co. Corporate Express NV Director.Present : Senior Buyer Bert Balliet Current Company Titles Unknown . ARAMARK Corporation Director.Present : Director. 2012 • PAGE 14 .

COM Oct 08.Present : Point Of Sale Analyst.Present : Associate Buyer-bath And Body Matt McGrath Current Company Titles Unknown . 2012 • PAGE 15 . Point Of Sale Associate Ginnie Makous Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Pos Analyst Walt Harkins Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Vp Design & Construction Gerard Mainardi Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Senior Buyer-multimedia Melissa Timmons Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Marketing Coordinator Joe Barbieri Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Training Store Manager Linda Moser Current Company Titles 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Transportaion Manager Todd Behrens Current Company Titles Unknown .Present : Buyer-candy Dana Zuppo Current Company Titles Unknown .

Present : Divisional Merchandise Manager 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. 2012 • PAGE 16 .Unknown .Present : Executive Vice President Real Estate Alan Sausner Current Company Titles Unknown .COM Oct 08.

866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.Historical Events Date 2012-07-19 2012-04-18 Event IPO Trading IPO Filing Details The company went public with an offering worth $163. 2012 • PAGE 17 . The company filed to go public with an offering worth $150 million.455 million.COM Oct 08.

62 $163. •Barclays Capital Inc. Sachs & Co. 2012 • PAGE 18 . Inc.IPO Information Date Went Public Filing Date Proposed Offer Price Actual Offer Price First Day Open First Day Close Shares Offered (M) Offering Amount (M) Post-Offering Shares (M) Jul 19. •Jefferies & Company. LLC 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS. 2012 Apr 18.05 $26.00 $17.00 $26.00 to $17.97 Underwriters •Goldman.50 9. •Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC •Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. 2012 $15. •UBS Securities LLC •Wells Fargo Securities.COM Oct 08.46 53.

08M 128. 2012 • PAGE 19 .Company Financials Financial Summary Company Type Fiscal Year-End 2012 Sales 1-Year Sales Growth 2012 Net Income 1-Year Net Income Growth Prescreen Score Auditor Public NASDAQ: FIVE Headquarters January $297.COM Oct 08.67% $16.11M 50.93% Low Risk KPMG LLP 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.

COM Oct 08.80 $40.97M -0.86%) 2. 2012 • PAGE 20 .55 (30.986.00% 2.29 Price/Sales Ratio Price/Book Ratio Price/Earnings Ratio Price/Cash Flow Ratio Return on Assets Return on Equity Current Ratio Long-Term Debt/Equity % Owned by Institutions Latest Net Insider Transactions 5.00 (39.00 $25.67% --- 36 Month ---- 60 Month ---- 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.38 42.67) 80.17M 53.00 -$1.34 --- Growth Revenue Growth EPS Growth Dividend Growth 12 Month 50.38%) (129.Financial Market Data Current Information Last Close (05-Oct-2012) 52-Week High 52-Week Low 60-Month Beta Market Cap Shares Outstanding Dividend Rate Dividend Yield # of Institutional Holders Latest Short Interest Ratio $36.

Div.85 0.66 Net Profit Margin 5.00% --- Stock History Year Jan 2012 Jan 2011 Jan 2010 FY High ---- Stock Price ($) FY Low ---- FY Close ---- High ---- P/E Low ---- Per Share ($) Earns.29 1. 0.56% 9.Historical Financials Income Statement Year Jan 2012 Jan 2011 Jan 2010 Revenue ($ M) 297.28 ------ Book Value ---- 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.COM Oct 08.41% 3.02 11.86%) 41.32% Employees 2.970 2012 Year-End Financials Debt Ratio Return on Equity Cash ($ M) Current Ratio Long-Term Debt ($ M) Shares Outstanding (M) Dividend Yield Dividend Payout Market Cap ($ M) -(129.08 7.19 125.11 197.14 Net Income ($ M) 16. 2012 • PAGE 21 .25 -0.

54% -2.434.643.70% 7.11%) 4.00M $14.50M $8.30%) Net Operating Cash Flow $5.10M $318.630.22M $69.00M $3.46M $446.76% (1.90M 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.15% 5.COM Oct 08.202.547. 2012 • PAGE 22 .191.00M $23.06M -$45.100.Competitors List Company Big Lots Claire's Stores (Top Competitor) CVS Caremark Dollar General Dollar Tree Family Dollar Stores Forever 21 (Top Competitor) Hot Topic Kmart Rite Aid Target Corporation TJX Companies Wal-Mart Walgreen Wet Seal (Top Competitor) Gross Revenue Net Profit Margin 3.27M $1.00M $620.492.00M $1.00M $61.42% -3.90M $107.865.807.121.593.48M $686.19M $6.54M $5.12% 7.255.00M $1.90M -$266.53% 3.00M $26.184.00M $697.12% -(1.050.600.10% 3.916.856.93M $15.84M $2.950.03M $24.57% 4.00M $72.47M -$5.50M $528.

32% 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.5 28. Inc.2 -38. $2.04 32.228 -Forever 21.1 36.492.1 1. Industry Market Price/Sales Ratio Price/Earnings Ratio Price/Book Ratio Price/Cash Flow Operations 5.400 -Claire's Stores.96 7.600.65 Industry 1.8 24. Inc. Annual Sales ($ M) Employees Market Cap ($ M) Profitability $297. Inc.23 7. $1.5 2. Inc.90M 18. ------The Wet Seal.5 103.28%) (3. Inc.45% 1.0 72.82% ------- 14.46 -35.77% 10. Industry Market Gross Profit Margin Pre-Tax Profit Net Profit Margin Return on Equity Return on Assets Return on Invested Capital 35.4 39. Inc. ----Forever 21.4 49. Inc.9 5. ----Claire's Stores.00M 27.89% 5. Inc.46 15.47M The Wet Seal.8 279.16% 5.70% 3. Inc.27%) ------- 31.21 17.10M 6.Competitive Landscape Companies listed are Top Competitors.44% 6.0 7. Inc. Key Numbers Five Below.36 4.53%) (129.95%) (1. Inc.00 Five Below.96 Market Days of Sales Outstanding Inventory Turnover Days Cost of Goods Sold in Inventory Asset Turnover Net Receivables Turnover Flow Effective Tax Rate -3.30 1.04% 5.86%) (39. Inc.30%) (3.96% 11.23% 13.982 $316.27%) (2. Claire's Stores. 1. Forever 21.3 10. $620.46% 10. Claire's Stores.23% 6. Inc.87% 34.67 42.11M -Five Below.46% (1.1 0. 2012 • PAGE 23 . Inc.89% Valuation Five Below.COM Oct 08. Forever 21.38 -30.3 1.08% (17.70 The Wet Seal.56% 2. ------- The Wet Seal. Inc.5 33.38%) (74.88% 43.55 80.3 8.71 1. 0.50%) 28. Inc.

80 0.62%) (18.40 4.93% 12-Month EPS Growth -12-Month Dividend Growth -36-Month Revenue Growth -36-Month Net Income Growth -36-Month EPS Growth -36-Month Dividend Growth -- 6. Industry Market Current Ratio Quick Ratio Leverage Ratio Total Debt/ Equity Interest Coverage 1. -------Forever 21. Inc.85 0.71% --- (1. --------- The Wet Seal. Claire's Stores.30 6.24% (7. ------ The Wet Seal.67 The Wet Seal.84% --- 866-541-3770 • HOOVERS.31 -$28.33% -1. Inc.98 $0. Inc. Inc.08 -$88. Inc.90%) -- --------- 8.96 2.83 ---- 3. Industry Market Per Share Data Dividend Per Share Cash Flow Per Share Working Capital Per Share Long-Term Debt Per Share Book Value Per Share Total Assets Per Share Growth $6.48 2. Inc.Financial Five Below.45 0.68% 51.67% 12-Month Net Income 128. Inc.50% (20.97 6.87 $2.44 5. Inc.92 1.37 -(61.99 5.69% 19. Claire's Stores. ---$4. 2012 • PAGE 24 .78 -$0.79 -$2.36 Industry ---$2.78 $0. Inc.56 $3. Inc.98% 33. Forever 21.46 $0. -------Claire's Stores.17%) --11.84 -$0. Inc.49 $6. 12-Month Revenue 50.COM Oct 08.41 $1.38 Per Share Data Five Below.53 $0. Inc.52%) --7.31%) (10. Forever 21.76% 65.87 Market Five Below.26) ------ 1.00 $0.87 1.

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