The countdown begins to moving to your new home
All secure residents have now been allocated alternative accommodation and we will start the process to move you to your new home. This begins by moving residents to Lidcote & Cumnor first then Brixton Road thereafter.
But don’t forget, all secure residents have the right to return guarantee to move back to the New Wayland once it is rebuilt during 2015. We are aware that moving home can be quite daunting; therefore we have provided you all with a countdown to moving check list that is a useful guide to help you through the process. If you need any further support or assistance please do not hesitate to contact Kim Wills or Pamela da Costa who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Lidcote & Cumnor

“I love my kitchen it’s beautiful“
Miss MC, Wayland resident

Lidcote & Cumnor extra care kitchen

We will start the viewing process with residents moving to Brixton Road late September. So don’t forget to look out for your appointment date.
Brixton Road

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Good Neighbour Charter
We will be holding housing sign up sessions with moving residents to let you know the finer details of your home including how systems and facilities work, and discuss rents and service charges.
During these sessions you will be encouraged to create a Good Neighbour Agreement specifically for your block. This will give you the chance to let each of your neighbours know what are the qualities of a good neighbour. This can be just being friendly or respecting each others space. We will also ask you what are the qualities of a bad neighbour, this could be leaving rubbish bags outside front doors or not being respectful to people around you or your environment. We will capture this information during our housing move sessions and ask you to sign up to the commitments you have made.

Community Trust Housing is committed to ensuring everyone enjoys their right to the peaceful occupation of their home, regardless of race, creed, gender, disability or sexuality, without disturbance from their neighbours. So let us know your promises when you sign your new tenancy and meet your neighbours again.

As stated in our last Wayland update letter sent on 29th June 2012. We have provided residents who are moving to Lidcote & Cumnor with formal notice of their move. Moves will take place on specific days, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.

If you wish to indicate your preferred day please contact Kim Wills on 0207 782 4935.

Moving to Brixton Road
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Universal Credit

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Rents and service charges

New Wayland redevelopment update

Important changes to benefits .................................... p5

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Moving to Brixton Road
There are further changes to the Brixton Road skyline as our scheme takes shape.
The block is progressing well and we will be contacting tenants who are moving to this scheme in October when they will have the opportunity to view prior to moving to their new homes.
Brixton Road

The homes at Brixton Road are owned by Network Stadium but managed by Community Trust Housing. If you were a secure tenant before 2007 you will retain all rights. Rights The right of succession (the ability to pass on your home) The right to transfer and exchange The right to sub-let or take in lodgers
Brixton Road Kitchen

The right to repair The right to carry out improvements and receive compensation


Rents and service charges
RENtS The Government wants rents charged by social landlords to be fair and affordable and would like there to be a sensible pattern because quite a number of Council and housing association rents are at different levels across the country.

The aim of these changes are that rents should :
• remain affordable in the future; generally be well below those charged by private landlords; • be linked to the size, location and condition of the home; and • be similar to rents for other council and housing association properties of a similar size, location and condition

Since the transfer of the estate from Lambeth Council in 2007 many of the rents were historically low. This means that they need to reach the right level to meet the government targets by 2016.

SERViCE CHARGES We are currently setting the service charges for both redevelopment schemes.
A service charge is separate from your rent and will pay for items such as cleaning to your block, gardening to shared area, lift, entryphone, CCTV. The average cost for both redevelopment sites are likely to be around £22.00 per week per household. A full breakdown of these charges will be given at the point of signing your new tenancy agreement.


Important changes to benefits
There are significant changes to the welfare system that could affect many households in receipt of benefit. We reported some of these changes in December Issue 3 of Wayland update and in the June estate newsletter. Some of these changes include: BEDROOm tAx
If you are currently under occupying your home by one extra bedroom and you are in receipt of benefit the government has introduced a bedroom tax. This will affect households who are currently of working age in receipt of benefit. This will come into force by April 2013. If you are currently under occupying and live in a council or housing association property, you could see a restriction in benefit by 15% for the extra bedroom you have. This means you may need to pay the difference, this could be around £14.00 out of your pocket each week.

CTH are aware these changes will have a significant impact on some of their households which could lead to residents being unable to afford their homes. As a consequence of this we have set up a downsizing programme across the estate. Changes to benefit will come into force April 2013. If you need any further advice of how these changes will affect you please contact your local council, Department for Work & Pensions or Citizen Advice Bureau. If you wish to be considered for downsizing please contact your housing officer or a member of the regeneration team on 0207 326 3700.

UNiVERSAL CREDit The benefit system is changing from April 2013 where the government will introduce Universal Credit that is made up of a standard allowance. This allowance can include:
• • • • •

How we can help...
...CTH will be setting up some budgeting workshops to help you manage your money before these changes come in place.
If you are currently in receipt of housing benefit we will be meeting you on a one to one basis to discuss how these changes may affect you. We can also arrange if you prefer, for you to pay your rent and council tax direct to avoid getting into arrears. Look out for the flyer telling you about these sessions - ‘Changes to welfare reform’.

Child Element / Disabled Child Additions Childcare Element Carer Element Limited Capability for Work Element Housing Element.

If you qualify for Universal Credit, payment will be made on a monthly basis direct to you. This means you will be responsible for paying all your bills including rent and council tax. It is easier to manage your bills if you pay by Direct Debit. Let us know if you would like us to send you a Direct Debit form.

New Wayland redevelopment
As you know we have been meeting with you since last May 2011 to discuss the redevelopment proposals for New Wayland House.
We have held over 11 events that have involved residents of Wayland House, surrounding estate residents and the wider community. In the April edition newsletter we reported how the designs were progressing from our last meeting, we have received valuable feedback and this has been incorporated in the plans.

date up

Existing Wayland

New design for Wayland

indicative proposals subject to change 6

WHAt HAVE WE DONE SO fAR? We spent May and June sharing the New Wayland House designs we have worked through with you, with the wider community. Most of their concerns so far are about the height of the proposed New Wayland House.
All comments, both positive and negative, have been collected and will be submitted as part of a community consultation strategy with the planning application. Lambeth Planning Department will also conduct their own statutory consultation with all households affected by the proposals, along with the planning application after the consultation period ends. As a resident led housing association we are keen to keep you updated. Some of you came along to the exhibition sessions held in May and June. If you would like to see the changes made to the designs and what we have submitted to planning, please pop along to the resource centre next to the housing office. We will be holding another drop in session for Wayland House secure residents on 4th October 2012 at 6pm at the Resource Centre next to the housing office.


If you are elderly or disabled and require a home visit to see the latest plans please contact Kim Wills or Pamela Da Costa on 0207 326 3720 or 0208 438 1088 to make an appointment.

East view

South East view

North view

indicative proposals subject to change

For further information contact either: Kim Wills, Resident Liaison Officer Novelette Ellis, Housing Officer Pamela da Costa, Resident Liaison Manager Telephone 0207 326 3710

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