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Book review of Pastor Dr Bruce D.

Cummons The foundation and authority of the word of God The author sets about proving that the KJV Bible is the infallible word of God for the English speaker. Although he in himself seems to have the proper credentials as an authority, in my opinion not a good presentation of his topic or purpose. His topic outline is not presented in a logical order. It would seem that his material has been presented as a series of sermon messages that appeal to the heart (emotion) rather than the academic or diligent factual seeker. I find that he has taken a preached message and tried to take the same message and apply it to pen and paper and from time to time appeal to the emotion rather than facts. He does present good, sound facts but I found it rather disjointed in presentation and thought. He ends up repeating himself unnecessarily, then he tends to throw at you that, whatever you believe the KJV is or isnt .. it doesnt matter because he believe sit is infallible (I felt this type of emotional appeal (aggression) unappealing. Although I personally believe that the KJV is Gods English translation, I do not advocate that it is infallible as the author would have you believe. I have personally come across translational error or questionable translations that I felt were not completely satisfactory for me (armed with my KJV and Youngs or Strongs analytical concordances with a good old English Dictionary). I understand that I am not learned, nor as devoted as the great men who were involved in the translating nor have I mastered any of the Hebrew, Greek and any other corresponding dialects of any Biblical languages, yet I do come from a Multilanguage, multiracial culture (South Africa) with extreme diversities and where I can speak and read several different languages. With this understanding, I know that there are translational problems or from time error in any form of cross cultural language communications, be it written or verbally expressed. The Dr B Cummons had clearly stated several reasons why our text is the right one. He states that the other versions (perversions) translated or add in or subtract from the meaning of the original words and or verses yet he failed to state up front the reasons for some of these glaring errors came from faulty source documents. In his defence he does state this further on and near the end of his booklet. He brings out several verses that highlight and support his view and shows some of the erroneous verses and clearly categories the offending topics, which were destroyed or omitted intentially either by the translators or the original source documentation. The only objection I have to his presentation is that he did not clearly state which bible versions he was bringing into question, and he would go down another rabbit trail in the middle of a paragraph onto another topic of contention that seemed unrelated for the moment. He listed several good and solid reasons why he believed that the KJV was the infallible word of God, yet I found looking at his reasoning that he was between two arguments, namely: 1. He was trying to prove that the Bible was Gods word (which was not the point or purpose for this booklet) 2. He was trying to prove his point for this booklet (infallibility of the KJV) I believe in his summation and or reasoning he did not conclusively answere why he believes the KJV is the infallible word of God for the English speaker! He then (it would seem to me) finish off with a challenge So there what are you going to do about it?) which I felt was improper for a booklet that was intended for the truth seeker.

L.R Minnaar

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