Everything seemed okay in their lives. No burning houses. No red guitar.

But red didn’t leave them after a month too. But there were some cases of discussion but no one thought of this. Once a girl bought a boots, red ones. At her home she tried them. A suicide as people say happened. Only dead Andersons knew it wasn’t. Last thing heard form that girl was “I don’t want to do this the shoes. They they making me do this she is making me do this. Its re" she jumped but she had known about red because red's habit is to tell the person that it’s her. She was honest. This suicide was a murder by red but nothing stopped. A car exploded in middle of highway. Of course it was red. No one was found because each died in this blast For a great surprise the party seemed to approach. Their friends begged them to go on shopping which they avoided because dion was going for shopping with them since forever. It was a though task but they tried move on .but at the same time red didn’t seem to stop either. Lace bought a red pumps as it looked nice to her and she didn’t even know what she was carrying home. She kept bag in which the shoes were there on the sofa. No one was at home she quickly sat down on the couch with the landline in her hands. She quickly pressed some numbers .it was Stacey whom she called as the phone was ringing she heard some noise and she turned her to know who was there. She turned her head the sight made her scared she dropped the phone. The phone was already picked up. Stacey’s voice could be heard “lace is it you lace? What happened “she kept on repeating these words till the phone was crushed by shoes? Lace stood and ran to a side trying to hide from the giant red pumps. She couldn’t run to the door. What could she do she saw sunlight from a side “window yes’ she whispered to herself. Boots took small steps to come near lace. But they were big ones for lace she looked down the window. She lived at first floor .couldn’t this be bit sort she thought as knew she knew she would be okay but still right now she was in hurry not calm. She had jumped from this height earlier but she was calm that time. She jumped finding a nice land. Though her hands hurted and legs bleeded a bit as she landed on rough ground. She stood and ran to Stacey’s home just a little far. “Stacey, Stacey open the door “she shouted banging the door. Stacey opened the door to see lace in a bad position crying a bit of “what happened lace “ she said pulling her in . “ stace “ she said taking long breath “ the shoes , the shoes became giant “ she tried to tell “ wh-what “ she made sit on the sofa “ wait calm now now you called me that time I could hear just screams the phone went dead what happened “ she saw lace in bad condition” tell me everything but after some minutes first then let m bring water okay and see your , legs they are hurted badly you need first aid wait “ Stacey went to get all she said handing water to lace she washed her wound applying bandage “ how did this happen “ she asked . “I told you shoe they were giant they followed me they did and why else would I jump from the window “she told her “ uh but how can it happen we will go and see okay “ she tried to calm her though she was too very surprised se tried to tell herself that this wasn’t true but her heart some how believed in this all way . “ no no you won’t go they were there believe me please “lace said before she started to cry “ come on okay calm now tell me every detail okay” Stacey said “ first I bought the shoes I kept them on the sofa and went to call you but I heard a noise I saw those shoes they were big really big more than me and” she paused “ and what lace” Stacey stressed

“ and what lace” Stacey stressed “ I heard some one whispering in my ears it was a voice telling me “ she closed her eyes’ telling me red red would destroy you it was a girl I am red I would take my revenge I would she was totally angry” “ I can’t believe it either anyway lets watch TV maybe its okay “ she told her switching on her TV. in TV news it was the two news flashing Stacey spotted something similar “ hey lace did you see something here in news it red boots the girls was wearing the car that blasted was red you saw red pumps and heard red and Dion’s guitar the last thing she had was red” lace nodded too ‘ that means rd is after all this I mean color red help me “ she stood up taking all red things out of her home and she kept the in the attic “ listen we are not sure yet right so let it be “ she told lace After a day it was a day the friends we went to small shop . dion got a dress keeping away from color red things she quickly walked through the dress store trying to find some thing better . she walked through some dresses she couldn’t find better so she moved the shopkeeper for paying for the dress . she took the money out before she could do her eyes fell on the dress which had turned red she excused as she kept the dress on the place it was kept she again wandered trying to find a new one. As she observed the way she walked all the dress turning red . the panic seized her she caught lace “ run lace red” she next started shouting to make everybody out “ run out all run ummm fire run “ All were out except the manager . Stacey’s words turned true the shop was on fire in seconds she moved near to the door swinging her hand for the manager only if she could help the fire flame were high the manager caught her purse the hard she tried the manager was not out . she tried hard but the grip of the purse flew from her hands and the mall blasted . Stacey got a bit burns still it was a miracle even though being so near no deep burns . she still regretted the manager being killed all friends suggested it was not nice enough to hurt another so the much you are sad still just smile go to her party for her . She went to the party in evening . loud music blasted in her ears as she came near to that farm house . the farmhouse was old and creepy it seemed like no one lived here for ears . she wondered if it was the right address but the music corrected her. The house and paint scrapped and some leafless trees in background and a whole bright moon making more creepy . lace wondered why Maria kept a party here but Stacey knew that Maria loved ghost and spooky stories and it was her 16th birthday party which needed to be a whole lot of special . she stepped inside to find familiar face dancing some just gossiping she quickly went towards the birthday girl handing her some presents she bought and wishing her happy birthday they went on talking till the dj grabbed the mike and requested all to dance . she accepted though she knew she wasn’t a nice dancer . the neon lights went on and whole dim place seemed to be more lightened just in some minutes the lights went off . There were whisperings and shouts of the manager asking some to check and for everyone they couldn’t see anything .the manager shouted again assuring all lights would be back and it some sort of power cut . In some minutes sound of feet and whispering gradually went off Stacey too felt a space near her being disappeared . she took small steps insuring not to hurt anybody her legs struck to a thing and fell down she could feel moisture in her clothes and hairs . she touched the floor for support finding it to be filled with a liquid. This struck her strange as no water or anything was there . she took it a bit and smelling it . it wasn’t so familiar . She stood a bit as the lights were and she could see where she was standing and what the liquid

was . It was blood her clothes were drained in blood and some of people were lying lifeless on the floor and blood gushing out . all were looking up she was the first who saw and she shouted hard resulting everybody’s attention down . Some people were lying and something carved in there heads . it was written ‘revenge’ The birthday party turned into a funeral. Before anyone could see another thing happened . some people were missing too . Stacey changed her clothes and ran back home with police at that mansion enquiring about this mass murder and mass disappearance . Stacey was just left crying on her bed . as she received a knock on her bedroom’s door “ stace policies here to ask you about the party please go” it was her dad . she went downstairs to find officers sitting on the sofa. One of them introduced themselves and started to ask everything she did all could explain . she didn’t state about red as knew no would actually believe in this . they showed her some photo although she remembered everything in that scene it was all horrific and couldn’t get it out of her mind . but this time she spotted something all who were dead were dressed in red and all in her remembrance told her that all missing wore a bit of red. She felt that she needs to know everything behind this after all lives were lost a lot of. all officers left but she knew what the cause was and she was sure it was color red behind it.