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ILETS SPEAKING PRACTICE The Birthday Gift for My Girlfriend

It was on the 24th of May 2012 when she turned 24 of age that I gave her the gift. Before the d day I promised her that I would surprised her with a wonderful and unexpected gift. By 11am that day I rang her to come over my place. And when she did, she came straight to my room which is right turn from the sitting room of my house that is very close the street. I asked her to close her eyes and when she did I brought out the gift. Guess what? It was an I-phone 5. The iphone is black in colour and 11.5 by 5.8 by 0.9cm of height, width and depth. It weighs 137g, a sensitive touch LED screen of 9.8cm diagonal and also a storage capacity of 12gigabtyes. Other crucial features of the phone are; 8 mega pixels camera for photo and video recording, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it support so many softwares configuration. Apart its key function of making calls, it also use for browsing, sending and receiving emails, playing music and movies online etc. She was so happy and said this was her best gift anyone has given her as a birthday gift. Then I told her this was especially for you my queen. The Subject I Like to Study Ive studied so many different subjects right from my primary school days to tertiary level and the subject I so much enjoy and have passion for it is Chemistry. Chemistry is basically defined as the branch of science which study substance component, properties and composition. This study of the substance involves the smallest component particles call atoms to the bigger picture called elements and compounds, their reactions and formation in different perspective. I like chemistry and as well enjoy it because its basic principle is all about chemical symbols, equations and formulae. I could remember the first twenty elements in the periodic table of about a hundred and eighteen (118) elements in a sequential order anytime anywhere up till date with the sentence He has little brain but cannot offer full nine subjects must all stupid people stop calling a king or pope Christ. This is fantastic and memory refreshing making chemistry at my finger tips. Also, I enjoy chemistry because is all about nature and its substances. Specifically, chemical reactions are significant and genuine ways to show how new substances are formed from two or more atoms. Again, i so much have passion for science which chemistry is a core subject i need to know as to put my sciences knowledge in the right order. Ive studied chemistry for about 4 years from my high school to my A-level and i still want to study more of it if time and chance allow. Chemistry has been an integral part of my career right from the day i chose to become a chemical engineer and Ive enjoyed my career with the level of my Chemistry understanding The historic place I have visited-The Ogbonte shrine The Ogbonte shrine is one of historic places i have visited back home. It has several spots of different scaring looking images of African origin gods where the people of Agbadam do their sacrifices to their gods during the fishing festival which has been a tradition of the

people from time immemorial and has been a visiting site for ages. Before i used to go there only during the fishing festival celebration which is on the 1st April of every year. The Ogbonte shrine is located 150m from the town square and at the central of the community which is not far from the Our saviours Christ army church that has the tallest tower in the whole district. Before now it used to be free entry and exit shrine for tourist however, at the moment it has perimeter fence and a mighty gate and other modern facilities have been add to the Shrine to make it wear a modern look of a combine shrine and museum. The Ogbonte shrine is an interesting place to visit due to its cultural enrichment about the Agbadam and most tourist said it has a similar cultural heritage the Fela shrine in the south west of the country.

The Teacher I Admire so much The teacher i so much admire is Mr. John Nwosu of the St James High school of our days in ogbonte. He was my integrated science teacher when i was in junior secondary classes and double as my chemistry teacher when i was in the senior category. Mr. Nwosu is brilliant, neat, handsome, responsible, focus and above all reliable. He teaches his subjects to the understanding of everyone in my class which paid off as my school emerged as the best integrated science school that year during the state quiz competition. Mr. Nwosu has taught me integrated science for 3 years and chemistry for another three years in the same school. Each time i remember Mr. Nwosu, i remember the first day he taught us how to remember the first twenty elements in the periodic table with the sentence, He has little brain but cannot offer full nine subjects must all stupid people stop calling a king or pope Christ. He as well taught me how to balance chemical equations for a given reactions which deepen my interest for chemistry. Mr. Nwosu i will say is my motivator and at the same time a well trained teacher of our time. My First Item i bought in Malaysia It was on the 28th of October 2006 when my school took all the new students on a shopping tour around the city and the available shopping malls. The students were divided into three groups of 45 and each group was in a different bus. We went to about five shopping malls and the last one was called Mid Valley where I bought my first property- A wooden key holder from a key holder shop that has an inscription of my name on it. This item has been with me throughout my stay in Malaysia and even up til date. I use it to hold all my keys together and i could remember each time i lost my keys on campus, the lost and found department of my school IT would email me to come and get my keys due to the name on it and as at then Im the only person on campus answering that name. The key holder is very important to me because it reminds me my first time in Mid valley for shopping and how long i have been in Malaysia.

An interest or hobby that I enjoy The hobby i enjoy so much is playing the talking drum during the Egbelegbe drum beat competition every 1st day of the month in my ancestral home- Ogbonte. The talking drum was made from a hollow palm tree of about 25cm long, 20cm diameter covered with a python skin and the other opening end was about 10cm in diameter. The whole body is design with cowrie shells of different colours that makes it look more traditional than you can ever imagine. The first time i saw the talking drum was when i was five and we went to the community square to watch the Egbelegbe drum beat competition of the month of August. 5 persons of different ages were given the chance to play the drum for 10mins each and best of them all was the youngest guy among them and i told my cousin who went there with me that i would join the competition next month. Since then i have been participating in the competition each time am at home and i have been declared the best drum beater in five consecutive times in a row. I like the Egbelegbe drum because it is use to call the names of the 1st twelve rulers of our ancestral home and what each of them stands for while they reign. And i enjoy it because it is part of our culture and history as a people. Also, anyone that wins the competition for twelve times would be given a traditional title that would serves him throughout his life and his unborn generations which is what i really want to achieve before any other person in my community. The River I like Among the features that are on the map and coat of arm of Nigeria, the River Niger is what i like most. The river runs some miles from the South West to the central North where it meets another river-River Benue that has it source from the North east. There is a confluence townlokoja where these two rivers meet and it has become a tourist site for time immemorial.At thesame time I like the river because one of the main sources of hydro-electric power plant has its water source from the river. The water is fresh and gives less purification process before it can be used by power plant