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Terms and Conditions 1. Definitions and Law 1.

1 The contract is the document or documents that set out these conditions and all other details in relation to your agreement with us. 1.2 We and Us, Owner and Our mean the supplier of the goods. 1.3 You or Your or Hirer means the hirer of the goods. 1.4 The Goods mean all the goods to be hired by us to you. 1.5 The Recipient means the person to whom the goods are hired to. 2. General Conditions 2.1 All goods for hire remain the property of Petticoat Lane. 2.2 Hire is for a reasonable time period which must be agreed at the time of booking. Please take into account collection/delivery of the goods, event and return times. 2.3 Changes to a booking can be made up to 2 weeks prior to the hire start date. 2.4 Once the final balance is received, the booking details are final, although some changes may be made at our discretion. Therefore, if the goods are not used on the event date then the hire cost will not be refunded to you. 3. Booking and Deposit 3.1 A 20 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your booking. This will be deducted from the final hire cost. Bookings can be made by Email, post or in person. Deposit can be paid using cash (in person only), cheque made payable to Mrs J. Walter or via a bank transfer (details available upon request). Cheques must be cleared prior to booking being confirmed. 3.2 A damage/loss deposit of 50 will be added to your final balance and taken at the time of booking. This will be refunded to you on return of the goods on the condition that all items are returned to Petticoat Lane without any damage. 3.3 We will not add any dates into our diary until a booking deposit has been received from you and pending funds cleared. This entry will be deleted if full payment is not made 2 weeks before the event date and the 20 deposit will not be refunded.

4. Payment 4.1 Payment must be made in full 2 weeks prior to the event. 4.2 If payment is not received by this time, we will assume that our services are no longer required and will automatically cancel the order, sending an Email to the customer to confirm the cancellation. The 20 non-refundable deposit will not be returned. 4.3 On receipt of full payment, a confirmatory Email is sent detailing the order requirements for your event. Please check this carefully any notify us of any errors or changes you wish to make. Please note that any changes made after the 2 week deadline (see2.3) will only be made at our discretion. Any errors on our behalf in the confirmatory Email will be changed to free of charge. 5. Cancellations 5.1 Customers can cancel their order any time up to 2 weeks before the event with no penalty except their 20 deposit not being refunded. 5.2 If we have to cancel a booking due to reasons beyond our control, we will do so either in writing, by Email or by telephone, returning any monies paid, including the 20 deposit. 6. Last Minute Orders 6.1 We can accept last minute orders depending on availability and this is at our discretion. Full payment is required at the time of booking. 7. Prices 7.1 Prices and availability of goods are subject to change without notice, however once a deposit is paid, the price quoted for the order placed at the time the deposit was paid will not change. A quote given over the telephone, in person or by Email may change up until a deposit is paid to secure the booking. 8. Collection/Delivery 8.1 When collecting the goods, the hirer or their representative must show proof of booking before the goods are released. They will also inspect the goods and sign the collection/delivery note to confirm that the goods are satisfactory.



Should the hirer or their representative fail to do this, the goods will be deemed to have been collected/delivered in a satisfactory condition. We will not be liable for any delays caused by any circumstances beyond our control.

9. Loss/Damage 9.1 The Hirer is liable for any loss or damage to the goods from the time of collection/delivery until they are returned to Petticoat Lane. 9.2 Any permanent stains or damage to hired goods will be charged at their full replacement value and no substitute item will be accepted by us. The Hirer may request in writing the return (and bear the cost thereof) of any damaged goods within 14 days of the Hirer being informed by telephone, Email or writing of any such damage. Otherwise, the said items will be disposed of. 9.3 We require a loss/damage deposit (see 3.2) which must be on cleared funds and must be paid before the goods are sent out and will be returned if all goods hired are returned undamaged. 10. Liability 10.1 We will not be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property however sustained arising from any goods under hire. 10.2 Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, we shall not be liable to you by reason of any representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law under these terms and conditions, for any special, indirect or consequential damage.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER WITH US. BOOKINGS WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE SIGNED BY THE HIRER AND RETURNED TO US WITH A 20 DEPOSIT. PLEASE SIGN THIS PAGE AND RETURN IT TO US. Please sign below to show that you agree fully with these terms and conditions and return this page along with a 20 deposit (Cheques made payable to Mrs J Walter). Contact us for address. By signing below, I agree fully with the terms and conditions stated in this document. Signed:_____________________________________________________ Date:_______________________________________________________ I am paying by: Cash Cheque Bank Transfer

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