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India Mission V.Sudarsana Rao, Date:- Wednesday 7, Nov. 2012. 11 am. Hello my dear Bro.

Charles Lee Robinson & Family. Hello my Dear Brother, Greetings to you and to your nice family., and to the Beloved Brethren at Highland Heights Church Of Christ, Smyrna, TN. We are always remembering, Praying for your kind hearts towards all. We are appreciating you all in all matters for the Lords work here in India also. We really astonished of your patience in Heavy worsen Sandys Flood which has been desolated in several areas in U.S.A. The same situation has been occurred in our Country. Especially in our Andhra Pradesh, in our living District called East Godavari. Our surrounding Districts also become worse by the severe flood called Nilam storm. Which was ruined and desolated all. Our transportation spoiled like Rail ways, Road transportation, and also corps, cattle, houses, bridges, spoiled much in all districts. In all districts we have some members of the Churches here involved in troubles. Rivers and Sea raised and got bit holes and mighty wind ruined many things. People are suffering for clothing, food, and also suffering with fevers, vomiting, flue, cold and such and such things. Their houses gone away in the heavy floods. Many people living in the small shelters, and also our Government took some helping activities, and their effort is something good. We do not have ways to go elsewhere. At present some trains, some buses rectified lines. Our area is effected by heavy floods, mighty wind, earth quack, and some of our members living in beside of Quarry valleys, hill ranges, and dangerous rivers effected areas. Some areas people are in the safe side. I got some News Papers cliffings which are included pictures in this letter. Kindly understand by seeing the pictures of the flood victims, and flooded areas with un-bearable painful views of the pictures. Also I am suffering from flue, viral fever, body pains severely since 2nd Nov.2012. Now I am feeling some good, and the floods are going on, Cyclone is silent, but the News Broadcasting stations are exhorting still some dangerous cyclone may be come up to 10th of this month. Government and people are on the work to clear the ways to the transportation. In U.S.A. also a worsen floods, mighty wind, Ice pieces, and other dangerous storm smote on some of your states, we watch on T.V. Programs, we bothered, feel badly, shaken and continued on Prayers for your nice Country and for all those who involved in the flood effected ones. God has showed His mercy and solved and calm the nature for now. We are also Praying for the nice Leader for your nice and highest influenced Nation in the entire World. God wants to elect a mighty leadership, a wise man to deal in all sides around your country to defeat and got win over the wicked nations with peace and with Love, to protect your country to give peace to other Nations. We want a nice and mighty king for you. He will keep you all in perfect protection and safe and secure your nation, and to develop your good Nations. Our Prayers is this and for you all. God may sanctions as wished. My thanks to your support, and of your Prayers for us, and we appreciated of your constant love up on us in this Lords work. Kindly Pray for our brethren who involved in the flood effected victims, and for the un-supported Preachers still in water, without proper rescue and shelter. They are still in troubles. Pray for the other Preachers, and people who are belongs to our Church there in various places in all Districts. The Preachers who are attending in our Preachers Fellowship Meetings from flood effected areas which are from other Districts also. THE FLOOD IS SO BAD AND EFFECTED MANY DISTRICTS IN OUR STATE. KINDLY KEEP PRAYERS FOR THEM ALSO. REMEMBER ALL OF THEM.

My family, our Congregations, sour School pupils, and Teachers and the Fred O Neal Christian Children Home students also keeping constant Prayers for you all and for your country which was effected by the heavy sandy floods. God may keep you all safe and protect you all and make things as it is by natural atmosphere and natural living. Pray for the good here and encourage us to move forward. Our work is going on in a good manner and meets many Preachers, and Congregations outside. Many flood effected people requesting for help and prayers from us. If you want me to send you the News Papers cliffs about the worsen flood effected areas surveyal, then I could send them by post for your records use. Thanking you Brother, Yours in His Mercy & Ministry, V.Sudarsana Rao & Family,