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NAME 1. This association shall be called the National Hockey Association. OBJECTS 2. The objects of this association are: (a) To perpetuate hockey as the national game, and to surround it with such safeguards as to warrant public confidence in its integrity and methods. To protect and promote the mutual interests of professional hockey clubs of this association and its players. To establish and regulate hockey championships of the National Association. OFFICERS 3. The officers of this association shall be a president, secretary, treasurer and one director from each club enjoying membership in the association. At its annual meeting the association shall elect a president, secretary, treasurer and six directors, and such committees as may be necessary, to hold office for the term of one year, or until the election and qualification of their successors. The offices of president, secretary and treasurer, or any two or all thereof may be held by one and the same person. PRESIDENT 4. The president shall preside at all meetings of the association and discharge all duties that are imposed upon him by this constitution or by the association. He shall interpret the playing rules during the championship season. He shall have the power to suspend for definite period, or impose a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, or to inflict both such suspension and fine upon any club member or player who in his opinion shall have been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the National Hockey Association or of the welfare of hockey regardless of whether the same occurred on or off the playing rink. He shall report to the board of directors any and all violations of the constitution that may come to his knowledge; also the names of all persons fined or suspended, the amounts of such fines and terms of suspension.

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SECRETARY 5. The secretary shall have the care and custody of the official records and papers of the association; shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the association and of the board of directors; shall issue all special notices and attend to necessary correspondence; he shall prepare and furnish such reports as may be called for by the board of directors, and shall be entitled to such books, stationery, blanks and official supplies as he may require. He shall be the treasurer of the association and as such shall be the custodian of all association funds, receive all dues, fines and assessments, and make such payments as shall be ordered by the board or by the association. He shall annually render a report of all his receipts and disbursements to the board and shall give such bond with approved sureties as the association may require. At the expiration of his term of office, he shall account for and deliver to the board all monies, books, papers and property received by him by virtue of his office. SALARIES 6. The officers shall receive such salaries as the association shall annually determine and shall be reimbursed for all proper expenses actually incurred by them in the service of the association.; the association may exact from them such guaranties for the faithful performance of their duties as it may deem proper. VACANCIES 7. Should any office, except that of director, become vacant the association shall appoint a successor to act until the next annual meeting, or for such shorter period as it may determine. In case of a vacancy in the board of directors it shall be filled as provided in Section 10. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 8. Every director shall be an actual member of the club he represents and no club shall be represented by more than one person on the board. The board shall elect one of its members as its chairman for the term on one year, and until his successor is elected. The board shall have the general supervision and management of all affairs and business of the association. It shall promptly consider any complaint preferred by a club against a manager of player of another club, for conduct in violation of any provision of this constitution or prejudicial to the good repute of the good of hockey and shall have power to discipline or expel such player or manager, provided that such complaint be preferred in writing, giving such particulars as may enable the board to ascertain all the facts and be transmitted to the secretary, by whom it shall at once be referred to the board. The board shall prepare a detailed report of all its transactions and present the same in writing to the association at its next meeting, which report

shall be filed with the secretary, together with all official papers, documents and property, which may come into the possession of said board. POWERS 9. The board of directors shall have power to determine disputes between clubs, and to hear and determine appeals from any decision rendered by the president, the facts to be submitted and the questions adjudicated under such regulations as the board shall prescribe in each case. The findings of the board shall be final, and under no circumstances be reconsidered, reopened or enquired into by any subsequent board. The board shall also be the tribunal for the hearing of an appeal made by any player or manager who shall have been expelled, suspended or disciplined by his club or the president of the association. The appeal shall be heard in the following manner: The person appealing shall within thirty days after the date of the expulsion, suspension or discipline, file with the secretary a written statement of his defence, accompanied by a request that an appeal be allowed him. The secretary shall notify the club, if one is involved, of the request for an appeal, accompanying such notice with a copy of the statement; at the next board meeting of the club, by its duly authorized representative, and the appellant in person, by attorney or by written statement, shall appear before the board, with their evidence. The board shall impartially hear the matter and render a decision which shall be final and forever binding on both club and player. No director shall sit in the trial of a case in which he or his club is interested as a party. Any expense of trial or arbitration, as fixed by the board, shall be borne by the parties adjudged to be in fault. VACANCIES 10. In case a vacancy on the board from whatever cause, the club represented by the director whose office has become vacant, shall designate his successor within ten days and at once notify the secretary. But if such vacancy is caused by the withdrawal, disbanding or disqualification of a club represented on the board, the board shall fill the vacancy by appointment within ten days. MEETINGS 11. The board shall meet on the same day of, but not prior to the annual meetings of the association, and shall hold special meetings, at the call of the chairman or of any two directors, at such times and places as he or they may deem most convenient for the best interests of the association. Three directors shall constitute a quorum. MEMBERSHIP 12. This association shall consist of shall not be increased or diminished. clubs, the membership of which

ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP 13. No club shall be admitted to membership unless it shall have first delivered to the secretary of the association a written application for membership, accompanied by proof showing that such a club will be regularly and properly recognized, financed and officered. Such application shall at once be transmitted by the secretary to the board, which shall promptly investigate and report to the association at its next meeting, with its recommendations thereon. WITHDRAWAL FROM MEMBERSHIP 14. Any club member of this association finding itself unable to meet the obligations it has assumed, may apply to the association for permission to dispose of its right and franchise as a member of this association to some other organization. In case this association shall consent to such withdrawal and shall elect such proposed organization to membership, such new member shall assume, together with the rights and franchise of said retiring club, all the liabilities, responsibilities and obligations of the retiring club as a member of the association. Provided, however, that the retiring club shall not be relieved or released from any unexpired contracts, responsibilities or obligations entered into by it as a member of this association. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP 15. The membership of any club may be terminated by: (a) (b) Its resignation duly accepted and election of its successor. Failure to present its team at the time and place appointed to play any championship game unless caused by unavoidable accident. Playing any game of hockey with any club that is disqualified or ineligible under this constitution. Offering, agreeing, conspiring or attempting to lose any game of hockey or for failure to immediately expel any player who shall be proven guilty of offering, agreeing, conspiring or attempting to lose any game of hockey or of being interested in any pool or wager thereon. Disbandment of its organization or team during the championship season. Failing or refusing to fulfill its contractual obligations. Failing or refusing to comply with any lawful association requirement or requirement of the board of directors. Willfully violating any provision of this constitution or any

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legislation or playing rules made in pursuance thereof. EXPULSION FROM MEMBERSHIP 16. Any club member of this association may prefer charges against any other club for a violation of any of the provisions of the preceding section. Such charges shall be reduced to writing and set forth in detail the grounds or complaint and the same shall be filed with the secretary, who shall cause a copy thereof to be served by mail upon the club against whom such charges have been made. The accused club shall within five days after the receipt of said complaint file with the secretary its written answer thereto. The secretary shall thereupon transmit said complaint and answer to the board of directors, and said board shall proceed to hear, try and determine said case, under such rules and methods of procedure as it shall prescribe. The findings of said board shall be conclusive and binding upon all parties concerned. The board shall have the power to impose such fine or penalty upon the offending club as it shall deem just and proper, which may include a penalty payable to ay other club or clubs as an equivalent for damages sustained by such club or clubs by reason of such violation of this constitution, or Said board of directors may recommend the expulsion of the offending club, and thereupon the question of such expulsion shall be submitted to a vote of all the clubs in this association other than the offending club. If four or more clubs vote in favor of expulsion, the president shall decalre the offending club expelled, and its membership in this association forfeited and terminated. VACANCIES 17. In case a vacancy occurs in the membership of the association between any January 1st and the close of the ensuing championship season, and a new member shall be selected to fill the vacancy, such new membership shall continue only until the next annual meeting; but such club shall be subject to all the rules and requirements of this organization and shall have all the rights and privileges of other members, except the right to vote at the annual meeting. ASSESSMENTS 18. The president shall levy an assessment on each club of five hundred dollars each, payable at the annual meeting, and such additional assessments as may be required from time to time to defray the actual and necessary expenses and liabilities incurred by this association in conducting and transacting its affairs and business. PENALTY FOR DEFAULT 19. Any club which refuses or neglects to pay any sum of money or to comply with any lawful demand within fifteen days after the receipt of notice from the president, secretary or board of directors requiring it to do so, shall be

liable to have its franchise and rights as a member of this association forfeited and be subject to the imposition of such fine or penalty as the board of directors may see fit to inflict. CLUBSTHEIR POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 20. Subject to the provisions of this constitution and the playing rules of this association, each club member hereof shall have the right to regulate its own affairs, to establish its own rules, and to discipline, punish, suspend or expel its own manager, players or other employees, and these powers shall not be limited to cases of dishonest play or open insubordination, but shall include all questions of intemperance, carelessness, indifference or other conduct, on or off the ice, that may be regarded by the club as prejudicial to its interests. Whenever a club releases, suspends or expels a manager or player said club shall at once notify the secretary of this association, stating in case of release the date when the same takes effect, and in case of suspension or expulsion the cause thereof, and the president of this association shall immediately notify all clubs of such release, suspension or expulsion. No player shall, without the consent of the club with which he is under contract or reservation, enter into negotiations with any other club for his future service. CONTRACTS 21. An agreement between a club and a player made by telegraph or in writing shall constitute a valid contract, but before such player shall be eligible to play in any championship game he shall sign a contract in the form prescribed and adopted by the association. Before said player shall be eligible to play in more than three games said formal contract shall be filed with the secretary of the association, who shall make a record of same in a book kept by him for that purpose, and he shall thereafter duly promulgate the same. If a club allows a player to play who has failed to sign the formal contract hereinbefore required it shall not be permitted to count in its favor in the championship race any games won by said club in which the ineligible player engaged. Clubs in this association are at the liberty to buy, release or exchange players up to the 31st of January of each year, but the release with one club and the signing with the other must be sanctioned by the president. No club shall be permitted to pay more than $5,000 as salaries for entire club, and any player will not be allowed to receive any bonus, directly or indirectly, from interested or disinterested parties. The association shall approve and adopt a form of contract which shall be printed and furnished in sufficient number to each club by the secretary. No other form of contract shall be used by said club. WAIVERS 22. If a club desires to release or otherwise dispose of a player to a club of another minor association, such club shall notify the president, and he shall, upon behalf of said club, immediately request all other clubs in this association to waive claim to said player.

No player shall be released or otherwise disposed of unless all other clubs in this association consent thereto, either in writing or by telegram, or such consent will be assumed and claim to said player deemed to have been waived unless a club after receiving notice of such request expressly, by letter or telegram, refuses to waive its said claim. Notice of such refusal shall be served upon the president during the playing season within forty-eight hours after receipt of such a request at any time within ten days after receipt of such request. RESERVATION OF PLAYERS 23. The right of reservation of players secured to this association is hereby granted to each and every member of this association provided that at the close of each season and not later than April 15 th a draft of players required for next season (and limited to 10) be furnished the president, and all players not drafted are at liberty to sign up with whatever club they may desire. DISCIPLINE OF CLUBS 24. No club a member of this association shall tamper with or enter into negotiations with a player under contract or reservation to any other club a member of this association for or regarding his future or present services without the written consent of the president of the club of which said player is a member. Any club officer, manager or player violating the provisions of this section shall pay a fine of one hundred ($100.00) dollars to the club making and sustaining the complaint, payable within ten days from receipt of notice from the president of the imposition of said fine. DISBANDMENT OF CLUBS 25. Whenever a club in this association shall disband or in any manner lose its membership in this association the same shall operate a release of all its claims to all players then under contract or reservation to said club, and title to said players shall thereby vest in the association to be disposed of in such manner as the Board of Directors may determine. NON-PAYMENT OF SALARIES 26. If a club defaults in the payment of salary due any of its players, according to the terms of his contract, the president of this association shall, upon being requested so to do by said player, promptly pay same out of the funds of this association and title to said player shall thereby pass to and vest in this association. Any club which shall fail to reimburse this association for any monies paid for salaries as above provided within ten days after receiving notice from the president, requiring it so to do shall be liable to have its franchise and rights as a member declared forfeited.

ADDITIONAL PENALTIES 27. Any manager or player who, in the judgment of the president, or of the Board of Directors, shall be guilty of offending, agreeing, conspiring or attempting to cause any game of hockey to result otherwise than on its merits shall be expelled and forever thereafter disqualified from participating in any game. No owner, manager, player or representative of a club in this association shall pay or offer to pay, present or offer to present, any money, present or emolument of any kind to any player or manager of another club to defeat, or for having defeated, or as an inducement to defeat any other club in this association. Any person found guilty by the president or Board of Directors of a violation of either of the foregoing provisions of this Constitution shall pay a fine of not less than one hundred ($100.00) dollars for each and every offence.