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Anonymous Coward 6 482 (1) 11/15/10 7:45 AM 11/15/10 4:46 PM Well, you remember the space cowboys saying; "Houston, we have a problem." Well, now that the Illuminati have realized they have The Phoenix in their control room, they are running around in a complete panic saying; "In Houston, we have a problem." Hey, taking down Enron was easy. Back to the splitting of the Elms in 1188. Is the tale I am about to tell you fact or fantasy? Its a bit tricky to tell in this mirror land of: LIVE : EVIL What is: Reality and Illusion. No matter. Please bear in mind that this tale is, of course, not necessarily the absolute Truth, but only as I know it at this point in time. It may serve as a useful perspective for your own Grail Adventures. Hopefully, something will resonate with The Truth in you and then you can find and share your own treasures. So now: From this mornings muse and now provided for your entertainment is this excerpt from the chronicles of: THE GRAIL ADVENTURES OF THE PHOENIX The perspective from the control room in the eye of the pyramid is very interesting. It's quite a production in this Hall of Mirrors. Many illumined ones, the Illuminati, cranking out illusions. I am causing a bit of a dust up at the moment. They have just realized that: THE PHOENIX IS LOOSE IN THE CONTROL ROOM OF THE ILLUMINATI !!! See, like the Vatican, who usurped the teachings of Christ to be used as a political state tool, the Priory of Sion thought they usurped those of the bloodline of The Tribe of Dan and the Grail Families. Once those of this bloodline known as the Knights Templar, went back into Jerusalem and time to retrieve certain useful scrolls, artifacts and tools like the Ark; the Priory of Sion, which proclaimed it was protecting the bloodline, endeavored to usurp and kill them all off. This was the recognition that happened at the Splitting of the Elm in 1188. The move to destroy the Knights Templar by Philip the Fair, the King of France and the Pope on Friday the 13th, 1307 and the Albigensian Crusades of the 1200s were a part of this conspiracy. Let me take a moment to further define this bloodline I call the Grail Families. First of all, let me make it absolutely clear that the use of the term bloodline does not imply exclusivity. There is a long tradition within certain family groups from Atlantis to be consciously involved in the Grail Adventures, but ultimately Grail Family refers to those of The Light. There is an actual embodiment of light in the DNA from interaction with God and walking in the Light. This can then be passed down through the DNA as a tendency to perhaps be expressed in your lifetime. But all have the choice at any time to consciously embrace God and embody the Light. When I use the term Light, I mean of God, the creator of life whose spark of divinity we all carry within like a hologram.

At the heart of all the secrets of the secrets and who holds the key involves the temple technology from the Temples of Light(Sun) from Atlantis. The Melchizedek priests derived from The Kings of Atlantis (Grail Kings) and the priest/scientists in the Atlantean Temples of Light who were of those who came from the stars. They used the technology of light to travel through the universe and time. They guard the stargates and portals. Part of the battle between the sons of light and darkness is over these portals that involve trading houses schlepping stuff on and off world. The Grail bloodline from Atlantis and the Temple of Light technology has been preserved and protected in many ways. Gold holds the frequency of light. Those who are of the Grail bloodline have gold incorporated into their DNA. The ongoing battles in this world of duality are over the use of this light technology for who holds it is the King of the World. The dark lords know they need this gold/light frequency to "rule the world", so they usurp it in various ways. Hence the hijacking of bloodlines, raiding of Atlantean temples and control of gold. But: They are running out of time. AND It is quite simple. All the dark lords have to do is align their will with the real God, the frequency of light, and stop the dumb hijacking and hiding out in dark corners. They think they have outsmarted God in using the light technology and the laws of the universe to manipulate things through time travel. But they have a problem because all of their reality constructs are collapsing; they've reached their expiration date. Also an important point to remember is that calling them dark lords is just to indicate them as a holder of a certain degree of illusionary power here on earth. Usually they only distract, delay and divert those of the Light. Given free will, it is always up to the individual to continue to walk forward into the light one step at a time and remember to call out to God and others in the unseen realms aligned with light to help you. When those of the Exodus of Moses came to Jerusalem they joined with the Phoenician Melchizedek priests who ran the temples there. The Phoenicians who maintained the global maritime trading routes from Atlantis maintained contact with the Tribe of Dan, the Tuatha de Danaan in Ireland. The symbols for them are the red cross on white, the phoenix and the double lions. The phoenix refers to the transmutation/rejuvenation technology of alchemy and I suspect the right of those of The Phoenix to have a free hand in putting in place their own in the timeline every 500 years. I think the last time was about 1950. There is also an association of The Phoenix with number 26. This has to do with the natural earth cycles of thirteen and working rings of power and circuitry. This also refers to the stargate as symbolized by the vesica pisces formed by the overlapping of the 2 rings of 13, the inner and outer initiates, As Above, So Below, Heaven on Earth, etc. This concept is also symbolized by The Star of David. The Phoenix mission involves the reconciliation of duality; bringing together the rings of power on earth, the inner and outer rings of 13 so that all may have the opportunity to go

back home through the Stargate. This is the way out; the Stargate through the Heart of the Sun. This is what the Lord of the Rings stories are about. This time, at the end of the processional cycle of 26,000 years, we have the additional option of combining two 26s into 52. This relates to the double sun (Blue Sun) and double rainbows. This would permanently change the earth so the dark lords cannot keep using back doors and doing their dumb hijacking and trading through the stargates. With the 52 all the converged timelines would simultaneously be healed and made whole. In this process, the locks on the gates of the ALL the portals would be changed. The dark lords, in their usual coy way, calling themselves the Illuminati, are in an absolute panic because they would no longer have the key to go through the portals. They would be in lock down in their own dark corner with only their face in the mirror before them. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This is the year I, as an aspect of The Phoenix born in 1952 turn 52. Well, you remember the space cowboys saying; "Houston, we have a problem." Well, now that the Illuminati have realized they have The Phoenix in their control room, they are running around in a complete panic saying, "In Houston, we have a problem." Hey, taking down Enron was easy. Back to the Splitting of the Elms in 1188. The Priory of Sion split from the Knights Templar and then continued as The Illuminati. The Illuminati then started prancing around in the robes of the true Grail Kings and passing what they thought were ALL the secrets of the House of Gold (Grail Familys work in the Temples of the Sun) through their secret societies. In the way of usurpers, they married the princess, thought they had killed the Grail Kings and Families off and now had control of the palace and could assume the mantles and tools of power. So the Illuminati have been using the Grail King facade to bring in the AntiChrist as the King of the World. It is useful to remember that Christ is represented by the sign of the fish (the vesica pisces mentioned above with the 2 rings of 13). This is associated with The Fisher King. The Fisher King is the wounded Grail King who when he is healed, the land will be also. The Grail King serves, not rules by dominance and subversion. It is the correct use of power in the circuitry of the rings that is the crucial issue before us. We are once again at the same nexus of timelines since the Fall of Atlantis (about 13,000 years ago) to address and heal this. In the meantime, the real Grail Families went deep underground and carefully conserved what was left of their bloodlines and recorded their history in code in the form of the Grail stories.

Well, as I mentioned, in Houston they have a problem. Just as I was able to access the library of the world headquarters for the Scottish Rite Masons in Washington DC by asking 3 questions of their 33 degree Sovereign Grand Commander, I ended up in the control room of the Illuminati in the eye of the pyramid. They thought I was one of their own because I could speak their language. They have now realized to their horror, that the reason I could do this is because I am the real thing. Through the combination of my bloodlines and research, I remember what really happened. I am living proof that the reign in their pretend palace is over. No matter that they wear the Grail King stuff and speak the Grail King language, I see them for the pathetic beings they are prancing around in their pathetic dramas telling their ridiculous lies. I've tracked them though time, into their lair. I'm back. Not to mention they still can't figure out where the ark is and how to make the white gold, the liquid gold, the manna, bread of the Pharaohs. They do not understand that the priests of The Temples of the Sun had laboratories to make the ingestible gold. They were called the White Brotherhood because they had to wear white to deflect some of the radiation of this transmutation product. This powdered gold also had superconductive properties and accesses vortex energies (portals/stargates). The work in temple arks or ships that preserve and protect the Tree of Life genetic codes and light technology. They work in ships, hence the word worship. To quote from page 18 of Laurence Gardner's book LOST SECRETS OF THE SACRED ARK: "The nature of their craft (as in The Craft of Modern Freemasonry) was largely concerned with special esoteric knowledge referred to as kynning. Those who kept the secrets were referred to as being "crafty" or "cunning". In the New Testament, Jesus' father Joseph was described as a "craftsman"(Aramaic: naggar; and Greek; ho tekeon) but, through a 17th-century misunderstanding of the old ways, this was mistranslated to become "carpenter"." The "cunning" priests of The White Brotherhood in the Temples of the Sun were the Egyptian Therapeutae; the healers associated with the Caduceus symbol (the double serpents around the staff with the wings on top). It is interesting that this symbol with the obvious associations with the Tree of Life and the chakras centers of the spinal cord is used by doctors today and they also wear white coats. The Essenes were of the Egyptian Therapeutae. In fact, in Robert Feather's book THE MYSTERY OF THE COPPER SCROLL OF QUMRAN, he shows that the Copper Scroll found with the Dead Sea Scrolls was of the same composition and technology of the 18th dynasty, the time of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

The strong connection between the Essenes and the 18th dynasty is more clearly understood in view of the fact that these were Hyksos Pharaohs who had immigrated to Egypt about 1550 BC to rule for about 200 years. The people of the Exodus were those of ISis RA EL, those of Isis and of the sun and god. This was one of the times of the most notable battles of priests of The White Brotherhood (Aten) with the dark priests (Amun). The Israelites were enslaved as is the way of the conquerors, after the Amun priests took over and the 18th dynasty was usurped by the 19th. This was the end of the true sun (son of the son) pharaohs of Egypt. The Exodus is the story of those of the Temples of the Sun (Light); the Israelites, migrating up to Jerusalem. They used the superconductive powers of the ark to conquer the cities on their way. It is also possible that the explosive/radioactive event with Sodom and Gomorrah used the same technology. The ark was eventually installed in Solomon's temple next to huge cauldrons and vats of water. This was used in the manufacture of the gold powder mentioned above. It is also of interest in view of our established connection between the Egyptian Therapeutae of the 18th dynasty, the time of Akhenaten and the Hyksos Pharaohs, and the Essenes that the Essenes also had huge vats of water at Qumran. Some think they were also producing the powdered gold, but by a different process using the elements from the water in the Dead Sea. Indeed, there is the 314 ft. Mazin channel that runs from Qumran to the Dead Sea. During the time of the Exodus (about 1350 BC), there was another migration of these same people to Spain where they were known as the Milesians before they eventually combined their bloodline with the Tribe of Dan (the Tuatha de Danaan) in Ireland and became the Kings of Ireland. Who the people of The Exodus really were and the connections to Egypt are a big secret which is why there are certain misdirections and deliberate confusions in the New Testament. This has to do with the mystery of whose bones were really in Tomb 55 and the connections between the Pharaohs Akhenaten (Moses?), Smenkhkare (Aaron) and Tutankhaten/amun. The people of the Exodus who went to Spain were led by the daughter of Pharaoh Smenkhkare, Princess Scota and her husband, Prince Niull, a Scythian prince who derived from the same line as the Hyksos Pharaohs. It was also Scota's descendents who were Helen of Troy and then Anna, the grandmother of the one known as Jesus Christ. Another significant migration and rejoining of these bloodlines was when the Temple of Jerusalem was sacked by the Babylonian, King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. He neglected

to kill the daughter of the King of Jerusalem, Princess Tara, who with the prophet Jeremiah brought the Temple tools; Jacob's pillow (Stone of Scone) and the Atlantean magical harp later associated with Merlin. Princess Tara then also married into the Irish Kings. It is also interesting that in view of this that during the time of the Jewish Wars in Jerusalem around 70 AD, the Romans also had a campaign to kill off the Druids in the British Isles, for in fact they were of the same people with the same traditions. Hence the Gaelic and Welsh speaking people can read the Bible written in Hebrew much easier than in English. The Irish Kings eventually came over to Scotland with The Stone of Scone around 550 AD to combine with The Pict royal line and then the hereditary abbots of Dunkeld (descendents of St. Columba) to become the Scottish Kings. After Malcolm III, the son of Duncan, returned from Northumbria about 1150 AD and killed MacBeth to avenge his father's murder they became known as The Canmore Kings until the time of the problems of the Scottish succession after the death of the Maid of Norway. This is all recorded in the Irish and Scottish histories all the way back to Noah, but most derisively call them legends and "fairy" (Pharaoh) tales. The Stuarts were part of the usurpers of the Canmore Kings. They were then usurped by the Hanoverians. So by now, the English throne with it's little snippet of Grail heritage in cahoots with the Illuminati Rothschilds, have conspired in the name of British Zionism to create the "State of Israel". These double negatives in mirror land do get confusing. So here I am in the control room of the Illuminati, in the Eye of The Pyramid; having come through The Heart of the Sun. Im in the midst of Illuminati pandemonium with masks flying, costumes ripping and much squinting and crawling into dark corners. Oh my, seems their puppet god has gone all sort of squishsy and melted into this vile black ooze. Hold on. Oh dear, it just imploded upon itself. That's what you get for messing with timelines, puppet gods and all. What an illuminating morning this has been! And it's just the 22nd before the 26th! Think I'll go have a spot of lunch now. Phoenix