Straight Line Design This project will be a picture you design, made of line segments.

1) Your drawing … a) Use a full page of graph paper; label the x- and y-axes; scale the axes by ones b) Use a minimum of 10 lines i. Each line must have a different equation - no more than two lines may have the same slope ii. Mark 2 points on each line. iii. You can create a design with more than 10 lines but you do not have to calculate the equations for any additional lines c) Elaborate on your drawing with color – use colored pencils instead of markers d) Give your drawing a title e) Your drawing should be neat and attractive 2) Create and complete an Analysis Chart a) Identify the endpoints of each line b) Identify the slope for each line c) Write an equation for each of your 10 lines d) Identify the domain and range for each line

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