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bits&bites, P.C.

Paris #1758

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" Between the demand to be clear,and the temptation to be obscure, impossible to decide which deserves more respect." E.M.Cioran Hello & welcome to my little queerdome! If you like what you see, do visit::: queerest of them all & turnofthecentury & oh! so 30s & Studio Manasse& Nazimova & belgradestreetart [not so] occasionally i check out nomoreheroes as well. Many of these images are from public domain but some of them are owned and by the respective holders, so please do not remove original credit-artist/source information! These blogs are for academic & educational purposes only and generate no income and probably never will. If there's something here that belongs you and you want it to be removed, or you just want to say hi! you can do it here ALMOST ENDLESS MOSAIC

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P.C.Paris #1758

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bits&bites, P.C.Paris #1758

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