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August 2011

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Opportunities in the YES Network YES2012: 2nd World YES Congress Upcoming YES Network Events Geoscience Community News YES Network National Chapters Contribute to the Newsletter

Survey results as of 18 August 2011 Total number of responses: 39. Mulitple choices allowed.

Student-to-Professional Continuum

Hello everyone and welcome to this months newsletter. As you are aware the YES2012 Congress is being held during the 34th IGC in Brisbane, and I strongly encourage all YES Network attendees to submit abstracts to the IGC scientific programme. This means you can present with your scientific peers and join the YES Network programme each evening. YES Network activities will not overlap with those of IGC so you will be able to attend everything that catches your interest! Funding is available via the GeoHost programme and you must apply before November 1st. See the YES2012 program schedule in this newsletter. The YES2012 webpage will be live shortly and in the meantime you can register and apply via the IGC website ( The YES Network membership is growing very rapidly. Please make sure to take advantage of the YES Network Membership directory to post your profile and search for other geoscientists around the world to discuss project ideas and develop collaborations. If you havent yet connected with your National Chapter Representative yet, please do so to make sure you are aware of all the activities going on in the YES Network in your country. Have a great month! Jo
Joanne Venus YES Network President 2010-2012

What is the best method for preparing students for a geoscience career?
A good work environment (work-life balance, supportive colleagues, etc.) (29) Competitive salary and benefits (24) Challenging projects (13) Opportunities for advancement (17) Professional development opportunities (21) Mentoring by senior geoscientists (13) Other (1) This survey is ongoing - Please take a few moments to share your opinions at:

YES Network Updates

Membership Updates Notes from the Leadership Teams

Membership Distribution by Continent

YES Network Bulletin Team

11% 2%

21% 26%

35% 3%

Submissions are being accepted for the first edition of the YES Network Bulletin. The submission deadline is September 30, 2011. The fundamental aim of the YES Network Bulletin is to publish contributions pertaining to aspects of earth sciences, providing a timely forum to the advancement of the entire field. The YES Network Bulletin team is also looking for reviewers for manuscripts that are submitted to the bulletin. Visit the YES Network News site for the latest information on the YES Bulletin. ( index.php/news/)

Percentages represent 80% of total membership.

Total Membership: 1,432 Number of Countries Represented: 103 Membership growth (18 Jul - 18 Aug) Africa (19): Algeria, Cote dIvoire, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria,
South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia Asia (15): China, India, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan Europe (6): France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain Oceania (1): Australia South America (1): Argentina

Executive Team

Have you created your Membership Profile?

There are currently 105 members who have posted their profile in the YES Networks Membership Directory! Join the community to find collaborators, develop YES Network projects and chat about geoscience topics of interest. Visit the YES Networks website ( and click on Join YES to access the Membership Directory. Even if youd like to keep your profile unlisted in the Membership Directory, please make sure to update your profiles Country of Residence field.

We are looking for YES Network members who are interested in convening sessions at the EGU 2012 General Assembly meeting. Session proposals are due 16 September 2011. If you are interested in convening a YES Network session at EGU, please browse the EGU 2012 meeting details ( and contact the YES Network Executive Team ( with your proposal idea and the names and emails of all proposed session conveners. Please be sure to put EGU 2012 Session Proposal in the subject line of your email. We are also considering organizing a townhall session and a workshop at the EGU2012 meeting. If you are interested in being part of these activities, please email the YES Network Executive Team (networkyes. and put EGU 2012 Townhall / Workshop in the subject line of your email. 2

YES Network National Chapter Updates

With more and more YES Network National Chapters starting and growing, please make sure to check the National Chapter websites for the most recent news. Here are some highlights of whats happening around the world.

YES-Denmark (from Tiffany Rivera)

Are you in Denmark and looking to connect with other geoscience students and early-career geoscientists? Get connected with the YES Network Denmark chapter.


We are currently looking for a nice geological picture of the Netherlands to put behind the page: please send us your best picture!

tives! National Representa the Keep in touch with bers in your YES Network mem country! apters most Get your National Ch list by emailing recent membership the YES Networks istrator, Membership Admin Leila Gonzales at lm

YES-USA (from Heather Houlton)

If you havent visited the YES Networks USA Chapter website yet, please check out our new posts and let me know if you have any news to share. The USA YES Network website is We have lots of YES Network activities going on at the SSSA2011, GSA2011 and AGU2011 meetings this year! Ill be keeping the YES-USA website updated with information on these events. Are you headed to the Geological Society of America meeting or the Soil Science Societies of American meeting in October? Let me know so I can put you on our email list and keep you up to date on our events at those meetings!

Alok Kumar Mohapatra

Ph.D. Student and Senior Project Officer Seismic Prospecting Laboratory, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

YES Network Member Showcase

What are you studying or where do you work?
Presently I am a Ph.D. Student and Senior Project Officer at Seismic Prospecting Laboratory, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. My background is in geophysics (IIT Kharagpur, India), Mathematics and Geology (MSc & BSc, Utkal University, Orissa, India). I am researching the seismotectonic and seismic hazard assessment of northeastern Himalaya. My work is all about understanding the mechanism of earthquakes and earthquake prediction study. To convey this idea to the public, I make seismic hazard map for seismic hazard assessment and risk analysis. Since January 2006, I have been working as a Senior Project Officer (SPO) at Department of Geology & Geophysics, IIT Kharagpur. I have Seven year experiences in Earthquake seismology study. I have five year experiences in handling the various earthquake precursory instruments at observatory and also working earthquake precursor studies, earthquake prediction and seismic hazard assessment with three different projects of DST, New Delhi at IIT Kharagpur. I have also two year teaching experience about engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, GPS survey, remote sensing as a lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering, BPUT, Odisha.

How did you become interested in the geosciences?

Since my childhood I have had an inherent love for nature. After my intermediate, I have been interested in the geosciences. I have studied BSc (Physics, Mathematics and Geology Honours), MSc (Geology at Utkal University, India) and PhD.(Seismology at IIT Kharagpur, India).

Why did you join the YES Network?

I would like to promote a scientific network like the YES Network to share information and assist the YES Network in achieving its goal. It is also giving me a lot of opportunities to connect with other young geo-professionals, young Earth-scientists, and geophysicist worldwide.

How is your research or work relevant to society?

My objective is Research and Development endeavor especially on geological & geophysical evaluation in frontier exploration in an international level where science and technological efforts can contribute to the organizational growth through application and enhancement of knowledge, hard work, experiences, and skill.

What activities are you involved in with the YES Network and/or what YES Network activities would you like to become more involved with?
So far, Im not involved in any activities of the YES Network, but I would like to become an active member and more involved in the near future in the YES Network. I am ready to take any responsibility that comes to me from the YES Network. 4

T. Rivera

L. Gonzales

U. Saaed

Opportunities for YES Network Members

Leadership Opportunities
Leadership teams, do you have positions and duties that YES Network members can help you with? If so, send your position announcements to networkyes., and we will post them here in the monthly YES Network Newsletter.

Research and Project Collaborations YES Network: Geomicrobiology Initiative

Punyasloke Bhadury Email: Over the last decade the interdisciplinary domain of Geobiology including geomicrobiology has generated plenty of interests among geologists, earth scientists and biologists. New discoveries in geomicrobiology has significantly changed the way we think about the origin and evolution of life on earth. YES Geomicrobiology is an initiative of YES Network to motivate early-career geoscientists to pursue research in geobiology and also encourage collaboration amongst geologists, geochemists microbiologists and environmental scientists.

Submit an Article to the YES Bulletin

We are seeking submissions to the YES Bulletin and reviewers for manuscript submissions. Submissions and letters of interest for the reviewer positions can be sent to

Share your geoscience field and lab experiences!

We are seeking input for the YES Network blog. Share your experiences in the field, in the lab, or on any other (relevant) geoscience topic. Please send your submissions to and well post it on the blog. If you have a blog already, and enjoy writing, come join our blogging team to write about what interests you in the geosciences.

Updated Decision Points Survey

Jo Venus and Leila Gonzales

YES 2012 Organizing Team Openings

Were seeking individuals to join the YES 2012 organizing team to help plan the activites at the YES 2012 Congress (workshops, luncheons, roundtables, social outings, logistics, etc.). Contact Gabriela Pelingero ( or Michelle Cooper (Michelle. for more information.

Thank you to all who participated in the YES Networks Decision Points Survey. We got a lot of feedback from our survey participants and had several good discussions withcolleagues at the AGU 2010 Fall Meeting in December. Based on these discussions, we have updated the survey to be more extensive to better capture information about why people stay in or leave the geosciences. If you have not yet taken the updated survey, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey today. Do you have an idea that youd like to develop with other YES Network members? Send a brief description of your research or project idea and your contact information (name and email) to 5

YES2012 - 2nd World Congress of the YES Network

The YES Network is pleased to announce the preliminary program for the 2nd World Congress to be held during the 34th IGC in Brisbane, August 2012. We encourage all of our members to take an active part in both the IGC and YES2012 programs which do not overlap. We will also welcome new members and ICG delegates who wish to attend any of the YES Network sessions during the week. We look forward to meeting you in Brisbane. ~ The YES2012 Organizing Committee


Program At A Glance
Sunday, 5 August (University of Queensland)
12:00-14:00 YES Congress Registration 14:00-16:00 Workshop: CV Writing - online registration until March 2012 16:00-18:00 Industry-YES Members Event 18:30-20:00 Cocktail & Dinner hour

Monday, 6 August (Brisbane Convention Centre)

18:00-20:00 YES Network National Chapters Showcase 20:00-22:00 YES Network Meet and Greet Dinner

Award Committee Volunteers Wanted

The YES2012 coordinators are seeking YES members to form a committee to select outstanding public figures to receive an award for his/her impacts on the connection between geosciences and societal issue. The recipient will be awarded this honor at the YES2012 World Congress in Brisbane. This is a short term position, and members of the committee will need to act quickly to formulate nominees for the award. Tasks include: nominating one person from each continent; producing a short bio on each nominee (photo and text); contacting the nominee to inform him/her of their nomination; communicating with the Executive team regarding nominations. The bio will be used in a special edition of the Newsletter to showcase each public figure and published online for YES Network members to review and vote. Please contact soumyajitm@ to volunteer or for more information.

Tuesday, 7 August (Brisbane Convention Centre)

18:00-20:30 Roundtable (Room 1): How can geoscientists best engage with the public and high school pupils? 18:00-20:30 Roundtable (Room 2): Geological knowledge and technology transfer in developing nations

Wednesday, 8 August (Brisbane Convention Centre)

18:00-20:30 Roundtable (Room 1): Engaging with policy makers: A YES legacy 18:00-20:30 Roundtable (Room 2): Education and Outreach in Polar Science

Thursday, 9 August (Brisbane Convention Centre)

18:00-20:30 Roundtable (Room 1): Emerging geoscience themes and the role of the YES Network 18:00-20:30 Roundtable (Room 2): Women in Geosciences

Friday, 10 August (Brisbane Convention Centre)

09:00-11:30 Roundtable (Room 1): Professional Development: International skill recognition 09:00-11:30 Workshop: Communicating Science to the Public 4:00-15:30 YES Network Poster Session

Upcoming Deadlines

1 November 2011: GeoHost funding applications due 17 February 2012: Abstract submission closes

T. Rivera

L. Gonzales

U. Saaed

Upcoming YES Network Events

Skype Chats & Webinars 28 August 2011, 4pm GMT
National Representatives - Drop In Skype Chat Add yesnationalreps to your Skype contacts. Meet and chat with other National Representatives, exchange tips and develop ideas on how to build your National Chapter. This session will run as as text chat session.

YES Network Meetings & Activities

Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting

October 16-19, 2011 San Antonio, TX
Stay tuned for more information coming soon about YES Network activities at SSSA meeting! Well post a schedule of events on the YES Network USA website ( The SSSA 2011 meeting website is

YES Network Meetings & Activities


Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 9-12 October 2011, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA Registration Deadline: 6 September 2011

American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting
December 5-9, 2011 San Francisco, CA Registration Deadline: 01 November
Sessions and abstracts are currently being reviewed. Well post the details about the YES Network sessions in the September Newsletter.

YES Network Sessions & Activities

All details are posted on the YES Network website at: Email Heather Houlton at if you plan on attending the GSA 2011 meeting and want to get involved with our YES Network activities. Register for our Free-Webcasted Session: Session 215: T.171 Developing the Global Geoscientist through International Geoscience Networks and Research Projects Register for the GeoSciML Short Course! Short Course 515: Setting up a GeoSciML data service to publish your geological map data Register for the Networking Luncheon! YES Network-GSA-AGI Student Networking Luncheon Join us for this exciting opportunity to network with geoscience employers and find out about gesocience careers you may not have considered!


YES2012 Congress will be held in conjunction with the 34th IGC ( in Brisbane, Australia. See page 6 for our full schedule of YES Network activities. Were finishing up the webpabges and will post the information on the YES Network website soon!

Geoscience Community News

Upcoming Events CFES Survey of Canadian Geoscientists
If you are a Canadian geoscience professional or student under the age of 35, please check out the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES) online survey at: http://

L. Gonzales

Upcoming Events First International Conference on African & Arabian Geoparks

Brazilian Symposium on Geological Hertigage

21-28 November, 2011, El Jadida, Morocco The conference aims to launch the Arabian Geopark Network. Full details are posted on the African GeoParks Network website:

14-17 September 2011, Rio de Janeiro The Brazilian Symposium on Geological Hertigage is an event that is of great importance in defining the course of geological research in the country. This event has been produced from more than six years of hard work and discussion about this topic. This symposium will include a consolidated volume of research and events that indicate a shift in the thinking of geosciences.

2nd Workshop of Geoscience Information in Africa

November / December 2011 Daressalaam, Tanzania (SEAMIC) - Organised by CGI, UNESCO and (SEAMIC). One of the main aims of this workshop are to build a pan-African geoscience information knowledge network. For more information, including a full list of workshop objectives, visit www.GIRAF2009. org and/or contact Kristine Asch, BGR or Felix Toteu, UNESCO

4th Intl. Professional Geology Conference

GCAGS 61st Annual Convention, 16-19 October

Call for Abstracts! Deadline 15 September 2011

The GCAGS Annual Convention will be in Veracruz, Mexico 16-19 Oct 2011 and will be hosted by the Asociacion Mexicana de Geologos Petroleros. The conferences main theme is Sharing Knowledge to Add Value. Registration will open soon.

Geoscientists Canada is hosting the 4IPGC (4th Internationally Professional Geology Conference) from 22-24 January 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The conference theme will be Earth Science-Global Practice.

EGU2012 General Assembly

3rd Geotourism Conference (Oman)

Call for Session Proposals! Deadline 16 September 2011

30 October - 1 November The conference will provide the opportunity for earth scientists, tourism practitioners, academics and protected area managers to share knowledge and explore how geotourism can add value to destinations and the visitor experience.

The next EGU General Assembly 2012 (EGU2012) will be held again at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) from 22 Apr 2012 to 27 Apr 2012. Take an active part in organizing the scientific program. Meeting details are posted at:

Geoscience Community News

Upcoming Events International Conference: GeoHistories of the Gubbio Apennines - Half Century in Reading the Pages of Earth History Written in the Rocks: 1962-2012 Resources, Positions, Funding

L. Gonzales

PhD at the SAFARI project at UniCIPR, Norway

5-8 June 2012, Gubbio, Italy The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for geoscientists from all countries and institutions to present, review and discuss recent progress and future perspectives in the fields of stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, geodynamic and structural evolution related to the Umbria-Marche Apennines and particularly linked with the Gubbio sections.

Applicants are invited for a PhD position with the SAFARI project at Uni CIPR (Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research), located at University of Bergen (UiB), Norway. The SAFARI project is a multidisciplinary effort including 3 PhD students and several senior researchers. The key goal of the SAFARI project is to collect stratigraphic and architectural data from modern and ancient depositional systems for use in modelling hydrocarbon reservoirs. The collected data will also be used to answer fundamental scientific questions about the nature of the preserved rock record. Full position details posted at:


Resources, Positions, Funding Funding from Australia to attend the 34th IGC
Application deadline: 1 November 2011
The 34th International Geological Congress Organising Committee is very pleased to inform you that we have received final approval for funding from Australias aid agency AusAID to cover expenses for approximately 90 African participants for a training workshop on sustainable mining to be held in conjunction with the 34th International Geological Congress (IGC). The training workshop is likely to take place over 4 days, beginning on or about Wednesday, 1 August, 2012 and it will be conducted in English. Applications should be made before 1 November 2011 and can only be submitted using the online process available through the IGC website< >. [Select GeoHost Support Scheme tab, then GeoHost Training Workshops tab. The application template is accessed by clicking in the TWP Application box.]

The International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG/AIG) Working Group on Sediment Budgets in Cold Environments (SEDIBUD) offers two grants of 250.00 euros each for young geomorphologists (under 35 yrs old) from Scandinavian countries, Canada and Russia, to attend the scientific meeting of SEDIBUD Working Group Sedimentary fluxes dynamics in the changing mountain and polar environment - monitoring, record & consequences in Zakopane - Poland (5-8 September 2011). Details are posted at html

EuroGeoSurveys Newsletter

Are you in Europe? Check out the EuroGeoSurveys recent Newsletter about geoscience news on the continent.

Get connected locally with your YES Network National Chapter!

Think globally, and act locally. One of the best ways to get involved in YES Network activities is to be an active member of your YES Network National Chapter. Contact your National Representative to find out how you can get more involved in YES Network activities in your country.
(Note: Weve shortened the Facebook URLs and a few of the National Chapter website URLS to URLs)

Get Connected Locally


Carlos A. Console Gonella


Dr. Feng Cheng-You Telephone: (+86) 010-68999004 No website yet


Marjolaine Puddu No website yet


Gabriela Perlingeiro No website yet

Cte dIvoire

Zi Ouattara No website yet


Philip Asabere


Elshan Abdullayev No website yet


Maykel Morales Gonzalez No website yet



AKM Eahsanul Haque No website yet


Tanvi Arora Facebook: No website yet


Tiffany Rivera Facebook:


Ciro Manzo

Maduo Tshimologo Mabengano No website yet



Mahmoed Ibrahim Yossef No website yet


Annie Mamitiananomenjanahary No website yet

Michelle Speta www. Facebook:


Ketema Gebremeskel Mahari


Elyvin Nkhonjera No website yet


Felipe Leiva Villegas No website yet


Yayeh Desalegn Facebook:


Tanot Unjah


Get connected locally with your YES Network National Chapter!

Think globally, and act locally. One of the best ways to get involved in YES Network activities is to be an active member of your YES Network National Chapter. Contact your National Representative to find out how you can get more involved in YES Network activities in your country.
(Note: Weve shortened the Facebook URLs and a few of the National Chapter website URLS to URLs)

Get Connected Locally


Serjlkhumbe Amar-Amgalan No website yet


Juli Stanilovskaya Website:

United Kingdom


Amel Barich Facebook:

South Africa

Charlotte Vye Facebook:

Ndivhuwo Cecilia Mukosi Facebook:

United States of America


Alberto Vasco Uelemo No website yet

Sri Lanka

Mary Seid Facebook:

Ashvin Kamal Wickramasooriya No website yet




Federico Cernuschi No website yet

Averyl Buckley No website yet

Stephen Joseph Nyagonde Facebook: No website yet


Diana V. Zakhidova


Eveline Speelman www.


Soumaya Ayadi No website yet


Mohamed A. S. Al-Ariki No website yet


Wajahat Nassar


Ivy N. Ddamba


Monica Kalichini No website yet


Patricio Valderrama Murillo No Website yet



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Thank you to all those who have contributed photos and artwork to the YES Network Newsletter! Front Page: Amadou Trawally; Tiffany Rivera: Pages 5-6; YES Congress 2009 China Organizing Committee: Pages 2-3,9-10; Leila Gonzales: Pages 5-8; Urool Saaed: Pages 5-6; Taufeeq Dhansy: Page 11, Alok Kumar Mohapatra: Page 4.

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To sumbit content to the YES Network Newsletter, send an email to the Newsletter Publication Team ( with the following information: YES Network Member Showcase Visit the YES Network websites Member Showcase page for a complete list of information required to submit your profile to the YES Network Member Showcase. For inclusion in both the YES Network website and newsletter, please send your information to the Communications Team ( and the Newsletter Publication Team. Crossing Borders Article (published every quarter) We accept short (1 page) articles for publication that highlight the application of geoscience research to societal issues. Consideration is also given to articles that address the health of geoscience discipline as a whole and introduce new tools, research methods, and or concepts that can be applied to address societal challenges, raise the awareness of the geoscience in society, and improve the demographics of the geoscience profession as a whole. Submit your manuscript, name, affiliation, and references to the YES Network Newsletter Publication team. News Items, Opportunities, Updates, National Chapter Information, etc. Email the information (news, opportunities, updates to events, national chapter information, etc.) along with your name and email address. Photos and Artwork We accept .png or .jpg images. Please include your name, email, and your consent for the YES Network to use your photos and artwork in our media publications. 12