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Prayers in Arabic and English Debt Settlement Dua from Baqeyatus Salehat (Margins of Mafatih

Prayer for Help in Settlement of Debts

Twenty-fifth: Sayyid `Al ibn Falullh al-usayn al-Rwand has mentioned the following incident in his book entitled Nathr al-La'l: When a man complained to Prophet Jesus the son of Mary, peace be upon them, about the debts, Prophet Jesus (`a) taught him to say this prayer, adding, If your debts are filling the globe, Almighty Allah will certainly help you to settle them after you say this prayer constantly.
O Allah, O remover of suffering, reliever from agony, dispeller of grievances, responding to the prayers of the distressed ones, and All-beneficent and Allmerciful in this world and the other world, You are beneficent to me and beneficent to all things; so, (please) have mercy upon me due to which I dispense with the mercy of any other one than You and by which You may help me settle my debts.
allhumma y frija alhammi wa munaffisa alghammi wa mudhhiba al-azni wa mujba da`wati almuarrna y ramna aldduny wal-khirati wa ramahum anta ramn wa ramnu kulli shay'in faramn ramatan tughnn bih `an ramati man siwka wa taq bih `ann alddayna

Second: This prayer is reported from Imam Ms ibn Ja`far al-Kim (`a):MP3
O Allah, (please) help me pay back to all of Your creatures their dues for which I am liable, both the insignificant and the large, with easiness and wellbeing from Your Presence. As for the dues that I am too weak to settle, I am too poor to make up, and my physique, certitude, and self are too short to satisfy,
allhumma urdud il jam`i khalqika malimahum allat qibal aghrah wa kabrah f yusrin minka wa `fiyatin wa m lam tablughhu quwwat wa lam tasa`hu dhtu yad wa lam yaqwa `alayhi badan wa yaqn wa nafs

(please) settle them on behalf of me fa'addih `ann min jazli m `indaka min

out of the abundant favor You own. Then, (please) do not cut off any amount of it from my good deeds. O most merciful of all those who show mercy! I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, One and Only and having no associate with Him. I bear witness that Muammad is His servant and messenger, the religion is as exactly as He has legislated, Islam is as exactly as He has described, the Book is as exactly as He has revealed, the truth is as exactly as He has said, and Allah is the manifest truth. May Allah make good mention of Muammad and his Household and may He greet Muammad and his Household with peace.

falika thumma l tukhallif `alayya minhu shay'an taqhi min asant y arama alrrimna ashhadu an l ilha ill allhu wadah l sharka lah wa ashhadu anna muammadan `abduh wa rasluh wa anna alddna kam shara`a wa anna al-islma kam waafa wa anna alkitba kam anzala wa anna alqawla kam addatha wa anna allha huwa alaqqu almubnu dhakara allhu muammadan wa ahla baytih bikhayrin wa ayy muammadan wa ahla baytih bilssalmi

Third Prayer Imam Ali a.s has mentioned that the debts of the person will be repaid from the unseen even if they are as big as a mountain ,if he recites this dua.

(Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem. Allaahumma Aghninee Bihalaalika An Haraamik, Wa Bitaa,atika An Maseeyatik Wa Bifazlika Amman Siwaaka Birahmatik, Yaa Arhamar Raahimeen.) (Ref: Nawaay Saliheen, pg#339).