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8. 11. 2012

Kraska panceta becomes the 16th Slovenian agricultural product protected in the EU
More photos Brussels - Kraka panceta (Karst pancetta), a traditional dry meat product from the Kras region, has been added to the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications, becoming the 16th Slovenian food product registered with the European Commission.

The Kraka panceta is another dried meat product from Karst made of pork belly with skin and no ribs. Precise selection of meat which is of a typical rectangular shape, dry salting process with sea salt and carefully monitoring the curing process contribute to its typical organoleptic characteristics and delicate texture of thin cut slices and the fullness of odour. Besides the Kraka panceta, the other Slovenian protected agricultural products and food are: the extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria, Nanos cheese, Koevje forest honey, cheese Tolminc, Bovec cheese, Prleka tnka (cured meat stored in minced lard from the region of Prlekija), Zgornjesavinjski elodec (traditional air-dried stuffed pig's stomach of the Upper Savinja Valley), ebreljski elodec (traditional air-dried stuffed pork stomach of of ebreljska plateau), Ptujski lk (Ptuj red onion), Kraki prut (Karst prosciutto), Kraki zaink (Karst pork meat product made of neck), Styrian-Prekmurje pumpkin seed oil, Belokranjska pogaa (traditional flat bread from Bela Krajina), Idrijski likrofi (Idrija dumplings stuffed with potato) and Prekmurska gibanica (traditional cake from Prekmurje Region). More about Slovenian protected agricultural products and food>>

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