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Hello , my name is Poniman and you can call me Iman. Iman is a nickname given to me from a lecture.

In general , I usually called Poniman, such as my full name. I was one of the many babies born in Indonesia in 1994, precisely in Kebumen on May 24. I was the third of five children. I have 55 kilograms weight ,and height 170 centimeters . Now ,I live in Jati street no.9, Village Bamboo River, North Jakarta. I come from a village Jatinegoro ,Sempor, Kebumen. My religion is Islam. I most enjoy doing hobby is fishing. Fishing can train us to be patient and focus. The most exciting part of fishing during the attraction between me and the fish. When I can pick up the fish so pleased and happy to be its own advantages. I started studying at State Elementary School 1 Jatinegoro in 2000. Six years I passed smoothly. I graduated from elementary school in 2006. In that year I malanjutkan school to junior high school. I received in junior high school 1 Sempor. Three years of study passed quickly, I graduated in 2009. After graduating from junior high school 1 Sempor I continued studying at Vocational High School 1 Gombong in the same year. Nothing feels three years have passed. I graduated in 2012. After graduating from school, I do not search for jobs or university, graduate school because before I have received in the lane Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic scholarship. And to this day I am still learning there. At times I will describe the tasks on my favorite T-shirt. I bought this T-shirt with my friend. I bought at the market near my home. These shirts jersey one big European club, based in london. It is Arsenal FC .This T-shirt is included in the sport shirt. T-shirt is medium size, according to the size of my body. T-shirt is colored red on the body. On the dark blue collar. Short-sleeved T-shirt is a white base color dark blue and red stripes. The dark blue color on the sleeves and collar for the services of the late Herbert Chapman, who died after suffering pneumonia, on January 6, 1934. On the sleeve there is a symbol that indicates barclays premierership clubs competing in the Premier League. At the front there is the word Fly Emirates, this represents the main sponsor. The back of the shirt is decorated with the word Arsenal and a large club crest is transparent. This T-shirt has a lot of meaning for me. This is the result of hard work alone for the first time. The results of the work at a small company in the village. Although only shirts cheap roadside, but many of the values contained. This is the first thing which I can buy from the sweat itself. Certainly very

impressive to me, feels a sense prefer to keep this shirt because it needs to fight to get it that I felt. I feel happy to be independent without parental help, even a little.

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