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PNP intensifies drive vs loose firearms

By ANAlizA S. MAcAtANgAy

outstanding local newspaper

vol. XX, no. 25 dec. 16-22, 2012 p 5.00


For Five consecutive Years by the st. peter Baptist catholic Mass Media awards

Use geohazard maps to avoid another Pablo - legarda

A pile of loose fireams is burned, signifying the PNPs renewed campaign against loose firearms.

NAGA CITY -The Philippine National Police (PNP) provincial office here has intensified its campaign against loose firearms in preparation for the mid-term elections on May 2013.
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Bula hosts organic rice field day

The Pecuaria Development Cooperative, Inc. (PDCI), the leading single producer of organic rice in Bicol region is among the five certified organic collaborators chosen by the Department of Agriculture nationwide for its project entitled Development of National Organic Rice Seed Production Systems with Informal Sector.
The other four certified organic farms are the Central Luzon State University in Nueva Ecija, Kahariam Realty and Farms Inc. in Batangas, the Negros Island Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation Inc. and Bios Dynamis of South Cotabato. Recently, the PDCI, with the Department of Agriculture conducted Organic Rice Field Day attended by more than 300 rice farmers. Organically produced aromatic rice varieties such as JM 2, Basmati and MS 16, and traditional varieties RC 18 and RC 160 which are being developed in a 1 hectare demo farm in the more than 800 hectare Pecuaria Rice
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Sen. legArdA

In light of the devastation wrought by Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) on Visayas and Mindanao recently, Senator Loren Legarda advocated a nationwide information campaign on geohazard maps.

Ceremonial Harvesting of organiC riCe

Based on the latest statistics released by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, 1,025 have died and 888 more remain missing, while we have incurred about P15 billion worth of damages due to Typhoon Pablo. These would have been avoided if our local government units and all our citizens had knowledge of geohazard maps, she said. Legarda, UN Regional Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, said that everyone must have knowledge of their geographical location, and whether they are at high risk or not. During the briefing called by the Committee on Climate Change on the use and implementation of the geohazard maps, the Senator stressed that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources should not only distribute these maps, but also, and more importantly, educate LGUs on how to read the map and how it will help them in their disaster risk reduction and management efforts. Am I living on a landslide area? Am I living in a
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Shown in photo from (l-r) Miller Bicaldo, Pdci general Manager; Adelina losa, Bicol Organic Agriculture Focal Person; dr. Santiago Obien, Senior technical Adviser of dA National rice Program; Jesse Fernandez, Senior researcher of Philrice Bicol; dante Fidel, BPi focal person for Organic Agriculture and ruel gesmundo, chief of the National Seed Quality control Services in Manila proudly show the rice they harvested during the field held at the Pecuaria rice central in lanipga Bula, cam. Sur . inset are the farmer participants.

tennis CHamp

Monica therese cruz is all smiles as she holds her 2 championship trophies of the 31st PcA Age group tennis championships. (Story on page 7)

3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY (054) 472-57-71 TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

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deceMBer 16-22, 2012

Christmas is a time for joy, peace & giving then what?
By Willie JOSe (

PHL Economy Up
(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAsDFK International is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

For most people, Christmas is a season of joy, peace and giving. I dont know why the Christmas spirit is so strong that throughout this holiday season people are becoming more generous and kind; they will move heaven and earth just to be with their families. Never mind if the plane fares are exorbitant, Filipinos will be hell-bent on visiting the Philippines. For overseas Filipinos and other Balikbayan, nothing can stop them from looking forward to spending their Christmas with their families, relatives and friends. How does this Christmas spirit affect the people in general? Last week, my wife and I were at the Scarborough Town Centre, one of the biggest malls in Toronto. We couldnt help noticing the rush of people shoppingand who could resist the 70 % -80 % discount and buy- one, take-one offerings by the various establishments in the mall? Some malls have even extended their shopping hours just to accommodate last-minute shoppers. I dont know how these businesses could cash in on peoples buying splurge and spree; maybe they are just being generous in sharing their blessings to their customers. Possibly, the past months, they have raked in enough profits, so this holiday season is the right time for them to offer huge discount to their loyal customers. Is this what they call responsive capitalism? Most people themselves are also extra generous; At Metro Supermarket close to our home in Scarborough, Ive seen people donating food packages for Torontos Food Banks. Salvation Army volunteers are in some malls and big stores busily manning their donation-dropin stations, accepting contributions from people. In the Philippines, most private companies have already given their employees their Xmas bonuses and even the government is planning to release some extra funds for the state workers. Well, this Christmas holiday is the time of the year when the country flows with milk and honeyand everyone is in high spirit. This holiday season is really a time for peace because traditionally the Communist rebels and the government have been forging a ceasefire agreement, which means that there would be a cessation of hostilities between them even for a few weeks. A respite from battles would give these rebels and the army soldiers a chance to enjoy a worry-free atmosphere with their respective families. In our country, the Christmastime starts in November, so from this period onward, our kababayans are always all-smiles, always greeting everybody Merry Christmas. And when December comes, the prices of prime commodities go sky-high but who cares when the spirit of the season calls for wearing of ones Sundays best and putting the most sumptuous food on the table for the familys Noche Buena and Media Noche. Pinoys would always go the extra miles to buy the best stuffs for their families simply because Its Christmastime, everybody deserves to be happy.
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FDI AND CREDIT: We have best evidences that our economy is continually on the rise despite the economic downturns in the major industrial nations (including the USA and Europe). Net foreign investments inflows hit $1.008B just for the month of November. This is a good indicator of the trust that global investors are pouring in on our country. Last month, net money inflows totaled $1.008B. Another bright indicator of our economic upsurge is the big jump in bank loans which undoubtedly will fuel further business activities. Economic advancement is stimulated by recent rounds of monetary policy easing, alongside with the favorable outlook for domestic demand. The outlook is brighter as credit for production activities accounted for the bulk of total loans, growing 16.4% to P2.808 billion. OUTPUT: Production of the manufacturing sector rose by 22.2% in October the biggest increase in the last two years. The increase surpassed the factory output growth of 15.7% established in 2010 (September). Positive contributors are the high outputs of seven of the thirteen major sectors led by footwear and wearing apparel (128.9% increase). The other achievers are electrical machinery, basic metals, food manufacturing, and wood and wood products. The output record is matched by the positive registers in value of net sales,

opinions unlimited
with the annual increment rising to 7.1% in October, compared with just 3% in September. Increments in sales were posted by footwear and wearing apparel (126.9%), beverages (57%), non-metallic mineral products (51%), electrical machinery (34$) publishing & printing (31%), food manufacturing (11%). Output records mean more workers are now onthe-job. INTEREST: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is maintaining the historic low interest rates which may persist until mid-year 2013, or just before the midterm elections. If there be any changes, these could be triggered by the results of the national voting as new active leaders may emerge that could trigger policy evolvements. The current BSP policy rates stand at 3.5% for overnight borrowing, and 5.5% for overnight lending. The lower interest rate policy of the Monetary Board will translate to wider financial lending which drives upward

both consumption and investments. Financial leaders are looking at money supply level in relation to inflation rate. The current economic state resulted in the higher than expected growth rate of 7.1% for October, raising the year-todate growth to 6.5%. What is remarkable here is with the growth, inflation rate was held at just 3.2%. TAXATION: The Gospel for today makes special mention of the advisory to taxmen to collect just the right amount without any wang-wang. We reiterate here the findings of Opinions Unlimited that the Office of BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto Henares is corruption-free. The Tuwid na Daan call of our President is keenly observed at the highest echelon of the internal revenue bureau. We also know that our friend the BIR Director of Makati Region is promoting clean governance! Honesty at the top is the prime key to good governance. Pres. P-Noy may have many shortcomings, (including smoking?) but so far- nobody has directly accused him of dishonesty in any government deal (unlike that of the previous regime). The systemic graft in the BIR (which I personally witnessed) may take time to be cleansed. But first our taxpayers must file correct returns and pay the right amount of taxes. CPAs must help all reformed taxpayers to rightfully comply. Amen! WISDOM: When the righteous thrives the people rejoice. When the wicked rules, the citizens groan!

Merry christmas to everyone & Better for Pacquiao to Quit

Christmas is already very near. The Simbang Gabi here started and we feel the Christmas atmosphere now. Christmas decors are now in place in our homes and outside. Theres the beautiful decorations of plazas, streets, offices, malls, etc. This is in anticipation for the day Jesus, our Saviour was born. While this is only a celebration commemorating what happened more than two thousand years ago, we are reminded to welcome Jesus in our homes and in our hearts every day. I heard mass on TV with Fr. Fernando Suarez officiating and he said the messages of Christmas is help one another; love one another . Thats the best Christmas gift we can give to Jesus. In connection with Christmas, with the birth of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary become the Mother of God and St. Joseph, the foster father of God. The Holy Family came into being. Lets emulate the love Jesus gave to His Mother and Father, and the love Mama Mary and St. Joseph gave to their son, Jesus. But most of all, lets love God with our whole heart and soul. He gave up his life for us. Merry Christmas to everyone. ***** Many people consider the knock out loss of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao

from my window
last Sunday from the hands of Mexicos Manuel Marquez as unthinkable but not me. I watched their previous fights on TV with my husband and to me it was a close fight of these two boxers. Because I remember what happened to Mohammad Ali, the popular heavy weight champion of the world who was knocked out by a lucky punch of Sonny Liston, I thought it can also happen to Pacquiao. Manny was even defeated by Timothy Bradley in a previous fight to this. But all the while, I was rooting for him because he is our countryman and he has brought honor not only to himself but also to our country. I was not happy with the result.

Pacquiao lost the fight but he earned $2.5 million dollars or P400 million pesos for it. He is still the Pambansang Kamao who has eight world titles which no other boxer has. There are people reportedly urging him to fight Marquez or Bradley again to recover from his defeats. But what if he loses again? His mother Dionisia Pacquiao reportedly said, Thats what he gets for changing religion. Her son, Manny Pacquiao, had been losing sleep because of night Bible studies with Protestant pastors. He has not focused on his boxing. They always pray with Manny losing sleep. I hope he will listen to me when he returns and be a Catholic again. The Daily Tribune reported they are not Protestants but Christian Bible Fundamentalists. The Catholic church is practicing ecumenism. I dont want to comment on Pacquiaos new religion but his mother has a point. Losing sleep makes one weak. A boxer needs to be strong. Thats what Juan Manuel Marquez focused on: to be strong because he knows Pacquiao will knock him out. I only observed that when Pacquiao was a Catholic,
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Pleasurable journey
There is nothing more pleasurable than taking a trip back to the old birthplace. For me, it is an obsession, a yearning. But even if I can not make the journey in person, I can go there on the wings of imagination. Romantic, is it not? This Christmas, I promise myself I will do it to bring back a part of me, a part which refuses to grow old. It is a trip back to my old home. That home was in the Caramoan barrio of Paniman with Lolo Eleno and Lola Anis, an impoverished home of marginal fishermen but a home filled with love. It, however, vanished when they both died. Our house became empty. Eventually, it was torn down. But the memories remain within me. Paniman is now a tourist haven, a far cry from the day of my childhood. The whole year particularly during summer, droves of foreign tourists come to the barrio and stay there for days. They love

a Question of privilege

salvador d. flor

Head, Advertising Associates 0920-533-7766

lee g. dullesco ii

its exotic atmosphere. Many years ago, nobody had a hint that the barrio, two kilometers north of the world famous Gota Beach,would become a playground for European and American tourists seeking far off places. Tourism has completely changed the sleepy image. It is now prosperous. Aircon hotels have sprouted. The highway connecting it to the town proper has been

paved. Despite the trappings of progress, to me, Paniman is still the same old place, the place of my childhood home. Where the house of Lolo Eleno and Lola Anis once stood is unrecognizable. Another house has been built there. The chapel, the school house, the rock mountain back of the chapel seem to be different. Perhaps because of my long absence, they looked unfamiliar. They, however, remind of the years when grandparents were still alive, when my uncles and an aunt were around. I am the only surviving member of the family of my Lolo. But wait, I have a cousin, David Delloro who transferred to Polillo Island, in Quezon province many years ago. I have not heard from him for 30 years. Another cousin, the daughter of Aunt Felicidad, my mothers younger sister,
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deceMBer 16-22, 2012

MaogMang Pasko asin Matoninong na Bagong taon!

Bikol reporter

Pasores Bicol t
Department of tourism
regional center Site, rawis, legazpi city 4500 tel. No.: (052) 482-0715 481-5593 Fax No.: 482-0712 email Address: Website:


Regional Director

and Staff

For any inquiries, please write to: GILBERT C. GONZALES OIC-Regional Executive Director Dept. of Environmental and Natural Resources Regional Office No. V, Rawis, Legazpi City (052) 4820857

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deceMBer 16-22, 2012

jokee BOtOr-reyeS
Breathe life into a Party
This is the season of parties. Christmas is not Christmas without parties. There are parties just about everywhere. But sometimes parties are just too boring you regretted having attended at all. You felt like you just wasted your timeyour new dress, your best make up, the gift for exchange which got a lot of your time choosing the best. And the party was boring really. It was, in fact, some kind of a hell. What went wrong? Everything. The food, the music, everyone. But parties can be exciting. It could be one great evening of fun. It takes a lot to make a party enjoyable. Of course, you can not expect a perfect party. But you can have one good party one that is full of life and it is something you wouldnt want to last. And memories of the party are yours to treasure. Vital to a party is food. Food need not necessarily be very expensive. Just delicious. One that everyone would devour with gusto. And of course, the drinks. They are necessary. Whether you care for soda or beer or hard, there ought to be drinks. But they should not be the reason to get drunk. Music is very important. It is that which makes the party alive. Music played must be well chosen. It would be wise to have some Christmas carols (it is Christmas!) and they could give meaning and spirit to the season. Since ballroom is very common nowadays, then select good danceable tunes. It takes a good host to make a party interesting. He must be versatile and knows how to stay attuned to everything. Normally, Christmas parties are not without exchange gifts. Gifts for exchange must really be chosen with care. A raffle draw will likewise be just fine and very interesting. Attractive items must be raffled. Maybe a round trip ticket to Boracay or Palawan might be yours. It might be your lucky night. Just hope it will be a trip for two. (for only one, God forbid. You will not enjoy it surely). But, the ticket may be convertible to cash. Christmas parties are not without games. There are many new games and very exciting too. Not the old Trip to Jerusalem (this is already outmoded.) The games should be played fast and prizes should be attractive. This could also be the chance for people who do not know one another to get to know one another. A contest in dancing might also be done. Or singing out of tune. This is novel and many may want to join the contest if only for fun. Christmas parties, no matter how enjoyable they are, must bring home happy memories. The party could end with a collective singing of a favorite or popular Christmas carol after which everyone greets everyone with the best greetings of the season and keep alive the spirit of that one night when a baby was born in a manger and he did not have a crib for a bed. Maogmang Pasko saindo gabos. Email jokeebotor_reyes@

tours and travel in Focus

The awareness of people on the advantages that goes with travel & tourism is important and must be developed if we are really sincere in coming up with a vibrant and dynamic tourism industry. For this reason, both the public & private sectors of tourism, the Department of Tourism in coordination with other government agencies notably the local government units must do its share in planning, development, marketing, sales and operation of tourism sites & distinctions. This in effect would include products and services catering to the needs of travelers. These concerns are what it takes to have a built in advantage tourism wise where stakeholders are trying to make things happen so that our tourism industry would be the catalyst in uplifting the quality of life of our people. Bicol region for its part is a tourist destination with gorgeous and bustling pure white sand beaches, turquoise waters swaying palms, active volcanoes with green hills & mountains which cater to the taste and imagination of well-meaning tourists. With our tourism stakeholders at the helm in our campaign to promote and market our tourist sites & destinations there can be no obstacle to our aspiration in transforming Bicol region as a haven for tourist. It goes without saying that Bicols travel destinations are in itself a class of its own. We have to work hard in improving our marketing strategy. We need to focus on the nitty gritty details that make traveling to Bicol a wonderful, pleasant & memorable experience. The question which is often asked What then is the nature of tourism to make it work? To this query, the following factors are to be considered, to wit: 1. First, it arises from the movement of people and their stay in various destinations 2. Second, its components are basically travel, accommodation, entertainment and activities at any given destination 3. Third, because of the fact that tourists are far from home they look for activities & entertainment that of payments therefore making it possible for our country to sustain its economic growth. Visa Card International released its recent findings that as of September 2012 alone the total amount of in-bound credit card spending to the Philippines has reached $2.2 billion, 17% higher than last 2011.Tourists are now choosing the Philippines vis--vis other Asian countries as their vacation destination. Among foreign tourists Australians ranks first when it comes to tourism spending in the Philippines. They are for the present the fourth top tourist groups in our country with United States, Japan & South Korea rounding up the top tourists list. One notable gain in our tourism campaign with the slogan Its More Fun in the Philippines captivating the tourists hearts & minds are the increasing number of Russians visiting our popular and famous destinations. For this we should take advantage of this surprising tourism growth we are experiencing now more so that Filipinos themselves working and/or living abroad known locally as balikbayans are also coming in droves. This development would surely be the momentum which we had been waiting for considering that this would mean the dispersion of economic gains for our people including the employment opportunities that come with the sustained tourism growth. It goes without saying that all of these would mean that aside from the advantages of tourism which are in itself encouraging this would in effect be an opportunity for our people to experience lasting peace & international understanding that are in itself given under the present dispensation where private & public initiatives work hand in hand for that elusive dream of making the Philippines most particularly our region a place where tourists would enjoy their stay. In effect, they would be coming back every now and then having discovered that really, Its more fun in the Philippines


President, Bicol Association of Tourism and Hospitality Educators (BATHE)

4. 5.


7. 8. 9.

are distinct in the place they are visiting Fourth, movement to destinations are temporary & short term in character Fifth, destinations are visited based on so many reason other than taking up permanent residency or employment Sixth, Tourism is a concern not by the travel trade alone but by many sectors of the industry put together Seventh, like other industries tourism sells products not potentials Eight, it ceases to be an industry if no revenue or income is derived from it Last but not the least, tour packages are the products offered which are composite of facilities, activities, services etc. that goes with a successful tourism industry

The importance of tourism to our economy had been the centerpiece of the Department of Tourism campaign of attracting tourists to come & visit famous and attractive sites & destinations. By having tourists to see and experience for themselves our tourism potentials they in return contribute to the countrys balance

inner chess
By J. heNry dANicAN

A teacher
A good teacher must know how to adapt well to his surroundings and be flexible enough to deal with different kinds of students. A teacher should determine what teaching strategy that will maximize the ability and skills of each of the student to obtain understanding and leanings. Teaching can be difficult at times as it requires a lot of patience, perseverance and persistence to withstand and overcome various factors and elements that hinders the learning process. Time management should also present in the work plan of every teacher, since it helps in using available resources and energy with achieving the desired results. Teachers inculcate values in order to make them well-rounded and refined with their dealings inside the school, on their homes and later on their respective work environment. Teaching job is not a joke for it is dignified and equips an individual especially the youths, the necessary knowledge, wisdom and skills that will later make them responsible and productive citizens of our society. Thus, teachers are unsung heroes since they build a strong nation by virtue of making globally competitive workforce that can get the job done in various fields of endeavors. ADR 2012 _______________________ By ArleNe d. reciO, dBM rinconada National technical Vocational School iriga city

FroM MY window . . .
his life became a from rags to riches story. I hope he will also remember this. We know that boxers can die fighting in the ring. There are boxers who got their brain damaged after being badly boxed on the head. Mohammad Ali is one. If he can advise Pacquiao, Ill tell him to quit boxing and not to risk anymore. He is super rich now with eight world titles. As Julie Y. Daza wrote in the Tempo dated December 11, 2012 refering to Pacquiao as fast, strong but aging like the rest of us, by the hour, by the day. Mother knows best. Their sons dont know it.

Albay now Filariasis free

By MArlON A. lOterte LEGAZPI CITY-- Albay is now Filariasis free following declaration and certification of the Department of Health (DOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Albay Governor Joey Salceda said the health agencies assertion of a Filarisis free Albay province is another milestone achievement for the provincial government and the people as gregarious efforts to combat this disease in the province for years have finally been rewarded. Salceda added that such another successful feat in the field of public health plays a big part in pursuit of really making Albay one the most liveable provinces in the country. DOH Assistant Secretary Dr. Gerry Bayugo and WHO representative Dennis Romerick Tuazon led the conferment of the certificate for Filaria free Albay recently to the provincial government, led by Salceda and provincial health officials. Salceda also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the DOH and WHO have been of help and lauded the local health authorities for carrying out an effective campaign against Filariasis, a mosquito born disease. Filariasis, which is commonly known as elephantiasis because the victims legs and arms would swell to a size like those of an elephants, is a disease caused by a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. Symptoms of this illness are pain and swelling of the breast, vagina, scrotum, legs, and arms; fever, cough, chills, and wheezing. Filariasis, also locally known as buyong (scrotal

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

Bikol reporter

dAr, cdA forge pact on farmers services

THE Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) forged a landmark agreement on Dec. 13 (Thursday) that seeks to improve the delivery of much-needed support service to farmers cooperatives. Agrarian Reform Secretary Gil de los Reyes and CDA Chairman Emmanuel M. Santiaguel signed the memorandum of agreement that would further strengthen the DAR-CDA Partnership Program on Strengthening and Capacity Building of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) Cooperatives. DAR Undersecretary for Support Services Jerry Pacturan and CDA-Northern Mindanao regional director Orlando Ravanera witnessed the signing. The project will run for 15 months, enough to provide officers and members of some 1,600 ARB cooperatives all over the country with trainings that would help enhance their competencies and renew their status as cooperatives of good standing with the CDA as mandated by law
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enlargement) and tibak (elephantiasis), involves parasites living along the lymphatic channels of affected humans. Transmitted by mosquito bites, the illness causes enlargement of the scrotum, breasts, arms and legs of its victims leading to a lifetime of disability or death from severe skin infection. Filariasis

is a disease group affecting humans and animals caused by nematode parasites of the order Filariidae, commonly called filariae. Dr. Chito Mendoza, provincial health officer, said the office has sustained health awareness campaigns, surveillance, strengthened coordination and cooperation with rural health units and

barangay health workers to make the province also free from leprosy, DPT, missiles, malaria, and recently filaria. Mendoza also bared that the provincial epidemiologist recorded cases of filariasis in 2002 with 28 people afflicted with the disease in the towns of Manito, Daraga, Tiwi, Sto Domingo, Pioduran and Po(Turn to page 10)

dAr Undersecretary Jose z. grageda and regional director Maria celestina Manlagnit-tam, ceSO iii are still all smiling in spite of work pressures during the backbreaking 2-day Joint Provincial Planning Workshop on land Acquisition and distribution targets for 2013 of dAr camarines Sur A & B last december 13-14, 2012 at Starmark royale, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga city. According to tam, more than 40,000 hectares of agricultural lands in camarines Sur are still to be covered and distributed under agrarian reform program until 2014. -GCBuensalida

Bikol reporter

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

UNeP cited with highest number of accredited programs

In terms of offering academic programs consistent with its mission to promote quality education, the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) has undoubtedly retained that repute all through this years. This year, UNEP has proven once again that it has retained its secure pace in maintaining this academic prestige when the Philippine Association of College and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) announced that it was bestowed with an honor as an Institution with the highest number of accredited programs in Region 5, the title given to the university for the past two (2) years. Atty. Remelisa AlfelorMoralada, the young and dynamic UNEP President said that the distinction only proves that the university remained non-complacent of the accolades that keep on finding its way to UNEP. The more honors and distinctions that we receive, the more we try to surpass what we have been credited for. It is never resting on your laurels but finding more ways to compete with our success. UNEP is bent on achieving more of these honors as we prepare our students to be globally competitive, Moraleda said in an interview. For three times in a row, UNEP occupied the slot as an Institution with the highest number of accredited programs in Region 5. The confirmation was contained in the PACUCOA letter to Moraleda dated November 15. It was issued by PACUCOA Chairman Rosita L. Navarro Ph.D. It was in 2010 when UNEP was first cited with the said recognition. At that time, UNEP did not only receive the distinction an Institution with the highest number of accredited programs in the Bicol Region but an Institution with the Highest Number of Candidate programs in the Philippines. In 2011, PACUCOA Awards Committee gave the said recognition to UNEP. This 2012, the honor was again received by the said university. The awarding ceremonies was held at the Century Park Hotel at P. Ocampo Street in Malate, Manila on December 7. The conferment was also held in connection with the celebration of the 39th founding year of PACUCOA and in line with its 23rd Annual General Assembly.

cSc revises policy on honor eligibility

by SAlly A. AteNtO LEGAZPI CITY -- The Civil Service Commission (CSC) regional office here has urged universities and colleges in the Bicol region to be accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in order for their honor graduates to be granted with eligibility to work in the government for first and second level positions. CSC 5 Public Assistance and Liaison Division (PALD) acting chief Sharon Flores said during the Ugnayan sa Bikol radio program of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) here, said the commission has issued the recommendation following the issuance of revised policies on the grant of Honor Graduate Eligibility (HGE). Flores stressed that the revised policy intends to uphold, preserve and safeguard the integrity, credibility, and intent of the HGE which specifies that the honor graduate must complete their degrees from colleges and universities of good standing. Previously under Pres. Decree 907, the commission grants eligibility for all summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude graduates from any school regardless of the number of years of completion from school year 1972-73 and thereafter. Revisions, however, in the said policy have been implemented effective November 23 this year. Under the new policy, the school must first be accredited by CHED, requiring the academic institution to have Level III or IV accreditation status for both state and local state universities and colleges, Flores explained. CHED is mandated by the government to set and enforce minimum standards for programmes and institutions of higher learning and at the same time, monitor and evaluate their performance. In the Bicol region, according to Flores, only Bicol University (BU), Catanduanes State University (CSU) and Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) have said accreditation, however, with still only a number of courses that qualify an honor graduate to avail of the HE. For BU, graduates with degrees in Nursing, Industrial Teacher Education, Elementary or Secondary Teacher Education and Fisheries are the only qualified applicants for the said grant. For CSu in Virac Catanduanes, degrees with Level III accreditation status are Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education, AB Economics, AB Political Science, Industrial Technology and Nursing. Also qualified for CBSUA in Pili Camarines Sur are graduates of Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education, Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering from CBSUA in Pili Camarines Sur. Likewise included in the new policy is the discontinued grant of eligibility for honor graduates of masters and doctorate degrees and honors or distinctions for Bachelor degrees other than the Latin honors of cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

Bikol reporter

cebuPac promotes web check-in Nagas tennis wonder girl

The Philippines largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB) encourages passengers traveling on an Airbus flight during the Christmas and New Year holidays to check in online or through self-service kiosks at the airport. These would cut down on guests waiting time. Domestic passengers with no check-in bags may already proceed to the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the flight, while those with check-in bags should proceed to the bag drop counter at least 45 minutes before the flight. everyone aware that this very convenient option is available for guests on Airbus flights, free of charge, so they can breeze through the check-in process especially during peak travel period, said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog. Web check-in may be done through the Manage Bookings section in www.cebupacificair. com from 48 to four hours before the flight. Self check-in kiosks are available at all Philippine airports with Airbus flights, except Tawi-Tawi and Laoag. Starting December 17, 2012, self checkin may be done from four hours to one hour before the flight. Seat assignments are automatically assigned to web check-in guests for free. Those who wish to select seats may do so for a minimal fee of P100P200. Meanwhile, those checking in through the self check-in kiosks at the airport may select their seats for free. These services are not available for CEB passengers on ATR turbo-prop flights, unaccompanied minors, expectant mothers, guests with infants or requiring special assistance, and groups of 10 or more under one booking record. CEB was the first Philippine carrier to offer self check-in last December 22, 2011, using computer terminals in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. It also pioneered web checkin in the Philippines.

bags 2 prestigious awards

Showing the deadly form that she acquired from her two month- tennis training scholarship in Cerritos, California, Monica Therese Cruz captured 2 championship crowns of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the country the 31ST PCA Age Group Tennis Championship. Armed with her Prince EXO3 Tennis Racquet and looking confident in her Sassa Activewear outfits, Monica beat the ranked 2 player in the 14 years and under in the semifinals. She followed it up with an spectacular win in the finals by blanking her opponent with a score of 6-0, 6-0. But Monica Therese was not yet through. Together with her partner Nicole Amistad, they copped the championship crown of the 14 and under doubles category of the same tournament. Only twelve years old, Monica was the youngest yet the toughest player in the PCAs 14 and under singles category. Months earlier in August, Monica also bagged the championship trophy of the Milo National Finals Tennis Championship in the 12 and under singles category. The MILO tournaments serve like tune up games to the highly competitive PCA tourthe 33rd Annual Lakewood Junior Open Tournament in Lakewood, California. It was her very first tournament in America,and yet she emerged as the champion. She reached the Finals of the 12 years and under singles category ( round of 128 ) of the Esme Pearson Memorial Junior Open Tournament in San Diego, California. In the both USTA sanctioned tournaments that Monica competed in America, she has beaten the top seeds. With the great result Monica Therese is showing, we begin to hope that in maybe five years from now, we may be seeing a Sharapova in the making. A goal that Monica Therese deeply carries in her heart.

International passengers with or without check-in bags should proceed to the bag drop counter for verification of travel documents at least 45 minutes before the flight. 12% of CEB passengers availed of web and self checkin services in the 1st week of December. We want to make

crUz nament this November. A Grade 7 student of The Mary Bree Village Montessori School, Monica is proving that she has what it takes to make it to the international level. During her two months training at the Lizardo Tennis Academy in California, she won the championship match in the 12 years and under singles category of

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With all the holiday rush happening around the metro this season, wouldnt it be nice to treat yourself to a refreshing ice-cold drink that will surely make your brain go Aaah so good!? Give yourself that break for free! Sun Cellular and 7-Eleven certainly know how to satisfy your craving this season with their Load and Slurp Promo. Load Sun Power Text Unlimited 200 via Xpressload through any 7-Eleven store, and get a FREE 12 oz. SLURPEE* every time! Available nationwide, this is a sure treat to all Sun Prepaid subscribers who enjoy Sun TU 200 which comes with unlimited Sun texts, 4 hours of Sun calls and 500 texts to other networks, all valid for 30 days for only P200. Enjoy loading and slurping anywhere, anytime, all the way until January 22, 2013. For more information about other Sun Cellulars holiday promos, visit or Facebook page Follow @suncelldeals on Twitter. *Get 16 oz. Gulp in case SLURPEE is not available.

Happy Holidays!

Bikol reporter

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

happy holidays!
Greetings from:


the Men & Women of Sipocot Municipal Police Station

Sipocot, camarines Sur


Municipal Vice Mayor Sipocot, camarines Sur

P/iNSP david d. reyes


Greetings from:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to One and All! from the Management of
J-MArBelA cONStrUctiON & SUPPly
z-1 Magsaysay Ave., Naga city


Stall No. 1 & 3, ground Floor Naga city Supermarket general luna St., Naga city

engr. Jerry lUz


MArBelA eNterPriSeS
Panganiban drive, Naga city

An samong pagpaabot nin Maogmang Pasko asin matuninong na Bagong Taon sa gabos na PINOY!

partiDo ConstruCtion & supplY

engr. ABNer P. Ferrer
General Manager Matacla, goa, camarines Sur

Lugod mapasatuya an bendisyon nin Kagurangnan ngonian na Pasko asin matoninong na Bagong Taon!

Engr. NESTOR L. ORASA asin Pamilya

divina Pastora, Bato, camarines Sur

Sa gabos niyamong Suki asin parabakal, Maogmang Pasko asin Mauswag na Bagong Taon!

Sana po ay pagpalain tayo ng Panginoong Hesus sa Kanyang kapanganakan, ang Ysa ConstruCtion & supplY
ay bumabati ng isang Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Bagong Taon

Bt BesCom traDing
Dealer of: Gen. Hardware, Paints, Plumbing Construction & Electrical Supplies, Moldex Main Pipe, Sanimold Pipe, Asphalt 85/100 Exclusive Distributor: Mariwasa Ceramic Tiles

engr. & Mrs. edwin h. lamadrid

Daughter: ySABellA SOFiA
J. lukban ext., camambugan, daet, cNorte

teMSON (Aboy) chUA

Panganiban drive corner Misericordia St., Naga city Ofc. tel.: 473-9191 * 473-8393 digitel: 811-1481 * Fax No. 473-9309

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

Bikol reporter

the effectiveness of the elementary School Principals As instructional leaders

By FlOreNiA c. tOrAlde Principal i cawayan elementary School, iriga city
Republic Act 9155, an act that provides among others a school level governance with the school head having the authority and responsibility for the following: (1) setting the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the school; (2) creating an environment within the school that is conducive to teaching and learning; (3) implementing the school curriculum and being accountable for higher learning outcome; (4) developing the school education program and school improvement plan; (5) offering educational programs, projects and services which provide equitable opportunities for all learners in the community; (6) introducing new and innovative modes of instructions to higher learning outcome; (7) administering and managing all personnel, physical and financial policies of the school; (8) becoming the staff and competent based on its needs; (9) encouraging staff development; (10) establishing school and community networks and encouragingf the active participation of teachers organizations, non-academic personnel of public school, and parents-teachers-community associations; (11) accepting donations, gifts, bequeaths, grants for the purpose of upgrading teachers/learning facilitators competencies, improving and expanding school facilities and providing instructional materials and equipments. Such donations or grants must be reported to the appropriate district supervisors and division superintendents; and (12) performing such other functions as may be assigned by proper authorities. The above provisions will only be given life by an effective principal or school head. Studies on leadership have been undertaken but not one study was made on the impact of instructional leadership projects as shown in the following briefly cited studies. Osea (1979) determined the leadership styles, classroom performance and classroom climate of teachers government and non-government schools in urban and rural areas. Seligbon (1991) identified the leadership styles and supervisory attitudes among the middle level managers in selected states colleges and universities in Region III. Rellera (1988) concerted on the ideal leaders behavior concepts and observed leader behavior in public elementary school principals in the Division of La Union. Mallari determined the managerial effectiveness of principals in the Division of Camarines Sur. Martines (1993) studied the leadership style of the top executives in Metro Manila from 1986 to 1989 utilizing Blake and Moutons T.P. Managerial Grid. Ferrer (2001) determined the managerial effectiveness in relation to the leadership style of the school heads in the Division of Camarines Norte. Effective principals as instructional leaders were subject of interest by Dr. Miguel (2000). She observed that schools really can make difference in the achievement levels of pupils, but a school is most often only as good or bad, as creative or sterile, as the person who serves as the school head. Dr. Miguel further noted that the research on effective shools highlights the role of the principal in establishing goals and objectives for the school. According to her, studies have shown that the leadership of the principal is the single most powerful determinant of school effectiveness: Effective principals have a desire to lead and a willingness to act with courage and deliberation in difficult situations; are high in initiative and resourcefullness; set good examples by working hard themselves; recognize the uniqueness of teachers in their styles, attitude, skills and orientations and support different styles of teaching; adopt flexible schedule demands on staff time; have the ability to let teachers emerge as leaders; identify their role in terms of providing educational leadership and creating an environment of learning; they are less concerned with administrative routine; are aware of the informal dimension of leadership in the school; and most important are proactive rather than reactive, they take charge of the job and do not let the job take charge of them. Furthermor; continued by Dr. Miguel, studies have shown that principals of effective schools are strong instructional leaders who: concentrate on primary goals; set as their main goal the acquisition of learning, especially of basic skills; have high expectations of students; knows how to manage time and money effectively; and enlist the support of others in meeting common goals. The principal is the one person who can converse the entire program because of his position of interest. The importance of leadership and leadership behaviors of the principal have been shown in many studies.A synthesis of many studies of effective schools shows the importance of the role of the principal. (1) Leaders show that learning as the most important reason for being in school; (2) Leaders have a clear understanding of the mission of the school; (3) Building leaders know and can apply teaching learning principles; (4) Leaders set expectation for curricular quality; (5) Principals protect leaning time from disuption; (6) A safe, order school environment is established and maintained; (7) Leaders set up systems of incentives and rewards; (8) There is frequent two-way communication with parents; (9) Instructional leaders expect all staff to meet high instructional standards; and (10) Leaders involve staff and others in planning implementation strategies. Summing it up, a(TAO LEADS II Batch 1, October 2-7, 2000 module p. 9, there is an interrelationship of leadership characterestics with the five functions of the principalship. The leadership role of the principal in the effective school can be examined from four perspectives: 1. An assertive, achievement-oriented leadership that includes both what the principal does and what the principal allows to happen. The principal sets the direction for the school and hold staff accountable for that direction; 2. An orderly, purposeful and peaceful school climate in which there are rules, regulations and guidelines and teachers and pupils are expectedc to know and observe; 3. High expectations for staffs and pupils; 4. Well-designed and well-understood instructional objectives and evaluation system.

iriga city teacher-and-Otheremployee-retirees Association (icterA) celebrates christmas

By JOKee BOtOr-reyeS
All roads led to Lemar Hotel in Iriga City December 11,2012 for the annual Christmas celebration of the Iriga City Teacherand-Other-Employee-Retirees Association (ICPERA) which kept many on their feet (very graceful ballroom dancers despite their age; no member of the association is below 60) but not without their DIs as everybody awaited the program to begin. Never mind if it started a little late than its call for a 4:00 start, the affair was successful alright considering the good number of guests and members of the association who came for fun. The guest speaker arrived earlier than some officers. He is, after all, a man of cloth and is used to celebrating mass on time. And it seemed, he knew everyone. He is simply cool. Rev. Fr. Javier B. Fria, P.V. (Dr. Ditas Acero, a retired DepEd English Supervisor and a dear cousin who was seated beside me wanted to find out what P.V. after the priest name means and I said I dont have any idea). He was introduced by Mrs. Conchita V. Margate, the association prexy as one of the priests of the Parish of Saint Anthony of Padua. He did deliver an inspiring homily(eh, speech). Very meaningful Christmas message. The program was started by an invocation done by Mrs. Aurea M. Aguilar, the national anthem was sung and Mrs. Beatriz B. Marpuri led the singing. Dr.Bernadita M. Acero gave a welcome remark and used the opportunity to announce that the organization is now registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission giving the organization its legal personality. The closing remarks was given by Mrs. Rosario E. Sergio, still very prim and proper in her 90th year. The highlight of the program were the musical and dance numbers. Mrs. Tecla S. Dimabayaos trained chorus members dressed in a Christmas color patadyong were simply wonderful with their rendition of a medley of Bicols beautiful songs such as Sarong Banggi, Ay Nanay ay Tatay, Ano Daw Idtong sa Gogon, Nagsakay ako Nagsakay, etc. The star of the chorus was my comadre Mrs. Marina Dini Abao-Neri who vocalized solo some lines from one of the songs. (My comadreng Dini just got back from a month-long European tour with her hubby Padeng Honorio). The folk dance drew loud claps from the audience. At 60 and above, the dancers were very graceful, thanks to Mrs. Socorro Praxides who trained them so well. Considering that the dancers were all retired teachers, it was not surprising that folk dancing looks like they were born with it. A plague of appreciation was awarded to Fr.Fria, the guest of honor, by the association president assisted by Mrs. Salud P. Sotto and a raffle draw and distribution of prizes was facilitated by Mrs.Eleanor F.Nieves. It was too bad Dr. Soledad A. Vargas was not able to give her opening remark but she had the best reason for not being able to make it on time. I miss her remark. It would have been nice to hear one good speaker as Sol is. Mrs. Daisy A. Pandes was a very effective emcee.

Seasons Greetings from:


4th engineering district Office Baao, camarines Sur

Pambansang Pangasiwaan ng Patubig (National Irrigation Administration) cAMAriNeS NOrte-irrigAtiON MANAgeMeNt OFFice
Office Address: Lag-on, Daet, Camarines Norte Telephone: 440-1204 Telefax No.: 440-1204 TIN. No.: 000-916-415-000

dePArtMeNt OF AgricUltUre

Republika ng Pilipinas

We wish you all the joys and happiness of the Holiday Season!
engr. rOS r. gUerrerO
District Engineer

Sa lahat pong magsasakang nakinabang sa Serbisyo ng Patubig (National Irrigation Administration-Daet-Talisay Rivers Irrigation System / Irrigation Management Office) an ang huling araw ng pagbabayad ng buwis ng Patubig na may sampung porsiyentong diskuwento (10%) para sa kasalukuyang singil ay hanggang Nobyembre 30, 2012 na lamang kung kayat ang lahat ay inaanyayahan na magbayad ng kanilang buwis sa Patubig sa tanggapang ng NIA o kaya sa aming mga Bill Collectors bago dumating ang takdang nabanggit. At kung sakali namang hindi makapagbayad, base sa P.d. 552 (An Act creating National Irrigation Administration, paragraph 2, Item b, Section 2, Powers and Objectives of NIA, to wit: Unpaid Irrigation Fees of administration charges shall preferred liens, first, upon tha land benefited, and then on the crop raised thereon, which liens shall have preference over all other liens except for taxes on the land, and such preferred liens shall not be removed until all fees or administration charges are paid or the property is levied upon and sold by the National Irrigation Administration for the satisfaction thereof...xxxxx rOgeliO c. KiNg
Head, Cams. Norte IMO

engr. NeStOr P. gOriMBAO and Staff

10 Bikol reporter
dar, cda Forge pact . . .
to promote the viability of their growth as instruments for equity, social justice and economic development. The DAR and the CDA will also provide technical assistance to newly organized cooperatives to help them prepare the documents required to register with the CDA, which assists cooperatives improve their operations and preserve and build up their capital. De los Reyes said the project is in line with the DARs continuing efforts to implement programs and provide services that will improve the quality of lives of farmerbeneficiaries. This project is in response to the clamor of ARB cooperatives for government to assist them in their re-registration, a critical starting point for their farm business engagements. Moreover, as partners between agencies and grassroots organizations, this project is also an innovation on convergence initiatives, de los Reyes said. The DAR chief added that the signing of the agreement would help develop strong and stable cooperatives to harness economic and social opportunities and help them cope up with the challenges. By doing so, they will be able to better serve their members and contribute to improving the quality of life of our ARBs, their households and rural women, De los Reyes explained. The agreement is the latest in a series of programs langui. He noted that public campaign and intervention to control the spread of these diseases, resulted to the decrease of the number of six in 2009 and no new cases reported this year. Mendoza averred Albay province has attained a certain level based on the parameter of DOH wherein these diseases are considered no longer a public threat making it a basis for declaring the province Filaria free. introduced under the Aquino administration that are designed to help agrarian reform beneficiaries all over the country.

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

alBaY now Filariasis Free . . .
He furthered that aside from the Zero Casualty goal in times of disasters and emergencies, the province has aimed for a Zero Incidence in terms of health or Disease Free Zone. Tuazon meanwhile said that among the six Bicol provinces, Albay and Sorsogon have already been declared as Filariasis-free provinces. Tuazon citing WHO statistics said 44 provinces across the country have widespread cases of filariasis of which only 12 are filarial free this include Albay and Sorsogon. DOH, on the other hand, has expressed confidence that the country will be declared Filariasis-free by 2018 as the agency is set to declare more provinces as Filariasis-free within the year, the likes of Eastern Samar and Marinduque.

A Man of character
by JOey M. zAMOrA
One of the secrets of success is possessing a genuine character. Your character is what makes you uniquely you. And character plays the most important role in your day to day existence. A good character has been validated by your commitment and sincerity in performing the work with an electrifying energy even without supervision from your superior. Accept wholeheartedly the added tasks and performed them even beyond the required period of time without expecting rewards in return from the company. If you were such, surely you are badly needed by any of the private and public business companies and enterprises of the entire country or all over the world. As your getting mature for whatever endeavor you learn much in your relationship with people with whom you work in solving complex problems and in sometimes seeing your ideas put to work and value them so much like a treasure of diamonds or a masterpiece of an award winning artist. The character with which you approach all your tasks eventually shapes your individual style and determine your career success or failure. To reach excellence you must be a man of good, strong and honorable character. eXtrAJUdiciAl SettleMeNt OF eStAte With SAle Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate children and the surviving heirs of the late Spouses lOreNzO c. rOSAleS and SAlVAciON MArgAllO rOSAleS, who died on July 25, 2002 and October 3, 3003, respectively both in Naga City, Camarines Sur, without any WILL or TESTAMENT and with no known debts, left a parcel of land situated at Concepcion Pequea, Naga City with OCT No. 265, that the parties adjudicate among themselves the described property; that for and in consideration of the sum of SEVEN MILLION pesos (Php7,000,000.00) in hand paid by Sps. William de Lara Tan and Elizabeth Dolor Tan, the heirs do hereby SELL, CEDE, TRANSFER and CONVEY by way of Absolute Sale the described property, as acknowledged before Notary Public Milagros Ramin Francia, Doc. No. 130, Page No. 26, Book No. XIII, Series of 2012. BIKOL REPORTER Published: December 2, 9 and 16, 2012

christMas is a tiMe For joY . . .

Despite these commodities high prices and other social issues, street demonstrations are temporarily shelved to give way to the joyous celebration of the season. The Makibaka spirit and other protest actions are put off. Historically, all the EDSA revolutions and other military uprisings except the 1989 military coup against former President Corazon Aquinohave been staged after the Christmas holidays. Filipinos in general would not want to destabilize the spirit of Christmas. So any sitting president can rest assured that there would not be any destabilizing maneuverings either from the civilian demonstrators or from the military during the Christmas season. The people take to heart that Xmas is a time for joy, happiness and peace. What happens now after the short-lived holiday season, Juan, Pedro and Ben do their old bad ways again, businessmen exploit their workers, violence rules the streets, rebels and soldiers start annihilating each other again, greed and mistrust become the order of the day, philandering husbands go back to their mistresses loving arms and their legal wives suffer in silence, and cops extort hapless people. My dear readers, we need more than the yearly celebration of Christmas to make us a good personand we need something better than Christmas to attain peace and happiness in this uncertain and stressful world. For our meditation and reflection, I would like to conclude my article with Gods words from the Bible This is what Jehovah has said, your Repurchaser, the Holy One of Israel: I, Jehovah, am your God, the One teaching you to benefit [yourself], the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk. O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea. And your offspring would become just like the sand, and the descendants from your inward parts like the grains of it. Ones name would not be cut off or be annihilated from before me.(Isaiah 48:17-19).

use geohazard Maps . . .

flood-prone area? Filipinos in every barangay in the country need to know this information far before any typhoon signals are raised. Coupled with early warning signals at least seven days before any typhoon arrives, we should be able to radically minimize the casualties, Legarda detailed. No mayor, barangay captain, or kagawad will put their constituents at risk by relocating them to danger zones. However, due to the lack of information, many have died because the relocation sites themselves are geohazard areas. We should plan our cities and municipalities accordingly, she remarked. Disasters should not happen before we begin to take action. We should arm our local government officials with the right tools to ensure that our nation is always prepared and resilient to disasters, Legarda concluded.

pnp intensiFies drive . . .

A gun ban will be implemented early next year. The measure is pursuant to Republic Act 8294 providing for policies on unlawful or illegal possession, manufacturing, dealing, acquisition of disposition of firearms, ammunition, explosives or use of other materials or paraphernalia in making such commodity. PNP Camarines Sur spokesperson C/Insp. Efren Orlina said provincial police officer in charge Supt. Leony Danao already issued a directive to all 35 chiefs of police of all cities and municipalities in the province to notify all gun owners to check on the expiration of their guns and renew it on or before gun ban policy takes effect. Orlina said that PNPs campaign against loose firearms intends to ensure that peace and order will reign during election period. We are continuously reminding gun owners to exercise responsibility over their firearms and that includes renewing their licenses. We will also take action for noncompliance by filing criminal charges to violators, Orlina said. Orlina added that the police will be following certain guidelines in every legal action to undertake such as application for a search warrant from the court to confiscate unlicensed firearms up to the charging of illegal possession of firearms to violators. Pursuant to COMELEC Resolution 9385, gun ban policy will take effect from January 13, 2013 to June 12, 2013. The campaign will also compliment Republic Act 7166 specifically citing provisions on the carriage of firearms, its disposition, including rules and regulations during synchronized national and local elections and for electoral reforms.

deed OF SAle OF MOtOr Vehicle Notice is hereby given that Maximina A. Belleza is the widow of the late PRUDENTE BELLEZA of Sta. Lucia, Magarao, Camarines Sur, the lawful owner of motor vehicle described as follows: MAKE: Rebuilt; Motor No. 527076; Chassis No. MAR20116488C; Plate No. VBR 401; that for and in consideration of the sum of TWO HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND pesos (P265,000.00), receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by way of Absolute Sale unto NERIZA B. PUNZALAN married to Roland F. Punzalan, of San Benito, Goa, Camarines Sur, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Edman B. Pares, Doc. No. 79, Page No, 17, Book No. 2, Series of 2012.
BiKOl rePOrter Published: december 9, 16 and 23, 2012

republic of the Philippines OFFice OFthe MUNiciPAl ciVil regiStrAr libmanan, camarines Sur NOtice OF PUBlicAtiON In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that Nordita BodoyMalinao, has filed with this Office a Petition for Change of First Name from NOrA to NOrditA in the birth certificate of NOrA BOdOy who was born on September 15, 1959 at Poblacion, Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are Fedirico Bodoy and Milagros robles.. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than 22 december, 2012. (Sgd.) eMilie A. dAirAO Municipal Civil Registrar
BiKOl rePOrter Published: december 9 and 16, 2012

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

NAMe OF deceASed Modesta F. Sballegue raul M. Matamorosa Agileo A. genio constancio A. Subastil dominador d. collantes Manuel N. Maestro renato S. Pejo Nathan Willard r. Belleca Ana M. espares celestino B. Nobleza leonida S. Ballon Asuncion P. tosoc ciriaco V. tosoc Amparo V. de Matta Katsumi Shimada thor g. tapalla eleonor t. Alviso loreto S. delos Santos delfn e. ramores Sr. Nery d. Quito Santiago e. Manalo

dAte OF iNterMeNt November 3, 2012 November 4, 2012 November 4, 2012 November 6, 2012 November 8, 2012 November 9, 2012 November 10, 2012 November 9, 2012 November 10, 2012 November 10, 2012 November 11, 2012 November 15, 2012 November 15, 2012 November 14, 2012 November 20, 2012 November 18, 2012 November 22, 2012 November 25, 2012 November 24, 2012 November 27, 2012 November 30, 2012

deceMBer 16-22, 2012

Bula hosts organic rice . . .
Central in Lanipga Bula, Camarines Sur were harvested during said field day. Dante Fidel, National Seed Coordinator and Organic Agriculture focal person of the Bureau of Plant Industry said the project is being implemented by the DA- Bureau of Plant Industry and funded by the Bureau of Agricultural Research to support the Philippine Organic Agriculture Law. Fidel also added that the seeds produced from this techno demo will be procured by the DA and will be distributed as starter seeds to farmers engaged in aromatic rice production. Dr. Santiago Obien, Senior Technical Adviser of the DA National Rice Program was impressed with the PDCIs organized efforts in rice production. He urged the farmers to spread the production of aromatic rice varieties. He disclosed that NSIC RC 160 is a high yielding variety developed in CLSU, while the MS 16 (Maligaya Special ) developed by PhilRice has good eating quality. He emphasized the continued support of the DA National Rice Program to the Filipino farmers and promised to revitalize organic agriculture in all areas of the country. Ms. Adelina Losa, Region 5 Organic Agriculture focal person read the message of Assistant Secretary Salacup who was not able to come because of more pressing problems in Mindanao. In his message, he commended the PDCI for being a model of an active and successful farmers cooperation advocating greater adoption and promotion of sustainable agriculture through organic agriculture. In his message, he commended the Bicol region for contributing 44% of the countrys organic crops production and for contributing 74% to the total organic palay production from January to September this year. Also present during the field day were Ruel Gesmundo, Chief of the National Seed Quality Control Services in Manila; Jesse Fernandez, Senior Researcher of Philrice Bicol; former BAFPS Director Gilberto Layese; Mayor Benjamin Decena; Miller Bicaldo, General Manager of the PDCI and farmer cooperator Gener Bicaldo. Lovella Guarin

Bikol reporter


Merry Christmas Greetings to all the People of Pamplona Camarines Sur!


hon. geMiNO iMPeriAl

& the iMPeriAl FAMily
of Pamplona Camarines Sur
notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta
All unredeemed items/articles pawned at rOWeNA ASPe PAWNShOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. hernandez Avenue, Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

Municipal Mayor

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe SPeed PAWNShOP, Jr. Bichara complex, San Antonio Poblacion, calabanga, camarines Sur, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

a question oF . . .
is in Laguna. She is a retired district supervisor. Her younger sister, Sonia, is in Naga City. There is another, Panio Delloro, the son of Uncle Santos, a trader in Metro Manila. I have taken roots in Legazpi City. It is where fate has taken me after my years of wandering in search of adventure and a place under the sun. Legazpi is my new home. My retired teacher wife keeps house for me. In the absence of my two boys who are both abroad, the house is only half full. However, when my two grandsons, Vincent and Renzo, come for a visit, the house is full with their laughter. My two grandaughters, the twin Kate and Sophie, who are in the Middle East, come home every two years. When I was in Paniman about a year ago with my high school pal, businessman Kekoy San Pablo, I sought out another old friend, Badong Alarcon. I found him at home. He looked much older. We talked of old times. He was a cashier at a gas station a little distance from where I worked as a cashier. I regularly walked to his station when I was not busy, It was my way of fighting homesickness. Kekoy who was vice mayor of Caramoan years ago is my best friend since high school. In July, 20l3, Kekoy and his wife, Mely, will mark their 50th wedding anniversary in Caramoan with a renewal of marriage vows. He has asked me to be one of the wedding sponsors. I could not say no. When they were married in Garchitorena many years ago, Kekoy invited me. I failed to attend. I do not want to miss the rare chance to see my best friend wed again after 50 blissful years . Although the old home is no longer there, the people I once knew in my youth are very much around, enough reason for me to make the journey back..

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at e. BOy ASPe PAWNShOP, Prieto Street, Filabel Arcade, dinaga, Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe eXPlOrer PAWNShOP, ground Floor, Bichara complex, Abella St., igualdad, Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at r. M. ASPe PAWNShOP, cor. Panganiban & elias Angeles Street, Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe igUAldAd PAWNShOP, cor. igualdad ext. & J. hernandez Ave., igualdad, Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe crOWNJeWel PAWNShOP & JeWelry StOre, Bichara Mall corner J. hernandez & gen. luna Sts., Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

notiCe to tHe puBliC auCtion sale/suBasta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe SUPerPAWN PAWNShOP crown Jewel holdings inc., elias Angeles St., San Francisco, Naga city, pawned from JUly 01-31, 2012 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUAry 3, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until deceMBer 28, 2012 only. the MANAgeMeNt BiKOl rePOrter Published: deceMBer 9 and 16, 2012

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