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New Year, by virtue of its name is a phrase having deeply seated feelings in the hearts of people all around

the world; a time when everyone wants to feel joy and celebrate irrespective of every external stimulus. For me, New Years Eve is just a date in the calendar and regular markings in the passing of time as much like ones birthday; the only difference being everyone celebrates this birthday. This shall be a topic which will be thoroughly explored and revised so I will not go into the pointy details of our success and failures, rather I shall cover the general character. Last Year had times of deep sorrow, some of ecstatic pride and most of merely living a life and the next year doesnt promise to be much different. But it does not matter whether the time around us changes or not because for all the probability it will not change, what matters is how we change according to the needs of time. As a nation, we shed tears, tear gas, blood of our body and blood of our brothers & sisters for many objectives and purposes. We explored depths of universe and came back to look at the hungry child in front of the temple. We sued god and returned to mutely sing songs and spread a smile. Let us see what other pinnacles we achieved last night. Last night was New Years Eve. While walking on the roads on Mumbai surrounded by laughter and joy mingled with the shouts of horns and screams of glee, I tried my best to soak all the ecstasy in the air and be a part of the celebration; I found myself lacking. New Year marks a new beginning as well as an old end; we look forward and move to a new future at the same time as we say goodbye to a period of life counted on the face of calendars. Marine Drive was crowded with cars, people, cops, lights and noise and general populous like me walked among the crowd. There were clicks & flashes everywhere carefree of photographing strangers; snacks & drinks everywhere unaware of

throwing them into the sea or the ground; drunk & happy people roaming around smelling of booze stumbling into boys and girls equally and cops patrolling the area aware that this was one of the many spots all over the country where a simple instigation could result into an unwanted event. But New Year isnt about these things and actions, this is about a new start with New Year resolutions and changing people. From Tomorrow, it all changes, is something that we all have unanimously thought and spoken aloud and we are of the best knowledge how that promise was followed up on. The first day of the year is the lowest rung of the ladder with which we commence our ascent to the rise of a better year and life but we forget we leave behind lots of baggage at the stoppage point where we shook ourselves when one of the journeys was over. Among many acts of drunken people running around, trying stunts and innocent people executing their joy in one way or the other, the other side of coin wasnt far away. There were clear headed people bumping into drunk crowd with purpose, there were cameras at odd angles flashing without fear and there were people who might have protested, who might have advanced a black dot, who might have updated their twitter statuses who looked upon all this and smile or participated. The ones who cry for the poor and less privileged failed to bump into sleeping infants on the path beside their tired mother trying to sell horns for a living. A group of three foreigners being harassed as the natives swarmed around them to take pictures with them and the lady being led by strange hands in focus with a strange arm around her (- only for photo madam-). These people have brazen mind and a rough purpose; they are surprisingly resistant to black dots, angry electronic messages and most of all peace protests. We can always choose to kill them on the spot or later under a noose but new ones will grow up if no other participating

factor changes. But last night does not mark the bad; it marks the good a hope for a good and happy beginning, coining the widely used adjective of happy in pretext to the New Year. Last night I looked at the poor street seller with infants in arms and over knees often looking at the sky to the beautiful firework which shed its light uniformly while somewhere else some fellow was guarding a stench-filled public restroom collecting attendance fees for the interior looking at the drunk boys and girls walking hand in hand, arm in arm, stumbling over each other with a smile on their face making their way through looked upon by the plethora of families forming the human boundary of marine drive clicking pictures and shouting their happiness through their actions. I realized something important; New Year did not have any special meaning or reason of celebration from people after all. They couldnt care less whether there was a change of number in the last digit of the date or whether a new calendar was to be brought home; New Year marked a bigger occasion and a simpler one. The people who looked upon others while they posed for photos, for once, were bold enough to click numerous photos; the meek and shy would shout and sing with confidence; the embarrassed friend would walk arm in arm with a girl he was too shy of; the corner sitters would dance in the center; the child in rags would dance with the child with a mobile phone and there would be no hue and cry. New Year means something different for everyone and no two people are identical, but what is common on this night is that everyone without fail has an excuse to let their hair down and let go of all the hesitation and restrictions of society because there wont be a judgmental eye in sight and everyone can be whoever and whatever they want. I was surprised that after everything, the development, money, success and society, if one had to wait an entire year for this surge of

courage and an excuse to feel a true mental freedom, our society must have definitely went wrong sometime somewhere along the way. As I stepped back in my room, a melody from the near streets ringed in my year which irritated me a bit, I conveniently formed a prejudice and passed a judgment; it was easy, the new year had already begun; the night of no pretense was behind me and over already.

Zor se bolo Jai Mata Di, Zor se bolo Jai Mata Di, I'm a disco dancer, I'm a disco dancer. The streets of Mumbai