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Location: Industrial area, Amman, Jordan Description: the project was based on adapting abandoned building and reuses

it. The tasks was to find lost spaces or abandoned buildings and regenerate them. The selected building was in the middle of the industrial area, it was a formal illegal paint factory, which was left for scrap collecting and inappropriate actions, and those acts included prostitution and drug dealing. After thorough analysis of the industrial area and based on the activities that were conducted in the selected site, the new function of the building was designated for collecting and distributing the scrap in a more organized way for recycling it. The building itself was recycled in the design by integrating parts of the old faade. The new building consists of a large hall and a bridge that takes the visitors through the journey of sorting and organizing the scrap without disturbing the workers. And the scrap yard has been divided into various platforms with different heights to define the spaces of working. Project type: main project 2011