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Capital Markets Day 2012

Lars Renstrm President and CEO Alfa Laval Group

Capital Markets Day 2012

November 20, 2012 in Copenhagen 10:30
Lunch 12:15

Business update and Q&A

Lars Renstrm, Susanne Pahlen klundh, Peter Leifland, Svante Karlsson, Renstrm, klundh, Leifland, Karlsson, Thomas Thuresson and Q&A

Food package served on the buses to Sborg


Innovative technologies; 4 parallel sessions (35 min x 2)

- Welded heat exchangers, Christian Thomsen - Marine environmental applications, Joakim Thlin - Industrial refrigeration, Claes Ericsson - Oil & Gas, Sammy Hulpiau / Tobias Svensson Gas,

15:00 16:00 16:45

Factory tour Q&A including financial remarks

Lars Renstrm, Thomas Thuresson and moderator Renstrm,

Buses depart for restaurant and/or Copenhagen Airport

Strategic drive Divisions

Orders received, YTD 2012
Equipment Division Marine & Diesel Division Process Technology Division

Component Driven

Marine and Diesel Industry Driven


Process Solution Driven


Profitability per Division

YTD 2012
Equipment Division Marine & Diesel Division Process Technology Division

EBIT: 14.2% P&S: ~ 15%

EBIT: 18.6% P&S: ~ 35%

EBIT: 17.9% P&S: ~ 25%

Marine & Diesel Division

Distribution of orders YTD
Ship building & Offshore Environment & Energy, Marine Diesel power Parts & Service


World trade & Fleet capacity

Legislation and fuel cost

Electrical power needs

World trade






Alfa Laval

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Priorities per Division

Equipment Division Marine & Diesel Division Process Technology Division

Multiple sales channels E-commerce Parts & Service

Environment Energy efficiency

Energy Environment Fast-growing regions

Orders received & fast-growing regions fast2002 vs. 2012

Asia, Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe

Western Europe and North America

Western Europe and North America

Asia, Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe

January September 2002

January September 2012

Alfa Laval

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Top 10 markets*
SEK million at prevailing rates

United States China Nordic Korea, South Mid Europe South East Asia Adriatic Russia Brazil India 0 1 000
= Rolling 12-months = WY 2011 Alfa Laval

2 000

3 000

4 000

5 000

*The development of the 2011 top ten markets.

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Alfa Laval PureDry

Reduces fuel costs onboard ships by 1-2%

Alfa Laval

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Alfa Laval LYNX 1000

Alfa Laval

Slide 11

Alfa Laval brazed heat exchangers

Higher energy efficiency Newness >50% GM +5%-units

Alfa Laval

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Acquisitions in 2011 and 2012

Name Country Strategy Business
Provider of service high speed separators Supplier of equipment and solutions to marine, offshore and power markets Supplier of mixing and blending equipment and solutions for the oil & gas industry Provider of belt filter presses, a complement and alternative to Alfa Lavals decanter range in the dewatering of municipal and industrial wastewater Provider of tank cleaning equipment for the industrial and sanitary markets in North America.

Sales M M

Separators Inc Aalborg Industries Vortex Systems Ashbrook Simon-Hartely Gamajet Cleaning Systems



10 357 12 60 9 448

Denmark Product US US US Product Product Product


Parts & Service

= Extending performance
Headcount development Sales development (MEUR)

2 371 1 592 439


CAGR = 8.2%







More feet on the street!

Parts & Service:

Alfa Laval Group = 102 service centers

Halmstad Humppila Aalborg Halmstad Tumba Moscow Aberdeen Vejen Edmonton Lund Warsaw Wakefield Edmonton Camberley Lodz Glinde Breda/Waalwijk Hildesheim Scarborough Rotterdam Portland Gimhae Vienna Dayton Philadelphia Nantes Guny Carter Lake Beijing Poseung Monza Kobe Newark Lyon / Fontanil Shenyang Monza Indianapolis Shonan Peoria Genua Istanbul Madrid Greenwood Chesapeake Jiangyin Tokai Fresno Bristow Qatar Farmersville Osaka Qingdau Bakersfield Richmond Chugoku Clute Kunshan Macon Dubai Shanghai Yanbu Houston Houston Fort Lauderdale Jubail Sharja Shenzhen Houston Houston Kaoshiung Bangkok Dubai Baroda Quartero Mexico City Thane Vizag Kuala Lumpur Singapore Sandakan Singapore Bintulu Singapore Medan Banjarmasin Pekanbaru Lima So Paulo So Paulo Townsville Macae Johannesburg Sydney Perth Santiago Buenos Aires Melbourne


Alfa Laval

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Alfa Laval

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