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Pathogenesis of Measles (rubeola)

Transmission by Droplets of Measles Virus (paramyxovirus) Infects epithelial cells of the nose and conjunctiva Virus multiplies in the epithelial cells

Period of Communicability: during period of coryza or catarrhal symptoms. Or 4 days before rash appears- 5 days after rash appears

Extends to the regional lymphnodes by way of Lymphatic system Incubation Period 1st-10th day

Primary Viremia Occurs Kopliks spot( Graying Specks) describe as tin red patches with central white specks in the buccal mucosa in the second molar.

Measles Virus- (-) single stranded RNA, Unsegmented, Lipid containing envelope, Helical symmetry and replicates in the cytoplasm Measles Vaccine (MMR) Live attenuated 12-15 mos of age

The virus continue to replicate in the epithelial cells and Reticuloendotheliel system

Secondary Viremia Occurs Infection starts

Fever and Malaise

Prodrome Period 8th-12th Day

In Biopsy of lymph node the presence of Warthinfinkeldy or the Multi-nucleated Giant Cell

Coryza, conjunctival injection, cough

Kopliks Spot Rash erupts (macupapular) Centrifugal

13th 14th Day 14th 15th day

Presence of HA or Hemo agglutinin activity and F Protein

Rash advances to the trunks