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Experience all of Australia

The Pleasure of Every Night

Relax Approaching sunset the only thing to stress about is the fresh lemon and ice for your drink. The Kruiser has a 2.5m galley kitchen nestled under the expansive view through the end-to-end windows. The sharp-looking black granite-like surfaces with recessed sink and gloss splash back makes it Picture Perfect! Effortless Appliances Ceramic Glass cooking top, Dual convection/microwave oven, easy glide frost-free freezer, ceramic valve taps, 5 minute hot water. If you have the outside kitchen, it features a WeberQ BBQ and stainless steel sink. Slip from the Open Fire to the Box Office Leave the comfort of your chair by the fire and drift into your movie in comfortable seats looking directly at a big screen. This option features a drop down 22 screen that is angled to suit the reclining cinema seats with sensational sound. A beautiful starry night is not to be wasted The sequel to a stunning day is night time in the Kimberley Kruiser with its totally unique bedroom suite and ensuite. The bedroom suite is an insulated Cocoon for quiet privacy. You can view the stars in the comfort of your air-conditioned suite. The multi-pocket innerspring Queen size bed with granite-like side tables keeps it functional. The soft finished sloping bedhead lets you read in comfort! Even if the elements deliver unkind wind and rain, you can cuddle up in the quietest cocoon in the industry! Sleep Well with a True Off-road soul, bright independent spirit Independence without the worry is the spirit we have built into every model. Super-Light Solar on every model, diesel hot water and heating that will last for months from a miserly 12 litre tank. Recycled water system in the Black Caviar Model for the electric touch flush toilet. Add the second 12V air-conditioner for the bedroom suite and you can have a cool nights sleep where generators use is forbidden. Eco-friendly, safe, inexpensive to operate and a wonderful feeling of independence are the words to best describe the new Kimberley Kruiser.

The Pleasure of Value

How hard will it be to re-sell your investment in 5 years time? Vehicles are getting leaner and your purchase today should keep this mind. Restrictions in National Parks will insist on greater independence. Kimberley RVs try to be future safe and just keep good value year over year. Litres per hundered kilometres: Highway/Off-road Low. Lower than Low. No BS. This Kruiser has an understated profile with an aggressively low co-efficient of drag for a full size caravan. A minimalist fuel miser for any freedom seeker. Free Energy for Amazing Lithium Batteries Dupont-finished Super-Light Solar Panels and lightweight Lithium Batteries are standard in both models. This means we can reduce weight by a staggering 174 kg in the Black Caviar Model. Kimberley have a no timber in construction policy utilizing lighter and stronger alloys instead. Even the floor is made of cast polyethylene. There are even super-light carbon fibre mudguards. All these give the Kruiser a magical meeting point of low weight for independence and high performance. Kimberley owners share a secret! Ross Coads of Southern NSW was reversing down an isolated dirt road to re-approach a steep hill when he saw a young man on a dirt bike fly over the hill behind. With quick thinking, he sharply reversed his Kimberley Karavan into a side ditch leaving a narrow path and probably saving the young bikers life. The Karavan ended up over-turned and was sitting in a ditch on its side. He winched it up and pulled it back onto 2 wheels. Within minutes he was driving again with very minor scratches. He told us face to face: There is absolutely no other van out there that would survive that and get up and going without a hitch. My confidence in Kimberley is endless! The Kimberley owners secret is peace of mind and Good Value! Four wheels, one purpose - safe & smooth! A profile of smooth tapered sides and the bullet shaped nose delivers the best of both worlds: lowest fuel consumption for a 6m internal tandem caravan and safest centre of gravity for cornering and over-taking. Its road holding redefines the caravan towing experience. With electronic disc braking that ensures total control, the Kruiser is ready to dominate every inch of both road and off-road track. Value for the environmental too! A warm timber finish can cast a cold future for our natural Australian timber forests. We went in search for the best-of-breed solution and the result is stunning! The thick timber veneer is sourced from the USA and is robot controlled reconstructed real wood veneer free of the splits, knots, holes and discolouration. The process has 40% less waste than traditional mechanical veneers and is considerably higher quality. The draw catches are sourced from Italy and are high quality chrome plated. Safety cannot be under valued! While you and your partner are enjoying a shared experience in remote areas, we would want that to be a safe experience. Kimberley have been researching satellite based communicators for years. Delorme (USA) released a compact 2-way texting and position communicator that is the pinnacle of new technology. The problem was that maps and services were exclusively North American based. Kimberley has invested in the appropriate licences and partnered with Delorme to release this product and service in Australia. Every Kruiser buyer will receive a free communicator if they sign up for any service from With an iPhone or Android-based phone connected by Bluetooth, you can communicate with family and friends who can follow exactly where you are. You can also post directly to Facebook and Twitter!

Two Models with 50 Shades of Grey in between

Why we built the Kruiser

Kimberleys Goal is to get more Australians off-road to experience this beautiful country. This requires RVs that will not only go anywhere in Australia but also let you experience all it has to offer outdoors. You may think this is a straight forward specification. But after building nearly 6,000 RVs we have never built two units exactly the same. Everyone has slightly different needs. Whats more, technology is changing fast with lighter and more durable materials and energy devices that allow you to travel further with less fuel and even no generator. The result is specially-designed RVs which are built to go anywhere - where the outdoors is your living room. Its our culture as a company to do things that surprise customers. We know our customers like these surprises, so we invest in it, and we will continue to do so. Its important to stay in front of the pack. To that end, we have more than 20 items in the Kruiser applying new technology. New technology yields lower weight, better finish, better storage, lower maintenance, faster set-up or better energy use, thus a better experience for you! Some of these are world wide innovations that will surprise you. The surprise is a better experience! Finally, the challenge a lot of us have in getting out of doors on a big trip is pursuading the better half to come with you. An experience shared is an experience that stays with us forever. I have spent years at Kimberley progressively improving designs for a shared experience. In the Kruiser, this was paramount and I hope you will agree. Ones wife can be the harshest critic. But in this case, I have mine to thank as she had a steep set of requirements before she would come out with me again. The Kruiser has met her expectations and even she said, exceeded them. So I am happy to say, one more person will be able to experience the beauty of Australia in a Kimberley. Bruce Loxton

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