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Corporate Overview
p Filter Innovations p Founded in 1992 p p In 2006 Filter Innovations completed the merger with Calco Filter Innovations is a leading provider of innovative treatment solutions for process water, wastewater, ground water, and air. Turnkey solutions include Air Scrubber, Chemical Waste Treatment, Membrane Biological Reactor, Odour Control, and Ultra Filtration Systems Filter Innovations has an aggressive research and development program with leading governmental and educational institutions to develop practical applications of innovative new technologies which is leading to a series of new patented environmental products and systems
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Mission and Core Values

p Vision p Filter Innovations will be recognized by our customers as their first choice in the supply of environmental equipment and products Mission p Filter Innovations provides clients with simple, innovative, and proven solutions for the treatment of organic and inorganic materials in water and air Core Values p Honesty in all that we do p Respect for the individual p Safety in the workplace and home p Commitment to our success p Commitment to our customers success

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems WHY SCRUBBERS? Many toxic contaminants in the air are very toxic, corrosive, and carry various odour nuisances:
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Chlorine (CL2) Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Ammonia (NH4) Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Ozone (O3)

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems WHY SCRUBBERS?

1. Odour nuisances 2. Adverse health effects highly toxic gases 3. Corrosion Effect of Pollutants on Equipment


Oil Storage Tanks

Sewer Systems and Plants Lines and Tanks Degassing Refineries Mining Pulp and Paper Reactor vents

Chemical and Plastics Pharmaceutical fermentation odours Municipal solid waste Composting facilities Food & spice processing Drying Processes

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems WHAT ARE AIR SCRUBBERS?

A simple solution for several odorous and corrosive problems

Dry media based systems for the removal of multiple compounds in the vapor phase state, including the removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Additional components Blowers, Demisters and Particle Filters

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Activated carbons pelletized, granular, impregnated: Coconut shell based Coal based Wood based 2. Zeolite

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems

Odour: Something that smells - garbage, skunk,

rotting vegetables Organic compounds: hydrocarbonsmercaptants, endoles, skatoles Inorganic compounds: ammonia, hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg) Odour sniffing

Corrosion: oxidation of materials

in the environment

Effect of Corrosion

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems OUR SCRUBBERS


SATURATED MEDIA MASS TRANSFER ZONE UNSATURATED MEDIA Containerized Deep Bed Scrubber Skid-mounted Deep Bed Scrubber

Usually 3-ft media packing depth Multiple beds Removal of all odourants from the air stream


Pressure drop varies from 6 to 12 inches Different types of media

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Significant features: 100% contaminant removal Airflow range 100 10000 cfm Multiple chambers Multiple beds for different types of media Custom manufacturing Low maintenance Minimum downtime for media replacement

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems Special offers for small applications

Panel Media Filter Modular in design Easy removable trays with media from side of housing

Air Pollution Control Barrels Provides efficient control of minor point source pollution problems (air flow range of 75-350 cfm) Easy installation / easy operation Low price

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems Special offers for small applications

Sewer Pure/manhole filter- odour nuisance control from manholes

Mini-Vent Media Filter Stack Filter (no moving parts). Economical solution to odour control from sewer gas vent piping

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems

Filter Innovations Inc. provides proven solutions for emissions, odour, and corrosion control.

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Air Scrubbers/Air Treatment Systems

We proudly attach this label to every system we supply:

744 Gordon Baker Road North York, Ontario, Canada M2H 3B4 Telephone 416 490 7848 Fax 416 490 0974 Email Web Site

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