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CURRICULUM VITAE Contact: Mr. Mumin HACIMUSALAR, Koru Mah. 2565 SK.

6F-Blok D-18, Cayyolu ANKARA/TURKEY Mobile TR: +90 533 7746920; Mobile Algeria: +213770332578 E-mail: 1) 2) Name, Surname : MMN HACIMUSALAR Occupation : M.Sc. CHEMICAL ENGINEER Place and Date of Birth: KAYSER -TURKEY, 03.04.1964 Military Services : FREE Marital Status : MARRIED WITH 2 CHILDREN Driving Licence : CLASS B Foreign Language : ENGLISH EDUCATION : Licence : University of Ankara, Department of Chemical Engineering. 1982-1986 Post-graduate : University of Ankara, Department of Chemical Engineering. 1988-1992 Occupational Training : 1. 2. Quality Assurance and Management, Quality System Documentation; Internal Quality Audit, TSEN-ISO 9000 Basic Education of the Quality assurance, External Quality Audit Institute of Turkish Standardization & YNDES, March June 1998 Project Management Professional Certificate Program, 17 Jan.- 10 Mar. 2007 by MENTOR Project Management Training & Consultancy, PMI Registered.

WORK EXPERIENCES : 1. Uhde GmbHDortmund/GERMANY. Sorfert Ammonia and Urea Project, Arzew-Oran / Algeria; 2x2200 MT/day Ammonia (Uhde Tech.), 3450 MT/day Urea (Stamicarbon Tech.). Commissioning Supervisor for Ammonia Train-1, Commissioning and Start-up Manager for Ammonia Train 2, Dec. 2011 to upto now. 2. SAIPEM/Snamprogetti, ENI GROUP Milan-ITALY. Engro Chemical Worlds Largest Single Train-Ammonia and Urea Project; 2200 MTPD Ammonia Plant/Haldor Topsoe, 3835 MTPD Urea Plant/Snamprogetti, Daharki-PAKISTAN. Commissioning and Start up Manager, June 2009 to April 2011. 3. Uhde GmbHDortmund/GERMANY. (1200 MT/day Ammonia - Uhde, 1925 MT/day Urea Stamicarbon) a) MOPCO Ammonia and Urea Project, Damietta-EGYPT. Commissioning and Start-up Manager for Ammonia Plant, Sep. 2007- Nov. 2008. b) ALEXFERT Ammonia and Urea Project, Alexandria-EGYPT. Commissioning and Start-up Manager for Ammonia Plant, Nov. 2005 to Sept. 2006. 4. GAP INSAAT YATIRIM VE DIS TICARET A.S., Tecen Ammonia and Urea Project, TecenTURKMENISTAN; 600MT/day Ammonia - Uhde, 1050 MT/day Urea - Stamicarbon. Ammonia Plant Chief Engineer, Dec. 2002 to Oct. 2005 5. BOTA (Petrolum Pipe Line Corporation) Marmara Erelisi LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Import and Storage Terminal, Tekirdag /TURKEY. Operation and Laboratory Engineer, 2000-2002 6. IGSA (Istanbul Fertilizer Company) Ammonia - Uhde Tech. and Urea Plant - Stamicarbon Tech, Izmit / TURKEY Operating Engineer (Responsible for Natural Gas Desulphurisation, Steam Reforming, CO Conversion, CO2 Removal, Methanation, Compressors, Ammonia synthesis, refrigeration, Steam Boilers, Nitrogen generation, Demineralisation and other Utilities) 1994-2000 7. MSB. (Turkish Ministry of Defence) Technical Services Department, Quality Control / Assurance Engineer, 1988-1994