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BFG ideas #2 Celestials entity and essence(solaris, planetaris(planetoid, planetesimal), nebualris(cirrus, cumulus, stratus, nimbus) Turret upgrades: assault

cannon space marines, dark elder-splinter cannon, necrons-gauss flux ark Corvus assault pod titans -rotary cannon, laser fire -Krak-centimanes(hundered handed greek mythology). Target instructed weapons. Six sensor sattleites in addition to own sensor grid, each satellite has 4 torps and 9 bolts(antitorp torp). RCS( robotic cobat system), RCS carrier, failsafe-positive(no deactivation by enemy-post defeat deterrence function/doomsday device). Denial perimeter. Torpedoes drop screechers, air flight missiles, main silo has 24 torps and 36 bolts. Guardian factor: squid-architeuctus-large so predator safe and armed with mine pack of 4 mines(attachment)insurance against enemy talk down. Inner defence perimeter. Failsafe threshold: standby-combat readiness and defensive weaponry arming, denial-deny enemy and safety to friend, failsafe-no friendly target. Functions-guard, enemy area denial, protect friendly forces Demon 4-turntable weapons pods/packs, CYVOC-cyborg volitional control, AVRCS DR MCCV DMNadvanced volitional robot control system multicapable cruise vehicle director guidance by mechanical and neural systems. Screechers and decoys. Modular hull. Float in sleepers-defenses hidden as terrain. Fast reentry multiple target seeking nuclear warheads, ground lasers, laser sats, bomb sats, orbital platform, factors-killer whales, dolphins, sharks. Hydra RCS1 divides into 4 sub buses each of which subdivides into 4 warheads -Star fist-space hulk rules mimic, laser batteries str. 1, 2, 3, 4 WB with varying arcs, nova gun=melta torps, graviton gun-move 5cm and/or turn target, LB-fighters. -Nidichar-look up on the net for ship -Necromongers-preceded by comet-spike ships that land on planet by hammering into the ground. Release troop transports and fighters. Have necron like portals. -spikes-planet hulk-ship(elders and children-attack organic matter when hungry. Usually feed on cosmic energy from dying stars and migrate from time to time. -dindrenzi FSA-gun racks, fixed forward rail guns -relthoza FSA-cloaking and stealth technology -Earth FSA-Rotating turrets that mimic tau fire arcs, strong damage control and protective technologies such as the Aegis shield ship.

-ship options: hull-stealth, biological; armour-reflective, refractive, reactive, ablative; ordnancecaestus rams, storm ravens; assault boats-assassinorum operative, spryer hunting party, arcoflaggelants, daemon hosts; crew-obliterator virus, dark mechanicus -ironclads-6+ armor, spar or towed torpedo, if shot at and did not shoot previous round, opponent must reroll and successful damage rolls. -Tau auxiliary fleet -Spanish American war fleet -bomb-BTB contact at end of turn to attach to the enemy ship. Explodes if enemy player does not successfully use a repair dice to remove or shoot off with turrets. Explodes in the controlling players next ordnance phase. -Characters to fleets that add fleet wide abilities or change fleet ship selection or force org -British empire fleet -Battle of leyte gulf -Websites to skim for BFG content: Blackstonesix rogue trader tyranids Tactical command old forums for khareshi pirates and xenos species Javelin 89s starmada page Archomentals Avatars of elemental evil Ironclads fleet-arpax, spiked corvus, carronade, cannon Necrons(5th edition, Ctan) Fringers, Voidstar dwellers, Genesis guardians Fleet lists: admech-all lunar, gunline, ordnance, allies; Armageddon-all lunar, solo ship, allies, battlebarge; chaos-60 cm, 45 cm flex fleet; RT-alien, core; Tyranid-vanguard-kraken and core, hive fleet-core and evolutions for each; necrons-core, tombship; SM-battlebarge, strikecruiser, dominion Sensual seduction, narcissus -Silver tower: defense/12 -- -- 5+ 4 4 weapons batteries str. 12 all around torpedoes str. 6 all around(attack as a blast marker or fighter 0r str. 4 turret against ordnance markers) Space based radar(targeting array and improved sensors), skybolt. Gorgon ASATS, elektrom space plane(scimitar missiles and chemical bomb)