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Lists of all credo namkeen products. Wefers Chana dal Mung dal Bikaneri sev Phudina sev Sing bhujia Kela wefers Mitha chavana Aloo sev Nimboo sev King kurre Milk protin sev Milk protin wefer Dhoom chavana Credochavana

4 PS:-

1). Product:Any physible item which marketer offer to customer s product. It includes following products: 1). product variety:Different type of namkeen with which company is dealing is decided here. Variety stands for different types of Product Company offering to customer in different flavor. 2).quality:However, this is most important features to face competition, to become or maintain number one in namkeen market. If quality of different types of namkeen is good, then namkeen industry can became popular.

3).brand name:If band name of namkeen is easy to remember, customer can frequently use it and can occupy place in mind of customer. And credo namkeens brand name is very easy to remember brand image in customers min d because credo means to believe. 4). Services:Credo Namkeen should provide better service than the competitors. It should available in under as well as rural areas. 5).packaging:Packaging of credo namkeen item should be attractive. It includes name of Manufacture Company, expire date, manufacture date, mrp, ingredient use in product etc. and credo namkeen use nouse plastic packaging system also.

2).PRICE:Price is monetary value of product that consumer need to pay on purchase of product. 1). List price:Here need to prepare the sales price to different distributors and customers of different types of namkeen like wafers with salt and without salt, cruncy and crispy, mug dal. We select price by various method of pricing.\ 2).discounts:If customers make payment in cash is a liable for certain discount. At hot rate discount should provide on purchase of product. Here need to keep certain factors in mind while providing discount 1). Type of purchase, 2). Quality of product, 3). Quantity purchase by the customer. 3). Payment period:If a purchase made on credit base in how much time period customer should liable to pay amount. Generally it should be short term like 10 days, 15 days, 1 month. 4). Credit term:If a customer purchase product on credit, he should require to follow certain terms and condition.

3). PROMOTION:In the context of the marketing mix, promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication, that is, the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response. Marketing communication decisions include: Promotional strategy (push, pull, etc.) Advertising Personal selling & sales force Sales promotions Public relations & publicity Marketing communications budget The Promotion is what many of us commonly mistake as the complete meaning of Marketing. This refers to the methods used by marketers to make customers, aware of their product or service. With increased competition, awareness is not enough for a product to sell. In the present market place, a marketer has to inform, influence, instigate and sometimes even inveigle a potential customer into making a purchase. The most commonly used methods of promotion are advertising, using sales force, sales promotions and increasingly telemarketing. Sales promotion is any initiative undertaken by an organization to promote an increase in sales, usage or trial of a product or service Often they are original and creative, and hence a comprehensive list of all available techniques is virtually impossible (since original sales promotions are launched daily).

Sales Promotion Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly, short term designed to stimulate quicker of greater purchase of particular or service by consumers or a trade. Advertising and personal selling often work closely with another promotion tools, Sales promotion consists of short terms incentive to encourage the purchase or sale of a product credit services, where as advertising and personal selling offer reason to buy a product or service. The sales promotion invites and rewired quick response Advertising says Buy our product but sales promotion says By it. now. It effects is for a short term only and dose not builds a longterm brand preferences. Sales promotion is a short-term objective, which is used to increase the sales. Sales promotion made by the credo namkeen is the discount given on the purchase of its namkeens.

Advertising Advertising includes any information or persuasive message carried by a non-personal medium and paid for by a sponsor above product is in the same way identified in the message. Traditional mass media television and magazines are most commonly used. it saves as a substitute for a sales person talking to an individual prospect.

Sales forces US firms spends over $140 billion annually on personal selling more then they spend on any other promotional method. Sales forces are found non-profit as well as for profit organization collage requites are the universitys sales force firm. No one devotes he importances of the sales forces in marketing meet. However, companies are sensitive to the high cost and rising cost.

Public Relation Not only must the company relate constructively to customers, suppliers and dealers but it must also relate to a large number of interested public. A public confucilicute or impede companys ability to achieve its objectives. In the company they must have to good relationship with the public. If they dont do these types of relation than no one take this product and company will go in less. So company should put good relationship with the public.

4). PLACE:Introduction Place (or placement) decisions are those associated with channels of distribution that serve as the means for getting the product to the target customers. The distribution system performs transactional, logistical, and facilitating functions. Distribution decisions include market coverage, channel member selection, logistics, and levels of service. Place is about getting the products to the customer. Some examples of distribution decisions include distribution channels, market coverage (inclusive, selective, or exclusive distribution), specific channel members, inventory management, warehousing, distribution centers, order processing and transportation. Meaning Place includes all company activities involved in making the product available to target consumers. It includes: channels of distribution, the extent of market coverage, managing discrepancies of quantity and assortment, retail locations, and the management of inventory, transportation, and logistics. Ultimately, Place is involved in making the product convenient for the target customers to purchase.

Coverage Distribution channels can be defined by the number of levels involved. Each layer of marketing intermediaries, or "middlemen," that performs some work in bringing the product and its ownership closer to the final buyer is a channel level. Because the producer and the final consumer both perform some work, they are part of every channel. We use the number of middlemen to indicate the length of a channel, as depicted below:

Channel 1 called a direct marketing channel, has no middlemen. It consists of a company selling directly to customers. For example, Lands' End sells direct through mail order, by telephone, and via the Internet. Channel 2 called indirect marketing channels. It contains one intermediary level which, in consumer markets, is typically a retailer. For example, the makers of televisions, cameras, tires, furniture, and many other products sell their goods directly to large retailers such as Wal-Mart and Sears, which then sell the goods to final consumers.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILLITY Social responsibility is the part company organization. Social responsibility of business may be at four level;Economic responsibillity The credo namkeen provides help to poor and needy also give good facility. Legal responsibility This is towards the concern section like trade union, workers etc. the company has to abide by laws in this regard the credo namkeen spend good salary, bonus, remuneration, scholarship, other facility etc.(according to law).The social responsibility: In social responsibility includes moral responsibility also like creating zero pollution. Thus the credo namkeen planted a many tree for zero pollution.

Voluntary responsibility: The company may volunteers for certain responsibility like tree planting, started a school in village also give computers in the school and gram panchayat of the goblej village also provide scholarship to the student of nearer village.

MARKETING SEGMENTATION: Market segmentation is the act of sub dividing a market into distinct sets of customers who merit attention. Targeting these customers for marketing by evaluating, selecting and concentrating becomes a corollary to segmentation. Market segmentation assumed

importance in the context of intense competition market is bombarded with. A market consists of buyers, and buyer differs in one or more ways. They may differ by their wants, resources, locations, products requirements. These variables have to be considered in the process of segmentation. There is different level of market segmentation. They are mass marketing; segment marketing and micro marketing markets can be segmented on the geographical basis, demographical basis, psychological basis, behavioral basis and loyalty status. Credo namkeen segments its market on the following basis:

1).Geographical segmentation: Geographic segmentation means dividing the market in to different segments based on the geographic variables such as Nations, States, Cities, towns If we talk about credo namkeen. Products, they have the products we can categorized these products in to the Geographic Segmentation.

2). Psychographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation divides buyers into groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. It divides buyers into different groups base on social class, lifestyle, or personality characteristics

3). Demographic segmentation Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as Age, Gender, Family size, Life Cycle, Income, Occupation, Education, Religion, Nationality... Demographic segmentation means devide market into groups based on variable such as age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, region, generation and nationality.

Income Income is very useful in demographic segmentation. We use this variable for its product and sale different price packages, for e.g. .its come out with credo products which affordable so the poor consumer can buy a credo namkeen and middle & high income family can buy a family packages of 1 k.g. Family size Family size is also important for demographic segmentation. Credo also uses this variable and sold different package. If two member in family they use with occasional package, small package. 4).Behavioral segmentation Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses or responses to a product. Occasions Buyers can be grouped according to occasions when they get the idea of buying. credo also use this variable