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Business English Vocabulary Quiz 1 (Unemployment)

Choose the correct answer:

1. Unemployment ____________ = money that is paid by the government to people who do not have a job. benefits money 2. Did you quit or were you ____________? hired fired 3. My friend tried to commit unemployment ____________, but he was caught. scam fraud 4. I ____________ for unemployment benefits last week. filed tried 5. My benefits are automatically ____________ into my account every week. deposited given 6. People who receive benefits have to fill out a weekly ____________. request claim 7. I didn't receive my check this week. It must have gotten ____________. lost in the mail lost in mail 8. An ____________ occurs when you receive (or pay) more money than you are legally entitled to. underpayment overpayment 9. You have to report all your ____________ on your weekly claim. wage wages

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10. In legal terms, the "person making a claim" is the ____________. claimant claimer

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Business English Vocabulary Quiz 2 (Jon Interview)

Choose the correct answer:
1. This is an ____________ position, but it does require some experience. entry-level entry-area 2. What was your ____________ at your last job? It was $50,000 per year. wage salary 3. To "land a job" means to ____________. get a job quit a job 4. He was "let go" = He was ____________. allowed to work fired 5. If an employer wants to talk about your "background", they're interested in your ____________. work-related history ethnicity 6. My brother works for a law ____________ downtown. company firm 7. British people call it a CV, while in the United States, it's often called a ____________. CEO resume 8. What were some of your ____________ at your last position? responsibles responsibilities 9. I was in ____________ of the entire marketing department. charge responsible

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10. When applying for a job, you should include a resume and a

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Business English Vocabulary Quiz 3 (Jon Interview)

Choose the correct answer:
1. After you had your interview, it's a good idea to ____________ ( = to get in touch by saying thank you, asking about their decision, etc.) with the employer. follow up follow through 2. A good way to follow up is by sending a ____________ note. thanks thank you 3. The interviewers were impressed with Jim's positive ____________. attitude aptitude 4. How's the dress code at your company - is it formal? No, it's ____________. caustic casual 5. When the interviewer concludes the interview, offer a firm handshake and make eye ____________. contact connection 6. I looked at your resume and noticed that you have some ____________ in your employment history. missing time gaps 7. I got a ____________ from Yahoo. Really? Did you accept it? job proposal job offer 8. What's another word for a "job search" ? job mission job hunt 9. Don't forget to look through the ____________ in your newspaper. job listings job articles

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10. What are some of the ____________ your company provides? Let's see... A free dental plan, three weeks paid vacation, etc. benefit benefits

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Business English Vocabulary Quiz 4 (Jon Interview)

Choose the correct answer:
1. Talking about your experience and _____________ is the most important part of any job interview. qualifications qualifiers qualms 2. When you talk about your education, remember to use the past tense(s), for example: "I _____________ the University of Warsaw from 1992 to 1996." attend attended went 3. If you are currently studying, you can say something like: "I am _____________ studying at the University of Souther California." presently present current 4. Do you have any special _____________ in your field? Yes, I took a oneyear course on Advanced Web Design in 1998. trade trains training 5. Did you _____________ the fact that you speak five languages? speak say mention 6. Most jobs require relevant experience. That's why it is important to explain what experience you have in _____________. detail details exact 7. My supervisor was always very pleased with my _____________.

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performers performance pro-forma 8. The development of a new database structure was one of my greatest _____________ in my last position. refreshments accomplishments accomplices 9. I have a lot of experience _____________ with customers. toying satisfying working/dealing 10. I feel very _____________ doing this type of work. comfort comfortable scared

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Business English Corporate Buzzwords Quiz 1

Choose the correct answer:
1. A company's "mission ____________" is a statement that defines an organization's values, goals, and business philosophy statement paper 2. This adjective is often overused in the business world - it means "main", "primary", or "most important": values core 3. Jim, I'm busy right now - I'll ____________ ( = get in touch to see how things are going) with you later in the day. touch wood touch base 4. To ask/get someone to do something = To ____________ someone to do something. tap tape 5. To think ____________ means to think of clever and innovative solutions to a problem. outside the box out of the box 6. Core competency = the thing that a company does ____________. worst best 7. We've got a fire drill = We've got ____________. an emergency a fire in the lunchroom 8. If someone is unaware of something (like a topic, decision, etc), you can say they are "out of the ____________". hunt loop 9. You're in a meeting and you raise a topic. Your manager says "let's take it offline". What does that mean?

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Don't send me any more emails Let's talk after the meeting 10. Moving ____________ ( = in the future), we won't be pursuing these clients. forward in front

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Business English Corporate Buzzwords Quiz 2

Choose the correct answer:
1. Everyone has to do their best = Everyone has to ____________ step up step in 2. A "win-win" situation is one where: everyone wins a prize everyone will be happy with a decision 3. An overused way of describing someone who is enthusiastic. Instead of waiting around to do something, this person takes charge and does it: reactive proactive 4. Mark told me that "ball is in Nancy's court" - what does that mean? That it's up to Nancy's to take care of business That it's up to Nancy to pass the ball to Mark 5. If a project is "mission critical", it is ____________. very important not very important 6. We need to come to a mutual agreement. Right now we're not ____________. in the same boat on the same page 7. What does it mean "to raise the bar"? to set new standards of (high) quality to fix the bar in the men's bathroom 8. This has to be done by eod (end of day) Thursday. I'm going to put it at the top of my ____________ list. work priorities 9. When a manager says "We have to regroup", she is saying "we have to ____________." fire some people and hire new ones rethink our strategy

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10. You need to get ____________ on this system = You need to learn all you can about this system. up to speed up to your neck

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Sales and Marketing Terms Quiz

Choose the correct answer: 1. Nothing is more important than growing your customer or ____________ base. client clientele clients 2. What is another way of saying "to make more money"? to get revenue to increase revenue to obtain cash 3. What does it mean to "close" a sale? to finalize a sale to fail to give up on a sale 4. What do you call people who you can potentially sell to? loads leaders leads 5. What's the term that describes the initial search for new sales leads? sales searching sales fishing sales prospecting 6. Victor, we need you to conduct a market ____________ for this new product. analysis overview test 7. We can provide this service at a ____________ (= a small part) of the cost of what you're paying. small part fraction fracture

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8. Who is your ____________ audience? = Which group of people is your advertising message designed for? targeted target targeting 9. A "____________" is a (personal) sales lead that someone gives you - Basically it's like saying "I know someone who would be interested in this". reference referee referral 10. What's a "cold call"? calling from an air conditioned room calling someone (to make a sale) without knowing anything about them calling someone and being rude to them

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