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First Examination

Section 1
A) Select the expression marked (a), (b), (c) or (d) that best completes
the following items . Mark your answer by encircling the letter
indicating the choice .
1-We must leave the party at exactly 9:00 ;.................
well be late for work .
a. for else b. other
c. else
d. otherwise
2-She plays the flute ................... an expert .
a. like
b. since
c. as
d. as if
3-Neither my brother ..................... ever been to Europe .
a. or I have
b. nor I have
c. or me has
d. nor me have
4-If the maid comes today , please have her ................ my shirts .
a. washed b. washing
c. to washing
d. wash
5-When the crowd returned to their seats , ...................
started his speech again .
a. this is the speaker
b. the speaker who
c. the speaker
d. the speakers
B)From the word in brackets at the end of sentence below form a word
that fits into the space in each sentence .
For example :
He will .......... arrive in time . (certain )
-He will certainly arrive in time.
. ( ly)

6-The farmers did their best to ..................... the

stream . (wide )
.(( )wide ( ) to)

7-We ............ that he is one of our best graduates . (certain )

( are) ( We )

8-He told me that he would very ............ arrive today . (probable )

. ( ly)

9-We witnessed great ................ events . (history )

. (( )history ).

10-He is ................. respected by his colleagues . (high )

. ( ly)

C)Complete sentence (b) of each of the following items in such a

way that it means exactly the same as sentence (a) before it .
11-(a) They dont allow us to smoke in the classroom .
(b) We ...................................................................................................... .
Passive ( ) Active Voice )
( are) ( We) ( us) ( Voice
( allow )
. ( .P.P)
12-(a) People were praising and criticizing Jack at the same time .
(b) Jack ............................................................................................... .
Passive ( ) Active Voice )
( was) ( Jack) ( Voice
( praising) ( .P.P) ( being)
. ( criticized) ( criticizing) ( praised)
13-(a) The dog only bites if someone steps on its tail .
(b) The dog doesnt bite .................................................................... .
( unless )
14-(a) There is a slight possibility that youll win the competition .
What would you do with the money ?
(b) Supposing ........................................................................... .
( win ( )won ( )you )

Section 2
A)Complete each of the following with one of the expressions marked
(a),(b),(c) or (d). Mark your answer by encircling the letter indicating
the most suitable choice .
1-To learn how to program a computer is ............. difficult to do in a week .
a. two
b. too
c. to
d. as
2-The prisoner ................ on the ground all day long .
a. lies
b. lays
c. laid
d. lazy
3-Youngsters often remember vividly their ........ trip camp .
a. first
b. former c. passing d. passed
4-The students were ............. slow to understand the message of the film.
a. quiet
b. quietly
c. quite
d. quit
5-The width of the counter is longer ............... its depth .
a. then
b. that
c. than
d. more than
B) Choose one option that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word
or expression as it is used in each of the following sentences :
6-The candidate felt that his academic credentials were
sufficient to win him the job .
a. important
b. educational
c. costly
d. experience
7-The panorama from their porch encompassed a large part
of the mountains .
a. cooking utensils
b. unbroken view of a large area
c. TV screen
d. plot of land
8-The old age of the equipment is a definite liability to
the factory .

a. cost
b. disadvantage c. aid
d. capacity
9-The reporter described the scene as one of
total chaos /keios/ .
a. joy
b. wonder
c. disorder
d. intensity
10-She estimated that 250 people would attend the
reception for the winner .
a. denied
b. hoped
c. calculated
d. asserted
C)In the following passage there are five numbered blanks .
Encircle the letter of the choice that most suitably fills the numbered
Thank you for your letter of 4 April 2000 . We are
.....1..... to enclose details of your 2000 intermediate
level summer courses . If
you ....2.... any further 3.... ....., please contact our Dean
of .....4...... studies . We look forward to .....5...... from
you .
1-(a) happy
(b) excited ( c) pleased ( d) nice
2-(a) acquire ( b) require ( c) request ( d) want
3-(a) news ( b) information (c) data
(d) rumor
4-(a) academic (b) graduate ( c) lecture ( d) work
5-(a) hearing
(b) hear
(c) listen
(d) listening

Section 3
A) Read the following passage, then choose the most suitable answer
for each of the questions below .
Throughout history , the search for salt has
played an important role in society . Where was no salt
near , it was brought
from great distances . Thus , salt
became one of the most important articles of early
trade . Records show that in areas of scarcity ,
salt was traded ounce for ounce for gold .
Romes major highway was called the Via
Sal aria, that is , the Salt Road . Along that road , the
Roman soldiers transported salt crystals from the salt flats
at Ostia up the Tiber /taib/ river . In return ,
they received a Solarium or salary , which was literally
money paid to soldiers to buy salt . The old saying
worth their salt, which means to be valuable , derives from
the custom of payment during the Empire . The
caravan trade of the Sahara was also primarily
an exchange of goods for salt . Among ancient peoples
there , to eat salt with another person was an act of friendship .
Slaves were often purchased with salt . Salt was so
important in the Middle Ages that governments
retained salt trade as a monopoly , or levied taxes
on its purchase . By then, peoples social rank was
demonstrated by where they sat at the table, above
or below the salt . Even today, in some remote regions of the
world, salt is a luxury item . In fact , in a few isolated
areas of Southeast Asia and Africa, cakes of salt are

still used for money .

1-What does the passage mainly discuss ?
a. The old saying worth their salt b. The Roman Empire
c. Salt
d. Ancient trade
2-The word scarcity in line 3 could best be replaced by
a. influence
b. deprivation
c. demand
d. progress
3-What was the rate of exchange for salt and gold in areas where salt
a scarce commodity ?
a. One to one
b. One to two
c. One to ten
d. One to sixteen
4-According to the passage, where were salt flats located?
a. Rome
b. Tiber
c. Ostia
d. Salaria
5-What does in Latin word Salarium mean ?
a. salt
b. salary
c. soldiers d. The Salt Road
6-If a man is worth his salt , he is .
a. A soldier
b. A thirsty person
c. A valuable employee
d. A highly paid worker
7-The word retained in line 16 could best be replaced by
which of the following ?
a. reserved b. transferred c. denied
d. sold
8-Who enjoyed a monopoly on the sale of salt ?
a. soldiers of the Roman Empire
b. traders in the Sahara
c. governments in the Middle Ages d. people of high social rank
9-The word then in line 17 refers to
a. ancient times
b. the Roman Empire
c. the Middle Ages
d. early modern times
10-The word remote in line 19 is closest in meaning to
a. distant
b. prosperous
c. traditional
d. irresistible
B) From the following list of words, choose the right one to fill in the
right blank in the following passage :
(again, dropping, picture, panting, galloping, tell, ride, was, eager, riding)

For thousands of years , the quickest way of sending

a message was to give it to a man (..1.......... ) on
horseback . If the news (..2....... ) very important , he would
..........3..) ) his horse as hard as he could for about
twenty miles ; till it was covered with foam ( ) and almost
..........4..) ) , and then change on to another fresh horse
and go on for another twenty miles ; (..5.......... )
change horses , and so go (..6.......... ) on , night
and day . He would cover the distance in a wonderfully
short time and one can (..7.......... ) him arriving at his
journeys end , nearly dead with exhaustion on a
(..8.......... ) horse , while people gathered round ..)
..........9 ) to hear what he had to (..10.......... )

Section 4
A) Some of the sentences in this exercise are correct . Some are
incorrect. First, find the correct sentences and mark them with (C).
Then find the incorrect sentences, and correct them .

1-One of the most distinctive features of Islamic architecture

is the arch /a:tS/ .
2-No fingerprint is exactly like another .
2-No fingerprint is exactly as another .
3-Shakespeare was both a writer and he acted .
3-Shakespeare was both a writer and an actor .
4-Dreams may been the expression of fear and desire
that we are not conscious of during our waking hours .
4-Dreams may be the expression of fear and desire that we are not
conscious of during our waking hours.
5-Irving Berlin , a famous songwriter , he never learned to
read or write music .
5-Irving Berlin, a famous songwriter never learned to read or write music.
6-That the earth rotates wasnt known until the 1850s.
7-If Jane wont go to the party , either will he .
7-If Jane wont go to the party , he wont go to the party, either.
8-Put the mail on the halls table .
8-Put the mail on the hall table .
B) In no more than 100 words, write on one of the following topics :
1-Some people believe that it is very important to make large
amounts of money, while others are satisfied to earn a
comfortable living . Analyze each viewpoint and take
a stand .
Some people have the right to believe that it is
important to make large amounts of money for these reasons :
Large amounts of money can make them buy whatsoever they
like . Besides , they can live in luxury . Money can
solve any problem at any time . Without it , people may face
a lot of difficulties and suffer deeply .
On the other hand , others are satisfied to earn
a comfortable living and they also have the right to believe
so because they dont like to spend much money on unnecessary things .
They dont like to live in luxury , either . My viewpoint
about both opinions is positive because everyone
is free to think and behave . They are both correct
. I agree with them .
2-The college years are the best time in a persons life . Do you
agree or disagree with this statement ? Give reasons to
support your opinion .
I agree with this statement that the college years are the best
time in a persons life for these reasons : At college one exercises
freedom not only in behavior and thinking but also in
choosing one's other half. Besides , these few years are like spring which
is full of oxygen , flowers , wonderful days and nights .
During this period one can review his life and plan
for the future .
3-The Importance of Vitamins

Vitamins are good not only for our life but also for
providing us with energy . They can make up for
any loss in our food. Besides , vitamins are found
very cheap in several different forms such as pills
, injections and syrup etc . ... Vitamins, on
the other hand can make our bodies strong
, active and healthy ; therefore people can not do
without them . They are sold in both pharmacies
and shops . Briefly speaking , vitamins , as
the proverb says , are life givers .
4-The Subject I like Very Much
I like Psychology very much because it is very
interesting for these reasons : It is good not only for human
beings but also for animals as well . It can guide
our behavior towards the safe side . Besides ,
Psychology is a modern science that studies the human and
animal behavior . Briefly speaking I like
Psychology very much because it is the subject which widens my
thinking towards better behavior and better life .
5-A Stolen Car
My friends car was stolen
at about 8.30 p.m. last
week while it was standing outside his house . Its color
was white and its model was new. He decided to take his family
to cinema that evening . But when his son went out , he suddenly
shouted and began to cry saying that he had seen someone
drive it away. All the family members went
crying and shouting . Even the neighbors began to
shout and cry , too. At last the husband went to the
police station. He was surprised to see his car standing there.
Then he saw the thief who was arrested for having no
driving license . So my friend took his car and went
home. Everyone was happy and they all went to cinema smiling .

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