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Pak Dungu

PAK Dungu and his wife lived in a village. His name is Dungu because people thought that he is stupid. People always made fun of him. One day, his wife asked Pak Dungu to sell their cow to the market. Remember, dont sell the cow less than 250 rupiahs, said the wife to Pak Dungu. Unfortunately, Pak Busuk heard their conversation. He is a bad man and always tricks people. He immediately went to his friends house, Pak Cokel and Pak Colek. Together, they were planning to trick Pak Dungu. On the way to the market, Pak Dungu met Pak Busuk. Where are you going, Pak Dungu? asked Pak Busuk. I want to go to the market. I want to sell my cow, answered Pak Dungu. A cow? Are you kidding? This is not a cow, this is a goat. Pak Dungu was upset, and then continues walking. Later, he met Pak Cokel. He asked Pak Dungu the same question. How much? asked Pak Cokel. Two hundred and fifty rupiahs. Wow, that is too expensive for a goat, said Pak Cokel. Again Pak Dungu was upset. He thought Pak Cokel was crazy just like Pak Busuk. They thought his cow as a goat. He ignored Pak Cokel and continued walking, and then he met Pak Colek. Again, Pak Colek said that Pak Dungu did not have a cow but a goat. Pak Dungu was confused. Because Pak Dungu did not want to lose a lot of money, he then sold his goat to Pak Colek. At home, his wife was angry. She asked Pak Dungu to find Pak Colek to get his cow back. Pak Dungu was very sad. He blamed himself for being stupid. He then prayed and then got an idea. He bought a small bell and told all the sellers to help him. Every time he ate or bought something at their places, Pak Dungu did not have to pay. All the sellers agree to help; they knew Pak Dungu was a kind man. Hello friends, I want to treat you. Lets eat, said Pak Dungu to Pak Busuk, Pak Cokel, and Pak Colek. They all were eating and after they had finished, Pak Dungu rang the bell. When the seller heard the bell ring, he said, Ok, you have already paid. They then walked to another seller. After Pak Dungu rang the bell, the seller said Pak Dungu had already paid. Pak Busuk, Pak Cokel, and Pak Colek thought that Pak Dungu had a magic bell. So they

asked Pak Dungu to sell it for them. Pak Dungu agreed but he said that the price was Rp250. They agreed and paid the money to Pak Dungu. After they had the bell, they went to a big restaurant. They ordered a lot of food. After they were full, they rang the bell and left. They restaurant owner was angry. He called the police and said that they were criminals. They ate and did not want to pay. The police then sent them to the jail! Answer the question below! 1. What kind of animal that Pak Dungu sell? a. Tiger b. Dragon c. Cow d. Goat 2. What does Pak Dungus wife command? a. Dont sell the animal b. Just sell the animal in the proper price c. Dont sell the animal less than 250 Rupiahs d. Sell the animal at supermarket 3. Where did Pak Dungu met Pak Busuk? a. At supermarket b. At traditional market c. At mall d. At graveyard 4. Who are Pak Busuks partners? a. Pak Cokel and Pak Colok b. Pak Cokol and Pak Colek c. Pak Cokel and Pak Colek d. Pak Charlie ST12 and Pak Colek 5. What is the tool that brought by Pak Dungu? a. Bomb b. Bell

c. Bison d. Babywalker 6. What is the main function of that tool according to the text? a. To buy something with very cheap price b. To get the ticket for watching movie c. To get big discount d. To eat and buy everything freely 7. What is the price of that tool? a. 240 Rupiahs b. 250 Rupiahs c. 2500 Rupiahs d. 2550 Rupiahs 8. Where did the cunning three compatriots order a lot of food? a. Grave b. Market c. Restaurant d. Field 9. According to the text, actually Pak Dungu is very smart man.Which Asmaul Husna that shows Pak Dungus character? a. Al Hakim b. Al Rasyid c. Al Syahid d. Al Haqq 10. Pak Dungus wife was able to give Pak Dungu inspiration. Which Asmaul Husna that reflect her character? a. Al Nur b. Al Hakim c. Al Haqq d. Al Jalil

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