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Simplified Practical Translation


a along driving A man

two saw road country lonely
of the side by walking men




. .


on was . One the road

was and the other crutches
. Since two suitcases carrying
the far off this were they
, it was road main
hitch were not that they obvious
had but hikers
of gas run out simply
trouble a car had or
, he for them sorry Feeling
a them to offer decided
he pulled . As ride
, howover over
the hurried off the two men
into and disappeared road
such in . They were bushes
carrying the man that a hurry
one of them left the suitcases
. frightened them obviously
and suspicious he became Finally
. It the suitcase to open decided
, with jewels filled was
and other silverwares
told things. The police valuable
were that they later him
, by accident which goods stolen
discover to , he had helped

. hours three

of an the ambition It was

in old boy year eleven

an be to City Kansas

. .

without . Born enginedriver

special to , he had been arms

to he learned where schools

. He spent as hands his feet use

"" . . watching time his spare all

day and one trains

. came true his dreams

, engine a deserted Seeing

. He had no the boy climbed in

with his starting it up in difficulty

he was travelling . Soon feet

an miles forty along at

could not . Signalmen hour

, driver the young see

the train to stop they set out so

the boy . Meanwhile

the , stopped Missouri reached

made , and then himself engine

. When backwards go it
, a home he was near

the caught up with railway-man

first . At and stopped it engine

" : ".
" .

, but angry very he was

said the boy when smiled he
. Well trains , I like simply
like dont you glad , Im
the ! answered planes


. railway-man

his into going was Tom

a he saw when caf usual

man dressed poorly

pool a small in fishing

five about water of rain

. outside it deep centimetres

the man and watched Tom stopped

that . He saw minutes for a few

passed who of the people most

must be he believed by him

the . Tom pitied mad rather

a few after , so man
and up to him he went minutes

, would you , Hello kindly said

the caf into to come like

" : .

? with me a drink and have

was The fisherman

. .

his offer accept to delighted

went , and the two men
the . Tom bought the caf into
, drinks a few fisherman
. Youve to him said and finally

. "

outside fishing been

? , havent you here

to did you manage How many

I , if morning this catch


the ? You are ask
. The fisherman eighth
. merrily answered

" ".

once man A young

his from far a country to went

place one towns . At home

beautiful and very a big he saw

. the sea near . It was house

or towns no were There

not was . There near it villages
. The young house another even

. .

at and looked sat down man

for a long at it . He looked the house

. .

a fisherman . Then time

. The young man towards him came

" : .

, does , sir , Tell me said

that in live anyone

any from far very ? Its house
. The fisherman place other

" :

. beautiful , That answered

for there house has been

. .

king wise years . A very many

who one Every built it

remembers country this leaves

thing the last . It is house that

the from see he can that

a traveller . And when ship


that , he sees here arrives

have to good . It is first house
place this in thing a beautiful


? you agree . Dont

jeans blue in A woman

of an the window at stood

she went in . Then shop expensive

that a dress to see and asked

. The the window in was
did not served her who assistant

she was the way like

that . He told her dressed

. The woman was sold the dress
the shop out of walked

. .

to punish and decided angrily

. She day next the assistant

the the shop to returned
dressed in morning following
a , with coat a fur
and a hand one in handbag

the in umbrella long

the for looking . After other

, she asked for assistant rude

. Not dress the same


, the was she who realizing

serve to happy was assistant
. He climbed time this her
to window the shop into
she saw . As soon as the dress get

like she did not said , the woman it

herself . She enjoyed it

bring the assistant making

the in everything almost

the buying before window

. asked for she had first dress


abroad from friend An old
a to expecting I was , whom
the from , telephoned with me stay
had that he tell me to airport
the at still . I was arrived
, but I time that at office


. .




for his arrangements made
where explaining . After arrival
that I , I told him was my flat
the door under the key had left
to likely . As I was mat
, I late rather home be
the kitchen into to go advised him
food to himself and help
later . Two hours and drink
from telephoned me , my friend
, he said moment that . At the flat
of some to listening , he was
having just after my records
. meal a wonderful had
was , he , he said Now
orange of a glass drinking
would I and he hoped juice
I asked him . When him join
the flat he had reached if
, he answered difficulty without
find to been able had not that he
, -mat the door under the key
the living fortunately but
the by just window -room
open had been left tree apple
. I listened and he had climbed in
in this to all
no is . There astonishment
my in front of tree apple
there , but room living
my in front of one is
! neighbours


a most has Haitham My friend
. He likes hobby unusual
strange in flowers planting
comes round spring . When places
Haitham that tell always , you can
the dirty because about has been
covered , land canals of sides
, and railway with rubbish




" "H
. " :

of full become suddenly banks

, with time his spare . In flowers
of full pockets
his on , Haitham goes round seeds
with pipe a long . He has bicycle
spots into seeds blow to him
. to reach hard are that
, he goes fade his flowers When
their collect to again round
he always way this . In seeds
people . Many supply a big has
never Haitham, but he of make fun
I . Recently get upset himself lets
and he with him coffee having was
he was that once told me
piece a large in seeds planting
the when land waste of
and sent him away came along owner
later days some . Haitham returned
about one no was there when
surprised how imagine . You can
day , one when was the owner
flowers H in letter a large he saw

this across right went which

! land of piece neglected
and I his house round Haitham took me
that see to astonished was
bunch one small only was there
I asked . When a pot in flowers of
, , he answered this about him
. Theyre fresh not Theyre
. Fresh flowers should artificial
they where out there be
of the out . And he pointed belong
of full a garden to window
. flowers

" :

active a very was There
a to married . She was woman
that nothing , but man lazy
make would say she could
her to . She went work him
to what , and asked him father


". .
" . "
" : " ". "
" :
. .

discovered , I have . He said do

your . Tell plan a magic
ten he brings if that husband
that falls the dust of pounds
the onto flowers banana from
to turn it , I will leaves
and the . The wife for him gold
both were husband
. She plan with this delighted
, work to her energy all set
and planted the ground prepared
. She looked after trees banana
they grew until carefully them
morning . Every and produced fruit
an hour spent her husband
of the end . At the dust collecting
ten he had collected years ten
, and took the dust of pounds
. his father-in-law to them
to this , turn , he said Now
, , my son . Ah for me gold
, it has man the old said
. gold to been turned already
your plantations years ten For
. Your fruit have given you
. the fruit selling has been wife
. Go rich already are
. it and enjoy home

, the surface to returning After

that the captain told the diver

a metal found had at last he
, but ship the sunken in safe

be would that it said he

to cut it open

. .

. The captain the water under

should be the safe that decided
went down . The diver blown up

of a number with again

the to fitted which explosives
he came and then of the safe door

a few . After at once up

were , the explosives minutes

, sending electrically set off

. When water of a shower up
, the again settled down the water

examine to went down diver

. The of the safe the contents

. .

. the door had torn away explosion

, light the lamp With the help of
. Closer metal shining he saw

that there showed examination

the inside bars gold were
, he now excited . Very safe

once and returned one took

ship the waiting to more

. above

. .


" ! ! "


" : ! "

had couple married A newly
an elegant into moved just
their of . Many apartment new
were and relatives friends
a , they received so rich quite
a valuable of number large
a . They held presents wedding
. Every evening one party
. The was welcomed one
presents of collection fine
the one of in on show was
. and it was admired rooms
, they received morning The next
present late an unexpected
an envelope . In post by
for the tickets two were
, the theatre at seats best
, saying note and a little
who ! Guess Congratulations
! The young these has sent
to find out tried couple
had sent friend generous what
were , but they tickets
to they went , so unsuccessful
a and they spent the play see
. They evening enjoyable most
and night at late returned
had broken a thief that found
their . All their apartment into
had presents wedding valuable
been stolen
the bare . On
there the room in table
, on it note another was
was written
Know You , Now


. .






his had broken who A man
a to was taken leg right
before weeks a few hospital
the . From Christmas
, he kept there he arrived moment
tell to his doctor pestering on
able he would be when him
afraid . He was home go to
in Christmas spending of
his did the doctor hospital. Though
recovery , the patients best
day Christmas . On slow was
his right had still the man
a . He spent plaster in leg
bed in day miserable
he was the fun of all thinking
; day . The following missing
the doctor however
by telling him him comforted
of being able his chances that
in hospital leave to
Years New for time
. good were celebrations
the left the man When
and excited he was hospital
New on enough sure
to able he was Eve Years
to a stick with the help of walk
his . To make up for a party
in experiences unpleasant
enjoyed , the man hospital
and kept completely himself
he how much everybody telling
still . He was hospitals hated
about something saying
of the the end at hospitals
a on he slipped when party
his and broke ice of piece
. leg left

to was sent farmer A potato

when the time at just prison
digging he should have been
the new for planting the ground

. He knew of potatoes crop

be not would his wife that
the do to enough strong
that she , but by herself digging
the planting manage to do could
did not that he knew and he also





would be who neighbours

for the digging to do willing
to a letter he wrote . So him
, said which his wife
the dig do not Please
the . I had field potato
. there and the gun money
a he got later days Ten
. It his wife from letter
is somebody , I think said
they go before your letters reading
. Some the prison of out
two here arrived policemen
the whole and dug up ago days
shall I . What field potato
wrote ? The prisoner now do
the potatoes, ,Plant at once back
. of course

Stuart Cox was expecting a
French friend of his to come
and stay with him in London
during the summer holiday . The
man telephoned Stuart from the
airport to tell him that he had
arrived . Stuart had made
arrangements for his friends
arrival . After explaining to his
friend where his flat was , he
told him that he had put the key
under the door mat . And,
he was likely to be
home rather late , he
advised his friend to go into
the kitchen and help himself
to food and drink . Two
hours later , the friend
telephoned Stuart from the flat . At
that moment , he said , he was
listening to some of Stuarts
records after having just had a
wonderful meal . He had
found a pan on the gas
stove and fried two eggs and had
helped himself to some
cold chicken from the
refrigerator . Now , he said , he
was drinking a glass of
orange juice and he hoped Stuart
would join him . When Stuart
asked him if he had reached the
flat without difficulty , he
answered that he had not been able
to find the key under the
door -mat , but fortunately
the living -room window just
by the apple tree had been
left open and he had climbed in
. Stuart listened to all that
in astonishment . There was no
apple tree in front of the living
room , but there was one

his neighbours in front of


his , but boy a clever was John
, so poor were parents
his spare in work he had to
to his holidays and during time
. In spite his education pay for
get to , he managed this of

it , but the university to

to study expensive so was
the holidays during that there
to get it necessary he found
time at the same two jobs
money enough earn so as to
. his studies pay for to
to he managed summer One
a butchers in a job get
and time the day during shop
. at night a hospital in another
to he learnt the shop In
left and the butcher meat cut
. In this serving all to do him
the only he did the hospital
the at . Both jobs simplest
the and at shop butchers
had to , John hospital
. One clothes white wear
at the hospital, John had evening
a carry to help to
the place to her bed from woman
an to have she was where
the woman . When operation
! No , No John, she cried saw
be ! I wont my butcher ! Not
my on by operated

butcher ! and she fainted away .

Mrs. Black was having a lot
of trouble with her skin ,
so she went to her doctor and
told him about it . The doctor
sent her to the local hospital for
some tests . The hospital, of
course , sent the results of the
tests direct to Mrs.
Blacks doctor , and he telephoned
her to give her a list of the
things that he thought she
should not eat , as any of them
might be the cause of her skin
trouble . Mrs. Black wrote all the
things down on a piece of
paper , which she then left
beside the telephone while she
went out to a meeting . When
she got back home two hours
later , she found her husband
waiting for her . He had a
big basket full of packages
beside him , and when he saw
her , he said Hello , dear . I
have done all your shopping for
you . Done all my
shopping ? she asked in
surprise . But how did you
know what I wanted ? Well ,
I found your shopping list
beside the telephone , answered
her husband , so I went down
to the shops and bought
everything you had written . Mrs.
Black told him that he had bought
all the things the doctor did not
allow her to eat !

Six men have been trapped in a

well for seventeen hours .
If they are not brought to the surface
soon , they may lose their lives
. However , rescue
operations are proving difficult .
Rescue workers are therefore
drilling a hole on the north
side of the well . They intend
to bring the men up . If
there had not been a hard layer
of rock beneath the soil , they
would have completed the job
in a few hours . As it is , they




sixteen hours and they still

have a long way to go .
Meanwhile , a microphone ,
which was lowered into the well
two hours ago , has enabled the
men to keep in touch with their
relatives . Though they have
nearly used up all their food
and drink , the men are
cheerful and confident that
they will get out soon . They
have been told that rescue
operations are progressing . If they
knew how difficult it was to
drill through the hard rock ,
they would lose heart .

After the accident, an ambulance

took John to hospital . Two
men carried him to bed and
put him in it carefully . A
first-aid worker supported his
arm with a couple of wooden
pieces wrapped with cloth and
placed on either side of
Johns injured arm . Then the
doctor came . He took the
bandage off Johns arm , looked
at it carefully and put his hands
on it . Yes , it is broken , He
said . We will do something
about it . It wont hurt you .
We will give you an injection , and
you wont feel anything .
You will be all right soon .
Thank you , doctor , said John
. John was in hospital for a
week . The first night , his arm
hurt a lot , but a nurse
gave him another injection , and he
went to sleep and slept until
the morning . The days passed ,
until the week ended and John
went home again .

had been a journalist year Last
a well-known by instructed
on an article write to magazine
a new in palace the presidents
the . When republic African
read , the editor arrived article
to and refused sentence first
began . The article publish it
lead steps of Hundreds
which wall the high to
the presidents surrounds
at once . The editor palace
a telegram the journalist sent
the find out to him instructing
and of the steps number exact
. The of the wall the height
set out immediately journalist
important these obtain to
a took : but he facts
. to send them time long
was , the editor Meanwhile
the , for impatient getting
to go soon would magazine
the journalist . He sent press
, but telegrams two urgent
. He sent reply received no
telegram another yet
if that the journalist informing
, he would soon reply he did not
the journalist . When be fired
, the reply to failed again
the published reluctantly editor
been it had originally as article
, the later . A week written
a received at last editor
the journalist from telegram
had been that he him told
the counting while arrested
the 15 to leading 1084 steps
surrounded which wall foot
. palace the presidents

Children always appreciate

small gifts of money . If
metal coins are not
exchanged for sweets , they
rattle for months inside money
-boxes . My nephew , Samir
, has a money-box but it is always
empty . Very few of the metal
coins I have given him
have found their way there . I
gave him a metal coin yesterday and
advised him to save it .
Instead , he bought himself
its worth of trouble . On his
way to the sweet shop , he
dropped his metal coin and rolled
along the pavement and then
disappeared down a drain . Samir
took off his jacket , rolled up his
sleeves and pushed his right
arm through the drain cover .
He could not find his metal coin
anywhere , and what is more ,
he could not get his arm out .
A crowd of people gathered
round him and a lady rubbed his
arm with soap and butter ,
but Samir was firmly stuck .
The fire -brigade was called
and two firemen freed
Samir using a special type of
grease . Samir was not too upset
by his experience because the lady
who owns the sweet shop
heard about his troubles and
rewarded him with a large box
of chocolates .

of a famous widow middle-aged
some , invited businessman
to her women friends of
anxious very . She was lunch
of a dish them offer to
very , and she was -fish tuna
the when with herself pleased
the . As ready was dish
, she put hot very was dish
window the open near it
. minutes a few for cool to
minutes , five However
ready she was , when later
to horrified , she was to get it
, cat the neighbours see
the tuna-fish. , at Chester
in , she was Fortunately
. She quickly the cat to stop time
in was left what rearranged

, lunch at afternoon
with impressed was everyone
the of the end the tuna-fish. At
she was when afternoon
Karim , Mrs. again alone
. She happy but tired was
near an armchair in was
horrified . She was the window
, cat the neighbours to see
. The tuna-fish her garden in dead
a few ! After bad was
, she shock of seconds
doctor the family telephoned
to . He told her advice for
and the guests of each telephone
as the hospital at him meet
Mrs. . For possible soon as
hours few , the next Karim
. of embarrassment hours were
, the , however Finally
. Mrs. Karim was was over danger
still room her living in
. happy no longer , but tired
rang the telephone then Just
. Oh the neighbour , it was
, Chesters dead , she cried Nada
and put a car by . It was killed

. your garden in

One afternoon , a university

student who had wealthy
parents was driving along a
highway in his open Toyota
convertible , when he noticed an
old Model T Ford standing at
the side of the road a few
hundred yards ahead . Its driver
was waving at the cars passing
by , so the university student
stopped to see if he
could help . He found that the
driver of the Model T was a student
friend of his who couldnt get the
old car started . Together they
worked on the Ford, but after
spending twenty minutes pushing
it and trying to get it going , they
decided to give up . As the man
with the Toyota had a
strong rope , he offered to tie the
car to his back bumper , and pulled
it along to the nearest
service station . As the station
in question was several miles
away , the owner of the Model T was
very happy to accept the offer . So
they fastened the Ford to the
Toyota, got into their respective
cars and drove off . After a while
, the student in the Toyota got bored ,
and started going faster , until he
was doing at least eighty
miles an hour . However , the
limit on that particular
stretch of road was sixty ,
and it wasnt very long before
he noticed in the mirror that a
police car was following him .
Forgetting about the Model
T , he slammed his foot
down on the accelerator and the
police were soon left
far behind . The policeman,
realizing that he couldnt
catch the Toyota, telephoned the
next police car . Watch out
for a green Toyota convertible
, doing a hundred and twenty
and listen to this . There is a
Model T following it and
blowing its horn , trying to pass

After her husband had gone to

work , Mrs. Ali sent her
children to school . In the
evening she would be going to
a fancy dress party with her
husband . She decided to dress up
as a ghost and she had made her
costume the night before . Then
she wanted to try it on to find
out whether it would be
comfortable to wear or not .
There was a knock on the
front door . She knew that it
must be the baker . She had told
him to open the door and
leave the bread on the kitchen
table . Not wanting to
frighten the poor man ,
Mrs. Ali quickly hid in
the small store-room
under the stairs . Suddenly the
door of the store-room was opened
and a man from the Electricity
Board had come to read the
meter . As soon as the man saw
Mrs. Ali cried and jumped back
and Mrs. Ali tried to apologize
but the man had run away .