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Active and Passive Voice Transitive verbs are said to be in the active voice or in the passive voice.

Voice is the form of a verb that indicates whether the subject of the sentence performs the action or is the reciever of the action of the verb. If the sujbect performs the action, the verb is in the active voice. If the subject receives the action, the verb is in the passive voice. The passive form of a verb consists of a form of the verb be plus the past participle of the main verb. Active Lola ate the pudding. (The subject, Lola, is the doer of the action) Passive The vanilla pudding was eaten by Lola. (The subject pudding, does not act. Instead, something happens to it.)

Active verbs are more effective than passive verbs. However, the passive form of a verb is appropriate when the performer of the action is unknown or less important than the receiver of the action. For example: The house was vandalized last night. (The performer of the action is unknown) Or The dog was found last night.

Mark was seriously injured as a result of your negligence. (The receiver of the action, Mark, is being emphasized.) Practice Change the following from passive to active voice. 1. The automobile was driven into the garage. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. The bicycle was ridden by Tony. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. The hotel was destroyed by a fire that started with a cigarette. ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. The kitchen counter was covered by a thick layer of grease. ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. Prizes were awarded by the judges for the best projects. ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. Baseballs for hospitalized children were autographed by the entire team. ___________________________________________________________________________ 7. The food was eaten by the dog. ___________________________________________________________________________