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Death Korps of Krieg Siege fleet Fleet list: Escorts: Firestorm Sword Havok Transports(must have at least one

squadron of transports): Cargo transport Armed freighter Defence monitor Heavy transport Cruisers: Siluria Endeavor Endurance Lunar Tyrant Gothic Dominator Battlecruisers(1 per 2 regular cruisers in the fleet): Mars Dominion Armageddon Overlord Dominatus

Battleships: Retribution Apocalypse Oberon

Dominatus(Dominator cruiser with +1 turret and dorsal lance str. 2 range 60 cm L/F/R) Heavy transport(Cost 40 points and follow normal restrictions as per transport rules or 100 points and no restrictions on number taken as noted in transport rules. Transport variants include normal heavy transport, superheavy transport, bombardment barge, warp tug, minelayer, and siege tender. Superheavy transport is +50 points and follows the rules for superheavy transports in the rogue trader document. Bombardment barge exchanges its transport capacity for a str. 1 siege mortar for +50 points. Warp tug exchanges its transport capacity for towing racks. The warp tug can tow one orbital defense platform(weapons battery or lance variant at the cost listed in the defenses section of the rulebook. A minelayer exchanges its transport capacity for a str. 1 LB(orbital mines) at +25 points. For an additional +25 points, the minelayer may be upgraded to have the capacity of dispersing all of its orbital mines at one time to create a mine field 5 cm by 5 cm and then the minelayer is removed from play and is considered destroyed for victory points purposes. Siege tenders exchange their transport capacity for the ability to carry extra barrage bombs and siege mortar ammunition at +25 points. All ships in the fleet may add +1 to reload ordnance ordnance when barrage bombs are the torpedo type that the ship has and may reroll the scatter dice for siege mortars though the second result stands even if worse) Any ship with str. 6+ torpedoes may exchange their normal torpedoes for barrage bombs at no cost or add barrage bombs to normal torpedoes for +20 points. Any ship with str. 6+ torpedoes may exchange the torpedoes for a str. 1 LB(orbital mines). Any cruiser or battleship in the fleet may replace their dorsal and/or prow armament with a str. 1 siege mortar for +20 points or for free is the siege mortar replaces a nova cannon. Siege mortars act as a nova cannon when direct fired with the exception of determining damage. For damage, roll a d6. On a 5, a blast marker is placed in base contact with the ship. On a 6, the ship has a blast marker placed on the base and rolls a d6 on the critical hit chart. The siege mortar can also fire indirectly. It still fires as a nova cannon but ignores the line of sight restrictions of the nova cannon. However, if the siege mortar does not roll a hit when firing indirectly, it will double the scatter distance rolled.