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Part II. Vocabulary A.

For questions 1-15, choose the word on phrase A, B, C, or D wich best complete each blank space in the text. Text 1 Most solid matter is (1)____ of crystals. Table, salt and sugar are perharps the most comon crystalline substance in everyday use. Other substances (2)____ clay and steel are also made of crystals. It is often difficult to recognize that substance is crystalline, the basic regularity of its true form is because there is a number of minute crystal (3)____ to produce no particular shape. Many minerals however crystallize in nature to set (4)____ and well-formed crystals can be grown (5)____ Source Random House Encyclopedia 1. A. Classified B. Composed C. Consisted D. Arranged 2. A. Such as B. Example C. Alike D. i.e (that is) 3. A. aggregate B. separate C. transter D. remove 4. A. Sizes B. weighs C. shapes D. colors 5. A. Naturally B. specitically C. commonly

D. artificially Text 2 This study aims at (6)____ the correlation between the wage level and thw well being of the rubber plantation enterprise workers in East Aceh in period 1907 to 1939. The major source of (7)____ is the annual reports af the Labour Inspectorate Library, Jakarta. The results of the study (8)____ that the wage of plantation enterprise workers in East Aceh was very low and worth only for subsistence and determined unilaterally by the enterprise. The workers contributed nothing to the wage determination. The wage level was adjusted to the living coast, especially the price af rice, and the(9)____ condition of the enterprise. Therefore, the living standard of the rubber plantation workers in East Aceh never changed although their wage (10)____ Source http:/ 6. A. writing B. investigating C. diagnosing D. interpretating 7. A. data B. supply C. fund D. resource 8. A. analyze B. Hypothesize C. indicate D. predict 9. A. commercial B. political C. cultural D. financial 10. A. decrease

B. increase C. remained D. fluctuatife Text 3 The present study was carried out from February 2003 to February 2004 in the laboratory and glass haouse of Balittra and in the farmers field in Barito Kuala South Kalimantan. The (11)____ of this study were to determinate the correlation among Al-resistance screening metods and to select the best screening method and screening paramater on aluminium stress. The preliminary experiment had selected 5 peanut lineswhich have three (12)____ of resistances on aluminium stress (resistance, moderate, and susceptible). These lines were used as material on the main experiment (13)____ three screening methods, namely laboratory screening method glass house screening method and field screening method. Correlation analysis was used (14)____ the relationship among these metdods. Path analysis was used to select the most (15)____ parameter to estimate Al-resistance Orthogonal variance analysis was used to select the best screening method. Source http/** 11. A. activities B. functions C. objectives D. scope 12. A. levels B. sources C. goals D. positions 13. A. found B. discussed C. concluded D. consisted of 14. A. to design

B. to determine C. to draw D. to carry out 15. A. handy B. exclusive C. effective D. tentative B. Choose the word or phrase in A, B, C or D that best collocates (combines) with ech of the undertined words or phases in the following sentence: 16. One aspeck of the ****good govermance is an emphasis corporate government. a. about b.on c. in d. over http. // edissertations 1/ 07 Malixhw5. Pdf**** 17.Upon seeing her burn down house she . Lears heart breakingly and fell unsconsciously. A. Pour down B. Held back C. Casted off D. Bursted into http: // www. family/ 494176/ drug-dealers-threatened-to-burn-our-house down.** 18.The crown generously gave the performers three famous bassists having jam-sessions aaf applause. A. cloud B. fume C. thunder D. series 19.Sunderlands yacht was damaged by 30-foot waves that knocked out her communications system prompting her to set ..a distess signal. A. out

B. of C. off D. under 20. After a ten 20 hours .. plane from Australia.. radio contact with Sunderland Friday A. made B. held C. gave D. had http: //** 21.The deputy chainer of the amigraf body werw accused extorung bribes from a businessman. A. with B.from C. to D.of** 22.A member of the -------------- Respresentatives ----------------------- legal ----------------- said the AGOs move to a case review was against the law. A. propose B. file C. sue D. report** 23.The fossization process develops over millions of years, during wich swamp vegetation is sunmerged water depleted of oxygent and covered by lay and layers of dand and mud. A. in B. into C. Trough D. by http://www-------------5

24.He was awarded a gold medal for serios of outstanding research. A. taking B. commiting C. conducting D. holding http: // in dex php? Page=-france***** 25.The doctor srongly recommended him.. exercise to keep him fit. A. regular B. usual C. freguent D. permanent http: //csjconline. 26.The advertisement conviced the audince that the shamppoo would make thei hair . A. moveable B. Handy C. Manageable D. fertile _1401.html**** 27.Sjachroedin who spoke of soup and --------------------produced by Lampung famers, said he would continue to help farmers with their goals. A. slowly B. higly C. loudly D. uncertainly http: //** 28.. Myanmar. A. Taken in B. Put to C. Sit in D. Face off

29.Human comsumtion of tossil fuels is expected to fully deplete the Earths oil reseves by the car 2060 A. crude B. rudimentary C. simple D. basic http: // file/cHgGLdl4/400_Must_have_Words_for_the TO html. (Buku: 400 Mst Have Words for the TOEFL) 30.The defendant argues the officers of Corruption Eradication Comission to money from him. A. squeeze B. extract C. wring D. extort http: //

Part III. Grammar and Structure

A. Sentence Completion For questions 1-15, choose the word or phrase in A, B, C, or D which best completes each of the following sentences.
1. Given _____ awareness inevitable that he would come to view the everyday events of his

live through the prism of polities and the national discourse. A. His level of political B. His level of politics C. His level of politician 2. Martin Luther King at first planned to be a lawyer or a doctor, but when he graduated from Morehouse College at the age of 19, he ____ ambitions and went into the seminary. A. abandoned all this B. had abandoned all this

C. has abandoned all this 3. The student faculty discipline committee ____ violations of student rules including another count of alcohol abuse. A. found him guilty of three B. found him guilty about three C. found him guilty in three 4. One mission of a university _____ graduates who are tolerant of many races, faiths and cultures. A. to send to the world B. to send to in the world C. to send through the world 5. This school has a very good reputation because all students and teachers _____ A. despite cheating B. despise to be cheated C. despise being cheated 6. A new study conducted for The World Bank by Murdoch Universitys Institute for Science and Technology Policy (ISTP) has demonstrated that public transport is more. A. efficient than cars B. efficient as cars as C. efficient that those of cars 7. A. B. C. ____ is growing at startling pace. International trade Internationally trade Trade international

8. The history test was very difficult _____ dont know wether I will get a good mark for

this subject. A. to do B. to be done C. for being done 9. Despite the fact that television programs have not been satisfactory, ____ a great and positive influence in the development of Indonesia as the national language. A. it has B. which has C. it had

10. Economics are convinced that the effect of economic crisis in Indonesia ____ in 1997 still can be felt now. A. which started B. was started C. started 11. The peasants agricultural activities have been quite influenced by the unpredictable season. So far the staff of Meteorological Office has announced ____ the changes in the climate is still not known. A. what cause B. causing C. the cause 12. The unique Javanese traditional musical instrument _____ is popular in Central Java and believed to have existed since the fourteenth century. A. called Gamelan B. which called Gamelan C. was called Gamelan 13. A greater efficiency water use ____ the growing demand of a changing world. A. is needed to meet B. needed to be met C. needed to meet 14. For the very first time politicians in the Western countries realized that imperialism was evil and ____ bitter sufferings in many parts of the third world. A. caused B. they caused C. has caused 15. The Australian institute of sports ____ more than 100 sport scientists and doctors and collaborates with score of others in universities and research centers. A. employs B. is employed C. employed B. Cloze Test For questions 16 25, choose the word or phrase in A, B, C, or D which best completes each blank space in the text.

Text 1 It is which asking how the act of reading became something to value in itself as opposed for instance to the act of conversation or the act of taking a walk. Mass (16)_____ is a recent phenomenon and I suggested that the aura which decorates reading is relic of the importance of reading to our great-great-grandparents Literacy (17)____ a mark of social distinction separating a small portion of humanity from the rest. The farm laborer who was ambitious (18)____ did not daydream that they would become schoolteacher or doctors, he daydreamed that they would learn to read, and that a world would therefore open up to them in which they did not have to labor in the field fourteen hours a day for six days a week in order to buy salt and cotton. On the next rank of society, ample time for reading menat that the reader was free from the necessity to spend most of his waking hours (19)____. This sort of attitude shades into the contemporary mans boast of his wifes cultural activities. When he says that his wife is interested in books and music and picture, he is not only enclosing the art in a female world, he is saying that he is rich enough to provide her with (20)_____. 16. A. Literacy B. Literature C. Literal 17. A. used to be B. is used to being C. was to being 18. A. for his children B. about his children C. of his children 19. A. making a living B. made a living C. make a living 20. A. the leisure to do nothing B. the leisure to do anything C. the leisure to do something Text 2 Cancer research is a jigsaw puzzle in recent years more pieces (21)_____ but we are still looking for the center pieces. May be when all these other pieces fit together we will be able to visualize

the whole picture says a Chinese woman gynecologist. (22)_____ man, since prehistoric times has been prayed to the diseases, it is only in the last 50 years that scientist have come out of the clues they are collecting. The trouble is that cancer is not one disease (23)______ several. There are different types of cancer and each requires a different treatment. All have one thing in common the uncontrolled behavior of cells that have ceased to work normally. The human body is a marvelous factory, so organized that while a child grows it (24)____ additional cells. Once the child grows to (25)______ the system stabilizes producing extra cells only to replace cells damaged or destroyed by illness or injury. Source: Koo,T. 1985. Better Speed Reading. Kowloon. Youth Book Room. 21. A. have been found B. have found C. would have been found 22. A. Although B. because C. if 23. A. but B. so C. and 24. A. manufactures B. manufacturing C. manufactured 25. B. adolescence C. adulthood

C. Error Identification For question 26 40 choose the word or phrase in A, B, C, or D which is wrong.
26. Mostly visitor[A] o Japan are impressed by the politeness of the Japanese for example,

they seldom[B] see taxi drivers who are rude, when shopping[C] they may frequently find department store staffs bow and hotel posters try their best to help them.


27. The improper use land has also hit alarmed[A] rates in some coastal areas where

fishermen have pumped uo[B] underground water to breed fish[C] for export and for local consumers.

28. Alarmed by the country record low bith rate the South Korean government plans to lower

school entry age[A], increase[B] education subsidies, helping reduce[C] the cost of bringing up children and provide further assistance for those who need.
29. a good seller-buyer relationship normally depend on[A] satisfactory material and

satisfactory payment which means seller make sure[B] the product meet[C] the requirements of the buyer who is expected to settle the payment promptly.

30. A brand is a[A] name, term, sign, symbol, or[B] design, or a combination of them, is

intended[C] to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and differentiate them from those of the competition.
31. Most of us place enormous emphasis[A] on the important[B] of primary relationship. We

regard the ability to maintain such relationships as a sign of mental healthy[C]

32. Sylvia and Harry[A] whom we know them[B] well celebrated their fifteenth wedding

anniversary at mountain resort and some of their friends [C] were at the resort for the whole weekend.
33. Use of the firms telephone must be accurate when dialing, make their conversations

precise[A] and to the point, but they must also have a pleasant but professional[B] manner which will creative[C] a good public image.

34. Considering their[A] previous performance, the accountants[B] who conducted the audit

were high[C] recommended by the committee.

35. Steve usually finishes[A] a crossword puzzles[B] in an hour but this one really has[C]

him stumped.


36. In the second month of your internship, you will learn how to resolve[A] customer

complaints supervision of[B] front desk staff and plan[C] store displays are also tasks you will learn to do. 37. I suppose it was inevitable that as my word-base broadedned, I could for the first time pick up[A] a book and read[B] and began[C] to understand what the book was saying.
38. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee met in[A] the parlor of a modest house at

Appomattox Court House, Virginia, in[B] April 9, 1865, to work out the terms for[C] the surrender of Lees Army of Northern Virginia.
39. Once the writer has a rough[A] topic area already outline[B], he or she may return[C] to

the audience and purpose for the essay.

40. Most of the people Ive talked with say that they are confidence[A] in doing social lying

and think it is accepted and necessary[B]. They think its the civilized[C] way for folks to behave.

Part IV. Reading Comprehension Chose the best answer to each question based on the information which is stated or implied in the text. Text 1 Down syndrome -----------(Paragraph 1) Down syndrome is a congenital (present at births) disorder characterized by varying degrees of mental retardation and a variety of physical abnormalities. Cause: Normally each cell in the human body has to chromosomes the cells in someone with Down syndrome however 47 have. In ways not yet known the presence of the extra chromosome causes all of the unusual characteristics of Down syndrome. In 95 percent of cases, the condition is called trisomy 21 ( because the extra chromosome is attached to the 21 th pair of chromosomes), and the mistake in genetic coding is one that apparently could happen to anyone. In 5% of cases, the syndrome is caused by a defect that is believed to run in families.

Symptoms:----------------(paragraph 2) Down syndrome is marked by a number of physical characteristics somewhat started eyes in small sockets (which is way it is used to be called mongolism), a small, short head, flattened in back, trunk, arms and legs, a single, rather than a double crease across the top of the palm, flabby arms and legs with por muscle tone, a wide gap between the first and second toes, and generally retarded physical development. A child with Down syndrome may have a poorly functioning thyroid gland (which regulates metabolism, the rate at which the body uses energy) and pituitary gland (which regulates other glands including those responsible for growth, maturation, and reproduction). About one third are born with heart defects and both the skin and mucous membrane are especially susceptible in infectious. Prevention: ---------------(paragraph 3) Prospective parents can reduce then chances of having a child with Down syndrome by starting their families early. At age 20 a womans risk of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome is only 1 in 2000 live births, but at age 35 the is 1 in 300, at age 40 is 1 in 100, and at age 45 it is 1 in 40 live births. The age of the father also has some beating on the risk, but not as much as the age of the mother. Diagnosis of Down syndrome can be made between weeks 16 and 18 of pregnancy through a procedure called amniocentesis. During amniocentesis, the doctor will insert a needle through the mothers abdominal wall and into the uterus. A sample of the amniotic fluid is hen drawn into syringe, grown on a culture plate and analyzed to see if there are abnormal chromosomes. A newer technique used to check the chromosome of the growing fetus is called amniocentris chorionic villus sampling. This procedure performed during the eight or nine week f pregnancy involves the removal of a small portion of the placenta by a small instrument inserted through the woman cervix. Womans tissue that is obtained can be immediately evaluated for the presence of chromosome abnormalities. Source: http// CARI SOURCE BARU KARENA YANG DICETAK TEBAL TIDAK ADA ! 1. What is not true about the chromosomes of a child with Down syndrome? # the lack of chromosomes causes the child abnormality 2. It can be inferred from the text that Down Syndrome # Can happen to only certain individuals with specific chromosomes# 3. The word retarded in line 27 is closest in meaning to the word ________ # Hindered # 4. Why is down syndrome used to be called mongolism? #The child with the syndrome has the mongol look#

5. What is the main idea of paragraph 3 #The prevention of having child with down syndrome# 6. It is implied in paragraph 3 of the text that _________________ #The older the mother, the higher the risk# 7. The word those in line 33 refers to _____ #Other glands# 8. According to the text, what is true abut chorionic villus? #The procedure includes drawing the sample of amniotic fluid# 9. Where ini the text does the write describe the physical appearance of a child wit down syndrome #line 18-2# 10. The text will most likely appear in _____ #Health magazine#


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