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LISTENING Part I A 1. No extetion will be give if you don't send the assignment next week 2.

. The english languange proficiency test for-graduate students falls on Wednesday and Thursday 3. To borrow books from the libarry, students need to bring their identification card with them 4. Lecture on microbiology by professor Soepomo will be held next week 5. You must not tell your personal identification number to anybody. 6. The faculty meeting willstill be held in the absence of the dean 7. Students are free to choose to live during their study 8. Being a student of universitas Gajah mada one is bound to follow the university role 9. Copying other people's workinappropriately can cause university students serious problem 10. Despite of parking regulation, it is not esdy to locate parking space on campus Part I B What is the topic of the talk? 11. How to ask asistence in America 12. Inform him or her via email you need dan appointment Topic 13. A physical shock called jet leg 14. A long fight crossing multiple time zones Topic 15. Culture shock 16. They are entering unfamiliar place Topic 17. Hospitality in the united states 18. It is just a friendly expression

Topic 19. The infortance of an advisor in your academic life 20. To assist students to make their study more affective