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Thiruppavai Utsavam

The Thiruppavai Utsavam of our Sabha on 30th December, 2012 at Vasantha Mandapam of Sri Ahobila Mutt, Chembur was one of the grand celebration. This celebration was mixture of spiritual and fun. The Event Management was looked after by Smt. Gayatri Ramaswamy, Smt. Rama Rajagopalan, Mr.Kannan and Mr. Govind. The team had nominated different members as coordinators for each programme. The Event Management Team designed the programme systematically. Each coordinator voluntarily took the responsibility of every Job, starting from registration up to Prize distribution of their respective programme. We had invited special judges for each programme who are professionals in the respective field. Pre Lunch celebration consisted of Drawing Competition and Thiruppavai sadas. It was exclusively for Kids. Post Lunch celebration was entirely for Ladies with Kolam (Rangoli) and Kummi Dance competition. The festival started with Welcome address by Sri R.Vedantham followed by prayer song by Kumari Janany Govind, Kumari Srinidhi Govind and Kumari Chenchulakshmi Vasudevan. First on the agenda was Drawing. More than 25 Kids aged from 4 to 16, participated in the competition. Three different groups were allocated according to age and were provided different topics. First Group age 5 to 10 yrs Natural scene IInd Group age 11 to 15yrs Theme Any thiruppavai Pasuram IIIrd Group age 16 20 yrs - Theme Any stanza from Varanamayiram Every kid was clear with their respective topics and started drawing from the word Go. Their talent was highly appreciated by the Jurists and were awarded accordingly. Thiruppavai sadas was the thunderous one. Every kid surprised the Jurists and audience by narrating the meaning very fluently. Sri U.Ve. Parthasarathy Iyengar of Koparpairne, Sri.U.Ve.Saranathachariar and Smt.Prabha Seenesh were the Judges. They appreciated the kids with their words of wisdom . Sri Saranathachariar Swamin suggested to invite couple of participants to give Upanyasam at temple during Danur Maada satrumurai. Every participants surprised the Judges with their unimaginable talent and were explaining the Meanings of Thiruppavai without any stage fear. The Jurists were of the view that it is difficult to distinguish them. Hence we understood distributed the prizes to all the kids uniformly. Thadiyaaradhanai was provided by the temple to more than 200 attendees. We are thankful to the Koil Committeefor their courtesy.

Kolam Competition and Kummi competition in the afternoon was equally enjoyable. Every participant had shown their Rangoli Talent . Every Kolam was beautiful and colourful. Four Groups participated in the Kummi Dance Programme. Every one was competing with each other with their colourful costume, Rytheme and Music. The Group from Desika Sabha Matunga had performed with live music and was fantastic. Prizes were not only for the participants but for the devotees too.The sympolical Tulasi Plant was distributed to everyone who had attended the festival. Adiyen have forgotten to add one IMPORTANT thing. Our members had exhibited the History Sri Andal which was unique and great attraction for the all the devotteess. Every body had appreciated the Time Management. We are thankful to all the Sabha Members, Koil committee members, Participants , Judges and Koil Kainkaryaparal for the successful completion of the Festival.

KUDOS TO EVENT MANAGEMENT TEAM. Adiyen Dasan Nagai Narasimhan




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Rohan V Navya Sriram Manya Murali KT Akshaya Lakshmi Alapan Barman T.L.Anagha Ananya Chakrapani


Avipreesha M Thevar

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Prasanna Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian S.Iyer Sairaj Menon


Shrishti Srinath

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Sadhya Aditha



Akshat Iyengar


Revathy Vijayaraghavan


Anagha Kannan


Anaghaa Chakrapani

Anagha Ramaswamy

Atula Kannan


Siddhi Asher

Soundarya Narasimhan


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Chenculakshmi V


THIRUPAVAI SADAS Sl.No. 1 2 3. Name of the participant Vishal Iyengar Aparaajitha Rajesh Revathy Vijayaraghavan Soundarya Narasiman T.L.Anagha Ananya Ananthakrishnan Mailammal A.K.Rajshree Akshat Iyengar Pavithra Sundaravaradan Chenchulakshmi Muppattu Moovar Naykanai nindra Pasuram VAITHU VAZHVEERGAL ONGI ULAHALANTHA ONGI ULAHALANTHA

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ONGI ULAHALANTHA Mayanai Mannu vada madurai Mayanai Mannu vada madurai

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Srivatsan Sudarshan G.Srinidhi Govind Rajesh Janani Govind Akshaya Iyengar

Andriv ulagam Chitram Sirukale Importance and summary of Thirupaavai Keesu Keesu Margazhi thingal

RANGOLI COMPETITION Sl.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Kiran Priya Shivakumar Vasudha Govindarajan Andal Vasudevan Bhama Rengarajan Geeta Bharath Komal Dr. Komal M. Nagori Srividhya Vijayaraghavan Sudha Sampath Veda Seshadri Name IST PRIZE IIND PRIZE IIIRD PRIZE

KUMMI COMPETITION: Sl.No. Name Subhash Nagar Group 2. Andal Ghoshti of Desika Sabha Brindha group IST PRIZE



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