Overview of Banking

Program Credit : MBA : 3 Class of Sessions : 2011 : 33

Course Code : SL BK 605

This course primarily focuses on the basics of banking. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding to the various activities performed by banks. REFERENCE BOOKS Principles & Practice of Banking An Overview of Banking Banking Theory Law and Practice Management of Banking & Financial Services General Bank Management Practical Banking Advances Financial Institutions and Markets, 4th e Indian Financial System, Theory and Practice, 4th e Detailed Syllabus Indian Financial System: The Financial System, Nature, Evolution and Structure, The Functions of Financial Intermediaries, Financial Instruments, The Role of Financial System in Economic Development, The Indian Financial System. The Origin and Growth of Banking: of Banking, Functions of Commercial Banks,, Banking in the New Millennium. Banker Customer Relationship: Types of Accounts, Types of Relations, KYC Norms, Banker – Customer relationship, Rights and Duties of Banker/ Customer, Importance provisions of NI Act Sources &Uses of Funds: Bank Balance sheet, Sources & Uses of Funds in a Bank. Form of Balance Sheet of Banking Companies. Different Schedule under Banking Regulation Act. – Provisioning norms of CRR & SLR Deposit Management: Importance of Deposit, Types of Deposit in India, USA & Europe. NRI Deposits, Cost of Deposit & its impact on Profitability, concepts of Fixed & Floating Rate of Interest, Deposit Insurance. Cheques: Special Features Negotiability, Validity, Crossing & Endorsement. Cash Management: Importance of Cash Management issues, Cash at Counter, Vault & Currency Chest. Lending Activities : Lending activity, Basic requirements for lending. Credit Policy: Need for Credit Policy, Components of Credit Policy, Credit Policy Pursued by the Government, Bench Marks Exposure Norms, Credit Culture. Retail Banking: Basics of Retail Banking, Forms of Retail Banking and Emerging issues AUTHOR / PUBLICATION Indian Institute of Bankers- Macmilan IUP Sundaram / Varshney. Sultan Chand and Sons Publisher - 2004 Paul, Justin / Suresh, Padmalatha. Pearson – 2007 Indian Institute of Banking & Finance – Macmillan Publication Bedi, H.L. / Hardikar, V.K. UBSPD publishers and distributors Bhole, LM. Tata McGraw Hill - 2004 Khan, M Y. Tata McGraw Hill - 2004

Banking Regulations Act. The merging scenario . The Nayak committee recommendations. Regulatory framework. Restrictions on business. Post issue activities Plastic Money: Different types of plastic money. Mutual Funds.Corporate Banking: The nature of corporate banking. Conliact Act & Transfer of Property Act. of Sessions 2 1 2 2 2 1 . Concepts of Capital Adequacy and Risk Manangement. Charge card and Debit card. Monitoring and Nursing of SSIs. SARFE Act & Asset securitization. Classification. ombudsman. Safe Deposit Locker . (Basel I & II) RBI Act. Internal Audit Regulatory Frame Work: Role of RBI in Banking Supervision & Regulation. Distinction between Credit card. Microfinance Follow up & Recovery: NPA’s. Bancassurance. on site Inspection – Concepts of CAMELS. NI Act. Statutory returns Cases Faculty will identify appropriate cases Suggested Schedule of Sessions Topic Indian Financial System Origin and Growth of Banking Banker Customer Relationship Sources & Uses of funds Deposit Management Cheques No. Customer protection Act. role of RBI. Consortium finance. Demat Account. Credit card as an augmented retail financial product. Mechanics of a credit card transaction. Eligibility norms. ATM. Merchant Banking Activities – Management of Public issues. Reasons. Mobile Banking Internet Banking) Delivery Channels (Payment & settlement services) Internal Control: House Keeping. Management of banks. Multiple banking arrangements. Time norms Rural Banking & Micro Finance: Sources of rural finance – Credit delivery mechanism in Rural finance to Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks (CARDB) – Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) – Service Area Approach (SAA) – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).Offsite Surveillance. and Loan syndication Financing SMEs: Small-scale industries. Marketing of issues.B/G. Credit card business in India. Institutional and Infrastructural support to SSIs. Concept of a credit card. Developments in corporate banking. Subsidary services. Appraisal. (AWB.CRM. Banking Regulation Act 1949 – Business of banking companies. Fee-based Services: Feebased Services L/C.

Topic Cash Management Lending Activities Credit Policy Retail Banking Corporate Banking Financing SMEs Rural Banking & Microfinance Follow-up & Recovery Fee-based services – Management of Public issues Plastic Money Internal Control Regulatory Framework – RBI Act… Banking Regulation Act 1949 Total No. of Sessions 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 33 .

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