Marfo  Children  Care  Foundation  September  2012  Report  

    1.0  EDUCATION     The  children  to  returned  back  to  school  from  a  good  summer  break  on  the  4th  of  September.  We’re   happy  the  children  advanced  to  the  next  grades  -­‐  Francis  from  class  six  to  form  one,  Mary  from  class   five  to  six,  Georgina  and  Susana  from  class  three  to  four,  Moses  from  class  two  to  three,  Daniel  and   Antoinette  from  class  one  to  two,  Ama  from  Nursery  2  to  KG  1.  Congratulations  to  all  our  children!           Additionally   Abel   and   Papa   Jr   also   started   school.   Abel   started   in   form   two   and   Papa   Jr   started   in   nursery.  Initially  Abel  was  intimidated  but  he  has  adjusted  and  built  his  confidence  up.  He’s  enjoying   his  classes  and  has  promised  to  work  hard  to  catch  up  with  his  class  and  rise  to  be  one  of  the  best   students.  Papa  is  also  doing  well  in  his  new  class.  Naturally  he  had  to  go  through  a  transition  phase   as  it  was  his  first  time  at  school.  However,  he  has  warmed  up  to  the  other  children  in  his  class  and  all   his   teachers.   His   new   nickname   is   “I   want   more”   because   he   always   asks   his   teachers   for   more   snacks  whenever  he  is  done  with  his  initial  amount.  His  teachers  love  having  him  in  class.     Kweku   is   also   in   his   second   year   in   Nursing   School.   Classes   are   going   well   for   him.   As   part   of   his   curriculum,  his  class  visits  deprived  regions  in  Ghana  to  provide  medical  assistance  and  health  advice   to   the   people.     They   also   provide   free   medical   screening   and   first   aid   to   any   sick   people   in   these   regions.   Back  at  home  we  have  hired  new  Science  and  Twi  (Ghanaian  language)  after-­‐school  tutors.            Kweku  and  his  team  in  a  cleanup  exercise  in  the   community    

Some  Back  to  School  Pictures    



2.0  BIRTHDAYS   Abel  and  Moses  celebrated  their  20th  and  11th  birthdays  this  month  on  the  17th  and  18th  respectively.   The  family  organized  a  big  party  to  thank  the  Lord.  We  sang  a  happy  birthday  song  and  prayed  with   them.     They   also   had   gifts   from   family   and   friends.   They   promised   the   whole   house   to   work   hard   academically   to   bring   joy   to   the   family.   Moses   promised   to   be   a   good   boy   and   always   obey   instructions   from   elderly   people.   He   was   also   determined   to   move   a   step   ahead   of   his   current   position  in  class  this  term      

            3.0  DONATIONS     The  house  received  donations  of  food  and  supplies   from   the   Tema   community   11   morning   devotion   group..   The   children   were   amazed   and   expressed   their   gratitude   to   them.   We   continue   to   receive   donations   from   our   friends   around   the   world   and   we’re  very  grateful.               The  children  with  some  of  the  items  presented  to  them.      

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