1he monLh of CcLober came wlLh loLs of fun and exclLemenL as Lwo of Lhe ladles celebraLed
Lhelr blrLhdays. LsLher and AsanLewaa had a [oyous momenL when Lhe whole famlly [olned
Lhem Lo glve Lhanks Lo Cod for granLlng Lhem anoLher llfe. LsLher celebraLed her blrLhday on
Lhe 14
and AsanLewaa celebraLed hers on Lhe 21
LsLher and her blrLhday cake

AsanLewaa wlLh her blrLhday cake


1he Lord really surprlsed us Lhls monLh wlLh some donaLlons. Mlss !ameela from new !ersey (u.S.A)
and Mr. larouk (Chana) donaLed assorLed drlnks and grocerles Lo Lhe chlldren. 1he chlldren couldn'L
hlde Lhelr [oy and we all Lhanked Lhem for Lhelr klnd gesLure. 1he donors were really Louched by Lhe
MCCl's sLory and promlsed Lhelr LoLal supporL for Lhe chlldren. We are graLeful!
1he chlldren are really havlng a nlce Llme aL school Lhls Lerm. 1helr Leachers are glvlng poslLlve
feedback on Lhelr performance so far. 1he chlldren are deLermlned Lo perform even beLLer Lhls Lerm.
AfLer-school LuLorlng conLlnues Lo be beneflclal.

ÞlcLures of lLems presenLed Lo Lhe