Fast-followers get to great places too. it’s exciting. being first carries immense appeal. bold. when a first-mover advantage can reap rewards. rare times. most of the world is made up of followers. There are times. But more often the prizes go to those who intelligently follow the barely worn path.DON’T BLAZE A PATH eing a pioneer is a minority sport. Not everyone can be first to carve a new path because. But it’s rarely essential. No question. They win because they can do it better than the pioneers even dreamed possible. and sometimes necessary. by definition. .

and a scorecard to prove it. and Apples. Marketing done well is neither art nor science. it’s both. but understanding the reasons why human beings do what we do is generally more insightful. They’ll talk excitedly about apps. APIs. Raw technology that doesn’t awaken a human heart can never lead to a successful marketing campaign. And the only facet of technology that marketers need to understand deeply is the bit that their audience interacts with directly.BE HUMAN ome people will try to convince you that good marketing these days is all about technology and metrics. They have KPIs for everything. The widgets and code inside are no more than a means to an end. . Having a basic grasp of what’s hot and what’s not is important.

. sometimes years.BUILD FOR TOMORROW he financial markets may demand monthly and quarterly reporting but that doesn’t mean our sales and marketing plans must be equally short-sighted. Great marketers build their legacy for the long term. It can take months. to build and nurture human relationships. not just for the next pay cheque. So it follows that creating consumer affinity with your brand may take just as long. They understand that playing the long game is the only way to create brands that consumers won’t want to live without.

.REBUILD PERPETUALLY he emergence of the social web and armies of empowered. But you’re not alone. burned irretrievably in a technology-fuelled flash fire. How you go about rebuilding though is as unique as the organisation you dream of creating. most organisations are facing up to the same startling realisation. vocal consumers has left many businesses trying to come to terms with their rapid fall from power. The days when marketers controlled the media agenda have gone forever. We now live in an age of enlightened. well-informed customers. with voices as loud as any expensive advertising campaign.

Your business needs to be similarly long-sighted. .BE FARSIGHTED ove them or loathe them. setting out plans today that will serve the generations to come. no-one can disagree that wind farms generate sustainable energy that a growing population desperately needs. Without a vision that extends your brand beyond your short time in office you’re in danger of laying the foundations for a future that never happens.

We won’t ever need that lifeboat. that’s for mere mortals. The only fool we’re fooling is ourselves. So begin by accepting who you really are and being proud of what you’re actually good at. The same goes on the social web. . start pretending you’re something you’re not and consumers will sniff out your inauthenticity in an instant. But we’re each as vulnerable and needy as the next person.BE REAL e all like to think that we’re a bit special.

Every organisation has a responsibility to plan today for the unthinkable tomorrow.BE PREPARED n a digital world. . when you need them most. So the worst time to start planning for a crisis is the moment when disaster strikes. That means building active communities of friends and followers. right by your side. news spreads faster than the speed of thought. nurturing influencers and knowing who will be there.

With every attempt we learn and grow stronger. . We decide how to regrow and we will never give up.GROW AFRESH he tree doesn’t give up growing leaves when Autumn steals its canopy. We are the authors of tomorrow’s triumphs. And neither should we resign ourselves to failure just because something we try doesn’t quite work out. The marketing rulebooks have long been torn up.

We combine classical marketing skills with a deep understanding of the ways society is shifting as consumers embrace technology and the social web. the social web and a growing population of digitally-literate consumers are having on your business.WORK WITH EXPERIENCE t Wild Orange Media we believe that every organisation can benefit from becoming more socially-connected in our digital world. customers and partners are empowered to exchange ideas and innovate. We're here to help you make sense of the impact that new technology. . The value companies create appears more quickly when employees. Get in touch to find out more. Our strategic marketing experts offer staff training. And with new social technologies making this way of working more cost-efficient and accessible than ever few companies can afford to ignore the greatest communications power shift in generations. We can help you cut sales and marketing costs and build sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world. one-to-one coaching and executive speaking — all custom built for your distinctive business and industry challenges. Let’s get started.

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