I want to break free from the chains of inequality!

Munira Mohamed The heavy duty of' individual responsibility', they dump on me. Locate me in a concrete jungle of impoverishment and illiteracy, Starve and deprive me continuously. Then tell me that ‘I am the master of my own destiny'. False hopes they strap on me Then shoot me with bullets of ideology,Put me in a coma, a confined periphery of only dreaming a Disneyland fantasy. For in reality, ‘Laissez fair’’ controls my life quality. Yet they call it a meritocracy. So is wealth not hereditary? and poverty of my ancestry has no relation to me? So I am Miseducated through Murdoch's Empire of 'Media-cracy' It is Cultural hegemony; Ideals of our community: robbed by the fake imagery of ' a Big Society', Sold back to us as an empty commodity. An extended brand identity. Like the American dream "it can be anything it wants to be". A mirage of naivety. Designed to have us work for free, labour voluntarily...So we too can ''give back to society'' 'For even bankers donate their' 'profits to charity' .....Then invest in Coups of Police Brutality to kettle our Critique of their Political Economy. For Values like dignity are too costly to give to all equally... They justify it philosophically with Bentham's principle of Maximum Utility... Saying "Protesters are a violent threat to the majority'''... (New-Speak for protecting the interests of rich minority) Systematically they censor me, like 1984's Orwellian Society, - altering what it means to be free. Refrain from giving me a counter vocabulary, to challenge their' liberal pedagogy', their unfair mentality, Linguistically analyse their meaning of 'equal opportunity’.. Is it based on talent & ability? Let’s take a look at it mathematically.... (Sexism reproduced by Patriarchy) x (Racism reinforced institutionally) Classism operating educationally =Old-Boy Networks from an Elite Uxbridge 'fraternity' steering the wheels of the whole country. Talking about gender, ethnicity AND poverty….on behalf of E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y... But all they know is Private Property, So they fail to represent the needs of you and me. Materially they lay the grounds for the conditions that disable me ...reproducing the low mobility that impairs me physically. Trap me in a fragile glass body... decreasing my life-chances significantly... Colonies my mind. Devise optical structures subconsciously makes me blind. It follows that with my loss of sight I Leave my visions behind. In summary They impose on me weights of misery: Social ills of Pre-Victorian Society : The heavy burden of humanity... ..Pulling me down like Newtons force of gravity. Pin me to the ground with the invisible hand of their 'free market strategy'. For outdated tower blocks of social policy still continue to imprison me ! and their concept of' individual liberty' , they John Locke us in a state of penitentiary and throw away the Civic key… and this is the story of Inequality and me..

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