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Mon, 8 Oct 2001 16:04:41 -0400 16 degrees Libra

The Angels of Animals Also known as The Angels of 'Nachero'

Beloved, we are angels who have been assigned to the beloved animal kingdom along with the angels of Peekah. We control the health and duration of life of all animals on earth. We control animal instincts. We inspire mankind with curing methods and remedies against the various diseases of animals. We guide and protect all zoologists, veterinarians, and tamers of animals. Anyone who works with animals in any capacity are surrounded by us. The Divine Creator has endowed all of creation rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At this time Divine Providence has ordained that animals be acknowledged as having these rights and that these be protected. Even the plant and mineral kingdoms have been given these inalienable rights by the Source of All That Is. As scientists penetrate the mysteries of life and consciousness, it is easier for them to understand why the rights to life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness are equally applicable to all sentient life, and especially to animals. On all levels, these rights and divine qualities are necessary for life to survive. If any level of the food chain breaks down, life as you know it now on earth is unsustainable. It is an instinct of survival, not only in the human and animal kingdoms, but in all levels of consciousness, to be happy, to live in security, and to have freedom. With other orders of angels, we work to prevent cruelty and suffering in all parts of Manifestation. To attract happiness, safety, and love to earth, it is of the greatest importance that the animal kingdom is happy and peaceful. The emotional state of all life, and in particular the strong emotional state of animals and people, attracts reality into manifestation on the physical level. When well-being and health for all is seen as a priority, heaven will return to earth. We ask you open your hearts and love the animal kingdom. That is Gods will on earth. Angels of Nachero and the angels of Peekah, watch over animals from the minute of conception to the moment of death. Any person who has any interaction with an animal immediately comes under our influence. N-A-Ch-E-R-O N.Anchoring the feelings of Supreme Happiness on earth is our priority. A powerful way of doing this is through creating feelings of contentement and happiness in the animal kingdom. The sound of N is the sound of the divine virtue of Supreme Happiness. * A.All life is evolving. Consciousness in the animal kingdom evolves into greater wisdom and enlightenment in an atmosphere of love, happiness, and security. The letter A is the sound of the virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, and the purity of all original ideas. * Ch.In the emotional climate of contentment and happiness, animals attune with clarity and perfect purity the qualities of Divine Consciousness that express through them. [In the ancient language, the sound of Ch is different from C or H alone and is treated as a separate letter. This letter has the sound of the virtue of clarity and perfect purity.] * E.Divine Life and Consciousness is present throughout all infinity. Within each animal this consciousness is expressing unique aspects. By meditating on this virtue, unity of consciousness with all life is possible. * R.The sound of this letter is the virtue of Freedom and Independence. Each lifeform has a direct connection with indwelling Divine Life. Animals have a right to attune to their own inner guidance, in the pursuit of happiness and security.

* O.This letter has the sound of the divine virtue of Justice. Justice is harmony and harmony is Justice. When all life lives in harmony, then success is certain for manifesting heaven on earth. ******* Animals have powerful feeling natures. When an animal is happy and contented, and free to express its unique divine qualities, this emotional energy is grounded to the earth. It is for this reason that aboriginal peoples describe animals as protectors and teachers. Protecting and guiding animals feeling nature to one of happiness is one of the most important assignments for the children of God. Pray for the happiness of all animals. When you pray for the happiness of all animals, the heavenly hosts are allowed to bring forth miracles to bring this into manifestation upon the earth. Pray to understand what animals actually are, and how their consciousness contributes to the quality of life for all beings. Heaven on earth depends on it. * MIRACLES

The 23rd Day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle

The Moon Angels of Infinite Power Also known as The Angels of Liteviche
Beloved, When a child of God has explored and strengthened their emotional body according to the angels of the first 22 stations of the Moon Sphere, we show additional use of strong feeling to attract miraculous results.

We inspire powerful words, made from wholebrain use of the letters of the ancient language, to generate feelings that calm the greatest storms, stop erupting volcanoes, and stop whole armies etc. We inspire this only in accordance with the highest good and with Divine Providence. Only mature students learn to generate these powerful feelings and direct them through the power of the word, so that harmony is restored. By meditating on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, and calling on our help, the following is gained: L-I-T-E-V-I-Ch-E L.The letter L represents the majesty and splendor of all the divine virtues taken together. In the realm of feelings, the mystery of emotional equilibrium in interacting with others is mastered by meditating on this letter. Also, you gain the ability to be filled with such high feelings that you actually become identical with all divine virtues. It is by accessing and becoming one with the divine virtues in feeling that sudden and powerful changes are attracted into manifestation. * I.The letter I represents the law of cause and effect. In the feelings, this virtue corresponds to the emotional matrix with all its functions. The emotional matrix is the connecting link between the material body and the emotions, which is also called the soul, and is the principle of life. The emotional matrix is kept alive by breathing, so mastering cause and effect in the emotional body means the mastering breath. Meditating on the letter I, the virtue of cause and effect, reveals the secrets of breath. If an army is engaged so that it is causing negative results for everyone involved, with permission from Divine Providence, it is possible to instantly remove this army from physical incarnation. * T.The letter T represents high inspiration. In the feelings, high inspiration enables one to carry through miracles of magnetic attraction through attunement to the exact feelings needed in any situation. * E.The letter E represents the omnipresence of Divine Consciousness. In the feeling body, the letter E represents the control of the feelings of oneself and of other people. * V.The letter V when pronounced sharply is phonetically equivalent to the letter F. The letter F represents the legality and harmony of all visible worlds in the micro-and the macrocosm. In the feelings, this virtue makes one perceive and control the mysteries of the guadrapolar magnet, which are the four levels known as will, intellect, feeling, and form. At the same time, it gives control over the elements, which correspond to these four levels of consciousness. The understanding of all universal laws is attained by meditating on this letter. Sudden changes in the material world brought about through strong feeling must bring about harmony in order to follow divine law. * I.The letter I is the law of cause and effect. In the feeling world this gives mastery over breath, and therefore mastery over life and death. If a person has died, by evoking the emotional matrix back into the body, breathing will resume. Likewise, by removing the emotional matrix, breathing stops. * Ch.The sound of Ch represents the virtue of perfect purity and clarity. In the feeling body, the faculty of understanding and practically applying rhythm in the macro-and microcosm, [i.e. a persons own body and the whole universe], is attained. This virtue also gives power over life and death in the feeling world. By applying rhythm one way, life is given, by applying it in the opposite way, life is withdrawn. This is the method that Christ used to make a tree wither within a few moments to demonstrate his power. * E.The letter E is the virtue of Omnipresence, the presence of Divine Consciousness in everything. When this virtue is felt in the emotions, not only is control over feelings in self and others gained, but also the ability to understand the language of all beings, and to see the past, present, and future. **** We encourage everyone to meditate on the divine virtues of all of the letters of the alphabet as explained in the ancient language, and especially the letters of our name, with particular emphasis on feelings. As you grow in maturity, ethicalness, and harmlessness, we infuse you with such powerful feelings of these virtues that in times of need you perform feats of miraculous power that words can hardly describe. Divine Providence puts angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go. They hold you up with their hands to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones. On the 23rd day of every 28-Day Moon Cycle we flood the earth with feelings of infinite power, so that people feel the divine virtues with enough strength to attract only the highest good of all concerned, which brings joy and harmony to earth.

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